Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Couple of Quick Things

First off, it would seem that the internet overlords at my place of employment have deemed it necessary to life the restriction on my blog.  So now, I can spew my profanities and what not at work, once again, when I should probably be working.

(It's more likely that they realized the accidentally blocked the entire blogspot domain, and they're probably trying to figure out how to block just mine)

Yesterday, I came across a search term used to find my blog, and I about shit myself with laughter.  It read:

"diet?  fuck that shit"

I don't know why, but apparently Christian Fearing God-Man was found not once, but 26 times yesterday under that search term.  I find it fairly fucking hilarious.

Also, since Larry over at PR is not able to blog much due to some family issues, I'll be contributing to PR a lot more until he's able to get back into it.  So I'll likely be posting there on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  "But Jack, why can't you show that much initiative on your own blog, you lazy asshat?"

Good question, hypothetical nay-sayer.  The answer is because, as one would assume, I'm a lazy asshat, and I can't be bothered to do shit sometimes unless it's for a better purpose other than my personal enjoyment.  So at least we can say that I'm being altruistic with this, right?

Lastly, I've had something on my mind lately.  Doesn't it seem like Twitter is this big waste of space where celebrities and people of note go to have childish back-and-forth public discourse with each other?  Maybe some of you use Twitter to, I don't know, post news things or your random thoughts, but it seems like it's just another way for famous people to feed their massive egos.

That is all.  Enjoy your Tuesday, and check out Political Realities if you don't already.


Jersey McJones said...

Jack, have you checked that link??? There's something very wrong with it.


Jack Camwell said...

Thanks Jersey. It fucked up at work because the internet browser is beyond retarded, and I forgot to fix it when I got home.

Good lookin' out =)

Jersey McJones said...

Thanks for fixing it! Any commenter could have had their site hacked!

It just goes to show, I actually do read the links you guys put up! ;)