Monday, January 16, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Iran's Barbie Doll Crackdown

For the record, I realized several months ago that I should give a subtitle to my Dumbass Idea of the Week series.  I was stubborn though, and for some inexplicable reason I held off until now.

Anyway, western civilization is threatening sanctions against Iran for being assholes.  Go figure, right?  Whether it's over nukes or the Straights of Hormuz, Iran is always saying/doing some stupid shit that gets it in trouble with the rest of the planet.

So how are they getting back at the west for such an affront to their sovereignty and national well-being?  Banning Barbie Dolls of course.  Yes, Iran's morality police have been out in force to toy stores allover Darius' kingdom forcing vendors to remove Barbie Dolls from their shelves.  So Iran seeks to win a cultural victory by banning toys.

In another stroke of hilarity, Iran has also been promoting the sale of toy versions of the UAV drone they captured some weeks ago.  Now that is actually pretty funny.  Well played Ahmadinejad.  Well played you beautiful bastard!

And now, in the spirit of moral depravity and lewdness, here's a picture of a girl that I happen to be madly in love with.  And by "in love," I mean I lust after her like a vegan loves a veggie burger.

I wonder if it's illegal to be smoking hot in Iran . . .


Harrison said...

Jihad and Fatwa Barbie will be missed in stores!

Jersey McJones said...

One day, hopefully soon, the Iranians will cast off their anachronistic theocratic regime. The current regime is lacks the competency to compete as a large world power. Every stupid little move, like these, really are hilarious, and the average Iranian knows it.

All this talk of war with Iran should be immediately quashed by the hawks in America. We could help fix Israeli's problem, and our's, by encouraging the people of Iran to continue to liberalize their culture. The mullahs and their political face can say do whatever they want to stop it, but the Iranian people will eventually sicken of them, as the old ones age out and the young ones work their way up.

Oh, and we should enforce the ban on sales of communications surveillance technology to the Iranian regime. We have a serious problem with that. And the Europeans should be held accountable for this as well.