Thursday, January 12, 2012

Occupy Hollywood

The inspiration for this article comes from and article on Capitol Commentary yesterday.  We've got it pretty good here in America, where the worst that most people have to worry about is whether or not they'll be able to do yoga with their dogs.

But here's a quote to put into perspective what I'm going to try to convey.  "You and your friends are going to wonder how you ever lived so large while leaving so little for the rest of us."  That's a quote from Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises trailer.

What made me think of this?  I heard on the radio yesterday that Jay Z and Beyonce dropped $600,000 on a solid gold rocking horse, $20,000 on a crystal encrusted high chair, and $10,000 on a crib or some shit.  Altogether, that's $630,000 dollars that could have gone to something along the lines of, oh I don't know, malaria vaccinations in Africa.  Maybe they could have fed a poor family in El Salvador for like the next 10 years.  Oh I know, they could have given like 5 kids full rides to college for that kind of money.

But instead, they decided to spend it on their child, on opulent frivolities that symbolize the very essence of decadence and greed.

I'm a capitalist.  I believe that it's not immoral to be rich, but I also believe that it's hard to be rich and *not* a selfish, greedy asshole.  A rich person is entitled to live whatever lifestyle they want, but they have to realize that that lifestyle comes with a caveat.  I'm sure Jay Z and Beyonce know that there is horrific suffering going on in the world, but they think their little brat so important that it would be better to blow all that money on bullshit the kid doesn't even care about rather than to allevaite that suffering.

You know what that says to me?  They don't give a shit about the human condition.

Don't get me wrong.  If I somehow struck it rich, I wouldn't give up everything I had just to help other people.  I'd find a lifestyle that I'm comfortable with (I'm a fairly simple guy, so I likely would not live in a lavish mansion, but rather something spacious and comfortable while not being too ostentatious), I'd set aside enough money to sustain that lifestyle for the rest of my life, I'd put some away for my children, and then I'd give the rest away.

I seriously would give the rest away.  First to my family, then to my friends, and then to charity.  But that's because I've got a different idea as to what a "good" lifestyle is.  My rich life would not consist of silly shit like that.  I could never, ever morally justify the expenditures these fools drop and sleep soundly at night.

But what I find funny is that these asshats, these douchebags apathetic to the plight of their fellow man, somehow dodged the bullet on the whole Occupy movement.  These entertainers and their cohorts are all part of the 1%, yet no one occupied their shit.  Why?

Probably because celebrities are, for the most part, notoriously liberal.  It's okay to be mega-rich so long as you say you give a shit about everyone else.  Nevermind the fact that, while Justin Beiber is making more money than 99.9% of American citizens can even comprehend, there is some child out there dying of malaria because he didn't have access to vaccinations.  Forget about the fact that as Blue Ivy (Jay Z and Beyonce's kid) is shitting in his crystal encrusted high chair, there's an infant who is dying of starvation.

Occupy Hollywood, a land filled with some of the biggest, cocksucking, assclowning hypocrites to ever grace this shithole slaughterhouse of a planet.  You're free to live whatever lifestyle your financial means allow, but that doesn't mean you're absolved from being a douchebag should you decide to live a life of obscene lavishness while others suffer.


manapp99 said...

"Probably because celebrities are, for the most part, notoriously liberal."

This is, probably, the answer. The enemy of my enemy being my friend thing.

However concerning rich people in general...When I moved to Vail CO in the eighties I was firm hater of the rich. Why? I don't know but I do know that I did not know any rich at that point. Here in ski country we, the unwashed masses, derive our living mostly on the money shat upon us by the rich. I personally work in their houses on their appliances so I get to actually interact with them. Turns out the vast majority of them are very decent and generous human beings. The vast majority of all the clients I deal with are decent humans regardless of pay grade and the wealthy are no exception. The rich are indeed job creaters here in happy valley and the current recession has hit us hard in the way of construction. The rich here are not building, remodeling or buying homes. Construction was half our economy with tourism being the other half. So the left wing meme that the rich are getting richer while the poor and middle are suffering is not born out here. If the rich are getting richer than why are they not buying the 6 million dollar second homes here that have dropped to 2 million in some cases. Bargains abound in the high end market here but there are few takers. The Vail market has traditionally been mostly the business wealthy as opposed to Aspen which is largely the celebrity rich. So mostly I get the CEO types. The celebrity rich are, perhaps, a different breed though and may be more difficult to work with. Look at how Alec Baldwin treats the working class in an airplane for an example.

I digress however it does appear ironic that the left does not attack the rich celebs in spite of the widely reported outlandish behavior of so many. When Alec Baldwin throws a tantrum on a plane he is creating havoc for those aboard that all are part of the 99%. Pilots, attendants and fellow passengers alike. But hey, he oft times lampoons various targets of the left on Saturday Night Live so I guess he gets a pass.

Silverfiddle said...

Amen! Look no further than Michael Moore, a multi-millionaire snobbish pain in the ass who treats his helpers like crap and who refuses to pay union wages. Adding insult to injury, he schleps around in what he conceives to be a working class persona, which his stinking, unshaven ass actually does insult to. He's a douche.

And I would have been majorly pissed if I had been a father unable to see my wife and new baby just because these dingleberries happened to be in there at the same time.

Jersey McJones said...

Having grown up around a lot of wealth, I learned a few important things.

First, wealth is not synonymous with happiness, which is why the wealthy incessantly seek ways to blow their money on stupid things on an endless quest for something that isn't.

Second, wealth is not synonymous with intelligence. Drive? Sometimes, yes. But intelligence? Just as often as not, no.

Third, wealth is not synonymous with productivity or real value. The wealthier you are, the less likely you are to take on more responsibility, more risk.

Finally, the main thing I learned about the wealthy, is that they are human beings just like everyone else, with the same ups and downs, goods and bads, etc. Most of them are just lucky, born to wealth and upper class. But even those who "make it to the top" become like all those there already - tiresomely unhappy.

Occupy Hollywood? It's a good idea. But remember, these are the most tiresomely unhappy people of them all - that's why they're in Hollywood. I know. I've been around them too. So, we may get them a little more on the common man's side, but it won't do a thing to change the way conservatives think of them or the way they think of themselves.


Harrison said...

A lot of these idiots claimed to support the OWS movement and even spoke at their little camps... to cheers! Tools all around if you ask me.

Jersey McJones said...

Harrison, there's nothing wrong with standing up for the common man even though you are rich. Nothing toolish about that in any way. On the other hand, the common man who stands up for the rich is just a fuckin' moron.


manapp99 said... the rich are our enemies except when they are our friends? Who is it that the rich are standing up against when they stand up with the common man?

manapp99 said...

And....who do you think the Michael Moores and Susan Sarandons are hanging with when they are not putting in an appearance at OWS? The common man? Really?

In response to this:

"On the other hand, the common man who stands up for the rich is just a fuckin' moron."

All due respect to you my ageless blog rival from the way back machine but...ironic how moronic that statement is.

Harrison said...

Oh right JMJ... you are so full of crap.