Wednesday, February 1, 2012

America's Future: Dishonest Morons

I guess the same could be said for the present and past, but bear with me for just a moment.  I read an article the other day about cheating amongst high school and college students.  I have to say, I was fairly disheartened.

According to a study done at Duke University in 2005, approximately 75% of students actively cheat whether it be cheating on tests or plagiarizing their papers.  Of the students they studied, 40% of them said that they found nothing wrong with their cheating.

"Holy shit" right?  That's what I said anyway.  I actually never cheated on anything in school.  I do have a sense of integrity, and I was always afraid of being caught.  Plus, I felt like the only ones that cheated were the dumb kids that couldn't hack it.

But the kids cheating today are the so-called high achievers.  Their justification?  They say that it's impossible to meet the unrealistic demands and expectations placed upon them by society, their parents, and colleges.  Entry to college has become so competitive, that these students simply can't make the necessary grades to continue on with their education.

Hopefully all of you see this as a big problem and join me in weeping for the future.  Not only are we doomed to have a bunch of morons one day running things, but they're going to be dishonest morons who think it's okay to cheat in order to get ahead.  Sure, it's already like that, but at least the liars and cheats are somewhat educated.

So what the fuck?  What do we do with shit like this?  I don't rightly know.  Somehow, the kids have the idea that it's okay to cheat.  Is it any wonder when we see people getting away with cheating the system every single day?  And it's not just the mega-rich that did stupid shit to tank the economy: it's the welfare cheats as well.

I think we might be boned.  Maybe you think differently.  What do you all think?

Edit:  Lo and fucking behold, this comes to light.  College administrator resigns over fake SAT scores.  There is little hope, I think.


Jersey McJones said...

Welcome to the legacy of the Me Generation.

Oh, and lump in with that our worship of money and "bling," our crumbling families, women who proudly proclaim they are "bitches," men who call them "hos," a negative personal savings rate, overextended credit everywhere, and on and on.

Welcome to the legacy of the Me Generation.


KP said...

Being an excellent parent when it comes to raising kids takes big cajones and a belief in human nature.

Here is what I told myself: my kids are going to love me whether I discipline them or not. They are going to respect me as long as I am fair. So I might as well make the tough decisions early.

It was never a popularity contest. I made myself cry more than once after playing the heavy while demanding their best and handing out discipline. I found out quickly, kids are not fair. They fight dirty.

Sometimes being a dad to the little ones is like raising a puppy. You have to make life a little uncomfortable for awhile to save yourself (and them) problems long term. My experience is that it will be appreciated.

Parents have to stay strong; all the way through young adult hood. It is work! We can apply our views on finance and moral character to parenting: short term gratification is an illusion. All of the best things in life are the result of long term (sometimes uncomfortable) work. We separate what is right from what is easy. Then we are succeptible to feeling like we missed out on something until harvest! The harvest is raising moral and hard working members of society.

Joe Markowitz said...

One thing that might give you some comfort, is that technology now gives us some very powerful tools to detect plagiarism. Just using Google can detect a lot of plagiarism. But there is also specialized software that does this also. Which teachers are using.

Are more students today prone to cheating? I don't know. I tend to doubt that kids today are all that different from previous generations. But if they are cheating more, the chances of getting caught might also be increasing.

Jack Camwell said...

Good point Joe. It's impossible to really know if kids now are all that different.

Detecthing cheating, however, hasn't improved, even with things like According to the studies, only 2% of cheaters ever get caught.

Silverfiddle said...

These are the same shitwads that, once they get into the real world and find they can't hack it, steal the work of others and take sole credit for collaborative efforts.

It may take time, but it eventually catches up to them...