Friday, February 17, 2012

Jack Camwell: Selfish, Immoral Fascist Part I

There's been a fairly sizeable debate going on over at Western Hero, a blog I frequent operated by Silverfiddle, a pretty stand-up guy.  Well, one of his readers, and I think someone who also publicly follows Christian Fearing God-Man, was apparently very upset with something I said.  Teresa called me a "selfish, immoral fascist."  Let's explore this point by point, shall we?  (The exchange can be found near the end of the comments thread on that post).

I was originally going to make this one big post, but I've decided to make it a four-parter.  Disclaimer: You all might think this childish, immature, and just plain wrong.  Anyone who thinks that is absolutely right.

Anyhow, on with the show!

The first thing that struck me was that she called me "selfish."  I was seriously at a loss for how this woman could call me selfish given the fact that she's never even met me personally.  She has zero clue as to what I'm like as a person.  People who know me IRL would probably tell you that I'm one of the most selfless people they know.  I put other people's needs ahead of my own all the time.

Hell, I was in the military for Christ sakes.  Yes I got paid really well, and yes I took advantage of the GI bill, but there's still an element of selflessness in serving one's country, I think.  I dunno, maybe I'm wrong?  But she knows me, right?  She knows me better than I know myself!  So because some dingbat on the internet judges me to be selfish, I must be selfish!  So let's take a moment to talk about how awful I am.

I am so selfish that I make sacrifices to afford to send my children to Catholic school.

I am so selfish that I always make myself available to my friends if they need someone to talk to, even if what they need to talk about is some seriously personal shit, and even if it's an inconvenient time for me to talk with them.

I am so selfish that I want to be a teacher.

I am so selfish that when I was younger, I volunteered in a nursing home for over 3 years.

I am so selfish that I recently found a new job in which I will be a job coach for adults with disabilities.

I am so selfish that when I have dinner with a close friend of mine every now and then, I offer to pay sometimes knowing that he is wealthy and doesn't need me to buy him anything.

I am so selfish that I never ask anyone to ever pay me back.

I am so selfish that I volunteered to run a 60+ person LAN Party for three years without any pay or compensation of any kind.

I am so selfish that when Larry over at Political Realities lost his mother, I agreed to help fill in content during his time of need.

I am so selfish that when he thanked me and told me he owed me, I told him that he didn't owe me anything.

So you're right Teresa.  I'm a selfish shit head.  I'm a huge piece of dog shit that doesn't understand the meaning of sacrifice, altruism, or selflessness.  Thank you for helping me realize what a giant fuck-ass I am!

In part II, I will address her asinine assertion that I'm somehow "immoral."  Stay tuned!


Silverfiddle said...

You are obviously stung, and I don't blame you. This is why I really try to avoid directly aimed, personal ad hominem, unless I can make the characterization as charitable and specific as possible.

For the record, I do not believe you to be any of the three. When measured against Catholic theology, a case could be made that you are immoral. But that would only be an inference based upon the ideals you espouse in your writings.

So, I can say that you routinely contradict the teachings of your church, indeed you say it yourself, but I am not going to pass judgment on your personal morality, since I'm busy enough grappling with my own.

As you know, I do not step in and moderate "disputes" among people, and you are a strong enough person to never ask for such intervention.

I will say I was surprised to see such as attack from Teresa, but you parried it quite well I thought.

I've given you some fodder for your "Immoral" post; I look forward to it. I'm sure it'll be a good one and ripe fodder for a clash of ideas!

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for being supportive Silver. I honestly felt really bad about going at it like that on your blog, as I try to be civil on other people's space.

Yes, by the standards of the church I am considered immoral, but I'll talk more about that tomorrow =)

I generally stay away from ad hominem attacks until I've been insulted somehow. If someone disagrees with me, I don't insinuate that they're stupid, or retarded or whatever. However, when they start labelling me for things that I'm not, or when they outright call me a douche bag as she pretty much did, then the gloves come off.

It got my goat a bit yesterday, but it's all good because now I have a focus to write about for three days =D I think she follows CFGM, but I might be less one follower soon, lol.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Teresa also went after me on Silverfiddle's blog with an ad hominem attack. She wrote:

"You have advocated for Catholics to dissent from Church teaching. That some type of dissent is what led to the priest sex abuse scandal. At least the Church has addressed this problem unlike other groups in our society. Instead, my view says either the people follow the Church's rules with which they belong to or if they refuse to follow the rules and disrespect the Church get the heck out and find a Church of what's happening now and do whatever the heck they want while belonging to that other church that doesn't give a darn about morality or truth.

Shaw, you are an ignorant, immoral fool. Go forth and be promiscuous you ignoramus.
2/16/12 8:47 AM"

She is, no doubt, a fool, since she apparently is ignoring the inconvenient fact that Catholic women do not follow the contraception ban that the RCC imposes on its congregants.

Without knowing anything about me, she asserts that I'm an immoral, promiscuous, ignoramus and that my pointing out that Catholic women use contraception is the moral equivalent to priests who rape children.

I don't know if she's at all aware of the wholesale rebellion of Catholic women against the RCC's artificial contraception ban [it is a MORTAL SIN to use it], but I do know that trying to argue with people like her is like trying to argue with one's dining room table.

By her rants ye shall know her. The poor dear is incoherent and doesn't know whereof she speaks.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. I forgot to mention that I was raised in the Catholic Church, and I have some hilarious stories about what my Irish Catholic ob/gyn had me go through in order to get pregnant.

Some evening when I've had a couple of glasses of effete liberal chardonnay, I'll share my stories here.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks for sharing Shaw. I remember what she said to you, and I think I intended to jump to your defense (not that you needed it, of course). I think I got lost in defending myself, haha.

Any time you want to share your stories, just let me know and I can make it a special guest post. I'm always open to people recounting their life experiences =)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I read the whole damn thing 4 times to see if somehow I missed their perspective along the way.

I have come to the conclusion that the logical argument against your statements fell apart, and the only thing left in the tank was to assault your character.

Let it go my friend...some people just have too much faith in the divine to believe in humanity.

bill said...

i used to respond to theresa's opinion as a springboard towards a rational viewpoint. i no longer bother. but i am looking forward to your defense of the immorality indictment...b

Harrison said...

The truth cut too close to the bone? Why else get so upset?

Jack Camwell said...

Don't you get upset/frustrated when someone completely and utterly mischaracterizes you?

Don't you get upset and frustrated when you feel like some liberal just "doesn't get it," or if you feel like they are completely and utterly wrong?

I don't get upset when someone calls me out for what I actually am.