Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Post: Please Thumbs Down

Please visit the youtube video posted in today's dumbass idea of the week and give the song a thumbs down.  This guy needs to stop making music, and as long as he thinks it's good he'll never stop.

Here's the link, just for ease.


Silverfiddle said...

I voted it down. You're doing an important public service, Jack.

I'm an amateur musician (actually technically professional,since I got paid for doing it), but I ain't that damned bad!

Harrison said...

Haters gonna hate!

Anonymous said...

A TURD is a TURD is a TURD.

So what else is new?

Why spotlight turds?

Turds are as common as dirt.

Turds stink


Turds DO fertilize the ground, and aid in growing healthy crops.

So in a very real sense all of us subsist on a diet of SHIT.

Isn't that cheery good news?

~ FT

Jack Camwell said...