Monday, March 12, 2012

Dumb*ss Idea of the Week: Bioware Edition

This is actually going to be more of a review of the recently released Mass Effect 3, the final installment of Bioware's hit sci-fi series.

If you're a gamer and have not played ME1 and 2, I highly recommend it.  The gameplay is fairly solid on both (although ME2 is severly dumbed down from ME1), but the games are more about the story-telling than anything, as is Bioware's modus operandi.


Mass Effect 3 seriously delivers on the intensity the player experiences as Commander Shepherd in the first two installments.  The Reapers have arrived to destroy all of the sapient civilizations, and it's your job to unite the galaxy against them.  The battles are intense, and the relationships you continue to cultivate feel real and palatable.

And you're faced with some difficult choices to make this time around, choices that have real ramifications . . . until the end.

Literally, 99.9% of my ME3 experience was rivetting.  And then I got to the end.  You're faced with three choices to make, and here's where Bioware failed on an epic scale: the choices don't change the ending (save for a few effects), and there's no epilogue.  There is absolutely ZERO closure.


Here's your choices.

1.  Take control of the Reapers and potentially destroy earth.  The Reapers may come back and kill everything, but you don't know.

2.  Destroy the Reapers, potentially destroy Earth, and possibly allow sapient life to develop AI that will eventually kill all organic life everywhere forever (ala Terminator style).

3.  Assimilate all organic and synthetic life in the galaxy, effectively ending the Reaper cycle and ensuring that sapient life won't kill itself.

So what's the difference in the endings?  Well, the device used to control/kill/synthesize the Reapers will glow a different color.  You might destroy the Earth.

That's it.

You're left wondering what the heck happens in the future.  This has to be one of the biggest let-downs in gaming history.  It felt rushed, and it probably was considering that Bioware is controlled by EA.  Perhaps this was a cry for help from Bioware.  EA are the Reapers, and Bioware are the poor guys indoctrinated, trying to purge gaming of gamers so it can start over again.

The ending is so weak, it'd be like if Han Solo shot Luke in the face as soon as he got his eyesight back in Return of the Jedi.  Just a blaster bolt to the head, movie's over, roll credits.  That's what this is like.

Thanks Bioware.  You trolling douchebags.  Sigh

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