Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shmashing Trayvon's Memory ®

What happened to Trayvon was unjust.  The man that shot him, George Zimmer, should be brought to justice, because there is no excuse for what he did.  There is no self-defense law that can save him, and Zimmerman must pay the piper for his actions.

As if the incident itself didn't bring to bear the tragedy of human nature, Trayvon's family has further underscored just how awful human beings can be.

According to applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by the family's attorney last week, Fulton wants to trademark "I am Trayvon" and "Justice for Trayvon" for use in DVDs and CDs memorializing the slain teenager.
Wow.  If I were a better man, I'd be left speechless by this.  But I'm not a better man, so I've got some words for this.  The article makes mention that the family could be controlling the use of his name for the sake of his memory, as some people were trying to tarnish his reputation by bringing to light the fact that he was kicked out of school for marijuana possession.

Is it any wonder that Al Sharpton (right) is in on this?
I really doubt it, though.  Human beings are fairly awful.  I mean, humans have engaged in genocide, torture, and all sorts of horrific things, so how would it be such a stretch to think that some people are terrible enough to try to profit off of their sons' death?

"You're a racist Jack!  You wouldn't be saying this if it was a white mother doing the same thing!"  Of course I would.  I'm not racist, because I believe that human beings of all colors have the capability of being scourges to their own species.

I mean, what's the point of mass producing memorial CD's and DVD's?  To hilight the injustice of it all?  I highly doubt that is needed, because this case is getting quite a bit of national attention.  Do they really think that trademarking certain phrases is going to abate any speculation or defamation of his character?  Logically, that won't happen.  People will still say whatever they want about him, whenever they want and however they want.  He's dead.  You can't slander or libel a dead person.

So trademarking these phrases is not going to really do anything for his memory or reputation.  I mean, if I wanted to trash his name, all I'd have to do is just make a bunch of shirts that say "Trayvon sucks."  There would be nothing they could do about it, except trademark the phrase "Trayvon sucks."  The only thing one can logically conclude is that they want to make money off of this.


manapp99 said...

Looks like the "Rahm principle" at work here.

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before."

Rahm Emanuel

Anonymous said...

Jack, I am going to strongly disagree with your posting.

The issue here is the politicising, media hype and every different group tring to get some piece of the action.

As for the case, there is a legal system and it needs to be played. Yes the media and politicians can make for a speedier inquest (or one when it was not forthcoming) but the actual case should not be commented at all. Obviously as a old-school British Law type for me to see any comments/guess work/assumption on the case is a no-no. People should be thankful that I am not like some relatives actually a Judge - I would be the one raining gag-orders and contempt charges left right and centre.

My point is we do not know the circumstances and all this cr*p is making it harder and more confused and I begin to worry about influencing outcomes. Remember some of the basic principles of legal inquiry and court processes. That statements and remarks outside the court are mostly inadmissible, hearsay has no power, evidence, statements in court, ferensic, medical and court approved expert statements count. Those with offical functions involved may speak, witnesses present or via telephone. Testimony of character is relevant if there is doubt or at sentencing.

Enough said, my point is that we do not know if Zimmerman is guilty or not or what happened. Similarly comments that the youth was a druggy, punk, attacked him (regardless if Zimmerman said it or not) are equally inappropriate.

What really p*ssed me off is Rev Jessie Jackson et al, going on television attempting to pervert the course of justice. Even Obama should not have said what he did.

Here in the UK, anyone considered in a "Position of Trust" such as Jackson or the President saying something during an investigation is a punishable offence.

My two bits worth

Damien Charles

Silverfiddle said...

Well, I agree with both Jack and Charles.

I understand Charles cautioning us against speculating on a case when we don't have all the facts, and I also understand that the kid's drug use and school behavior have no bearing on this particular case.

I do want to say that if Zimmerman chased him, that was wrong, and his actions resulted in a wrongful death.

On to Jack's point: Yes, they are exploiting this tragedy with hopes of turning it into a international franchise ala Free Mumia, or that POS they just fried down in Georgia, or any of the other instances where a US murderer was turned into an international martyr.

Yes, they want all the trappings. The UN Grand High Rapporteurs, the press conferences, the jets and limousines whizzing them to an from press conferences and concerts set up to exploit the young man's memory and damn to hell the racist United States.

If they are successful, Trayvon Martin's face will challenge Che Guevara as T-Shirt Salesman to the Tards.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

It goes without saying that he should never have been shot but it also follows that Sharpton and the other professional race-baiters will use this as an excuse to ratchet up their rhetoric.

Nothing like a good old fashioned race war.

Anonymous said...

I have never in my life have seen the way the media has been using this issue to their advantage and are so blantely mis-reporting and quoting everything wrong almost from the start.

This incident took place 20ft. directly behind my sliding glass door. I was not at home when this took place.

It has been a media circus here in this neighborhood and doesn't look it will let up any time soon.

There are some facts that are not being reported or the media is ignoring them.

1. can anyone tell me who told you that Zimmerman was chasing him? The word chase was never on the 911tapes. Media hype.

2. The word "coon" cannot be heard on the 911 tapes either. The only way that the hoodie came into this is because the Sanford PD dispatcher asked what he was wearing. Again made up by the media.

3. There are several witness to this that I know personally who have gave eyewitness testimony to the Sanford PD as to what took place that night. Almost nothing about this reported by the media.

4. Also not reported except locally is the Stand Your Ground" law prohibits the Sanford PD from making an arrest based on witness testimony and the shooter himself.

5. The Martin family pushed the Sanford PD aside by claiming it was a hate crime and demanded his arrest just based on that. All rules change when your making this claim. Sabrina Martin told me herself that "We contacted the media to bring this community togather". Our community has been ripped to shreds by everyone involved since.

It pains me to see this all go down around me knowing that all this hate thats's been generated from this is for nothing.

The entire world has jumped on this bandwagon without knowing all the facts or just tend to ignor what little facts there are.

Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson really need to back off and stop the speculating and inciting what they call a "Peacful war"??

For the 1st time in my life I am considering buying a shotgun or pistol for home protection in a gated neighborhood just in case.

Really a shame it's come to this...

manapp99 said...

Interesting information anony...reminds me of when the Koby Bryant rape case invaded my small town of Eagle Colorado. Media everywhere. My next door neighbors daughter was erroneously identified as the girl raped. They had to hire a lawyer to get the facts out and the media out of their yard. She and her mom did get a trip to New York to be on one of the morning shows though. All expenses paid in a swanky hotel. Woo Hoo. I suspect we may never know the real story here but this could get real ugly before it goes away. Either way, the young man is dead and that is a tragedy. Regardless of who is at fault.

Jersey McJones said...

Jack, I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner, but I didn't know what to say. It all just sucks.

Nothing good comes out of any of this, unless we remember that a kid died in a situation that may have been avoided with just a smidgen social structure.

These "private" "communities" runnin' around hiring private screwballs to be their "community watch" or whatever the fuck those morons are calling it, are a cultural/industrial disease.

We should be rid of these planned communities, but not by government action, but by culturally getting the fuck out of that sleazy, scummy market. DON'T BUY IN DIVISIONS, LET ALONE SUBS!!!

You Paul guys should be screaming about that! For Christ's sake, it's like buying timeshares!


Read the Orlando Sentinal about the case, Jack. When you read it thoroughly, you will come to the same conclusion as I. This is poor governance, and though these stupid conservative re-definitions of the Castle Doctrine may have caused this, it's these private developments that are at the heart of the problem.

There's a reason no one is talking about this. Please continue.


Silverfiddle said...

Anon: Zimmerman says he's pursuing the kid in the 911 call and the dispatcher says "we don't need you to do that."

That's what I base my comments on.

If this were a case of Zimmerman minding his own business and getting jumped, its's righteous shoot. But if he were pursuing Martin it's a whole different story.

Stand your ground does not apply to aggressors.

Harrison said...

Part of being "brought to justice" is withholding judgement, which you nicely haven't done:

"What happened to Trayvon was unjust. The man that shot him, George Zimmer, should be brought to justice, because there is no excuse for what he did. There is no self-defense law that can save him, and Zimmerman must pay the piper for his actions."

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Curtis Sliwa is thinking about all this?

Jumping to conclusions when you really don't know exactly what happened is not only a sign of emotional and intellectual immaturity it's also wickedly inept.

Mr. Charles certainly has a point, but he needs to realize that in a country where freedom of speech and freedom of the press still reign -- more or less -- no one can stop gossip and idle speculation on matters of this kind -- nor should they.

What we need is a wiser, more moral, better educated population sufficiently decent to resist the temptation to use such a sad event to gain political leverage. We are also in desperate need of men and women capable of keeping their passions reigned in and withholding judgment until all the facts become known.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

FT, sorry for the delay in responding to your point.

You are correct, freedom to discuss will automatically make such discussion happen at least until there is a different ethic within the population as a whole.

Having said that, the cause of such discussion is the media and for that I believe there can be laws to limit such discussions. A "Grand Jury" as you have in your country, will be well aware and subject to all this uncontrolled and often wild judgements and thus it is a perversion of the process - which ultimately is my worry.

Though people can and do discuss the issue, the power of "contempt" should be used to the maximum in my opinion.

Damien Charles