Monday, April 30, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Burning Korans

I'm going to go on record and say that Terry Jones is a fucking moron.  He thinks that by burning Qurans, he's going to somehow convince the Iranian government to release a Christian cleric being detained (for converting to Christianity).

Now let's just throw the whole burning-sacred-texts-is-bad thing, and let's just look at this logically.  Jones, a Christian, wants to convince a Muslim government to let go of an "infidel" Christian cleric.  So to show them how serious he is, he burns Qurans.

Right, because torching their sacred text is really going to make them stop and think "you know, Christians really aren't that bad!"

What's more likely is that Jones was simply looking for an excuse to burn Qurans, an excuse that he probably thought would be more acceptable than "I hate Islam."


Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Whole Thing Is a Sham

Let me preface this with a statement: Being an awful human being, I've had more than one alcoholic beverage as I'm writing this.  So if this article blows or has major spelling/gramatical mistakes, then please forgive me at least just this once.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other night, oddly enough over a few drinks, and I remarked about how passionate she is about her politics.  She's a true blue Democrat.  I just couldn't help but marvel at how snowed she is.  And then I thought, "man, everyone is completely snowed."

Here's a true statment: if I thought the majority of people would vote for me, I'd tell them whatever the hell they want to hear.  And I mean that whole heartedly.  Hell, if I was elected, and then my district suddenly changed in allignment, I'd totally change with that allignment.

"Jack, you are exactly the problem!  You're a flip-flopper!"  No.  I'm just a guy who still believes in representative democracy.  GASP!  That still exists?  Well not really, because anyone who accuralely tries to represent the people, even if that means going against their beliefs, is automatically branded a "flip-flopper."

How ridiculous is that?  I mean, in a representative democracy can ANYONE be branded a flip flopper?  Here's what I think: I don't want a representative to vote his or her conscience.  I want them to vote how I want them to vote.

The whole damn thing is a sham.  It's all a big game in which people have made politics a career.  They don't really care about anything that you care about.  All they care about is that you'll vote for them.

-------------- This last part was written after I had sobered up --------------

Hopwfully I'm not the only one that gets this
Star Wars reference.

So the sham is that American politicians have turned politics away from thought, consideration, compromise, and disinterested objective discussion.  They've turned it into an arena of feelings.  They want you to want them to vote their conscience, because that's the "right" thing to do.  Gone are the days where logical thought had anything to do with politics.

I mean think about it: how logical are feelings?  Are our feelings always logical?  I would argue that our feelings aren't always logical.  There are people who, just by looking at them, make me feel like I want to punch them in the face.  I can't help it, afterall I can't really help how my brain reacts to certain stimuli, but just because I experience that feeling doesn't magically make it logical and valid.

A big problem in American society right now is that there's this contagion going around that makes people believe that all feelings are always valid.  It's a common thing women say when when their man has pissed them off in some trivial way, and the man tries to show her how illogical and flippant she's being.  The woman gets pissed off because the man is trying to "invalidate her feelings."

Yes!  We're invalidating your feelings because they're based largely on brain chemistry and hormones (not being misogynist, that's just science ladies).

But politicians today don't want to do that, because they know that feelings are hard to overcome.  So they inflame your sensibilities, they get you riled up, they play on your feelings.  They know that feelings are the way to make someone passionate, and so long as you're passionate about your politics you'll vote for whomever indulges your passions.

It's a sham.  They've got you voting for your feelings because they know that they'll keep getting re-elected.  Playing on the feelings of the people means that they will keep the people neatly and ever growingly divided.  That's what Republicans and Democrats truly want: a divided America.  When definitive lines are drawn, it's much easier to focus your re-election campaign.

Would that there were more people like myself who don't vote their feelings, then we'd see both of the corrupted parties crumble.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Sunday Forgetfulness Edition

If you happen to come across this guy, please pretend to slap
the shit out of him.
Right after I vow to bring you, my loyal readers, new content on a regular basis, I screw up and forget to do my Dumbass Idea of the Week today.

Better late than never I suppose.

So this guy is particularly retarded.  Apparently, the way teachers are supposed to reach the youth of America is by scaring them absolutely shitless.  On the anniversary of the Viriginia Tech Shooting, this dumbass Manuel Dillo orders his students to stand in line and then proceeds to fire a gun at them.

The catch?  The gun was a blank shooter.  That's right, Captain R-Tard decides to unload a bunch of blanks at his fearful students.  Police haven't said why, although my guess is that he enjoys the scent of fresh urine and feces.

Fortunately for all involved, it was not a real gun.  But still, inflicting that kind of terror is pretty stupid, not to mention awful.

Grats bro, you just boarded the failboat.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Satan Did Not Make Me Do It!

I truly believe in my heart that what I'm doing (blogging) is a morally good thing to do.  I'm not so arrogant as to believe that I'm somehow preaching the word of truth to otherwise ignorant persons, but engaging in these discussions and expressing my views and opinions is a good thing.  So if I so believe in it, why did I stop?

Well, the answer is that I'm a lazy son of a bitch.  I really have had no damn good reason for not writing.  I mean hell, Lent is over so I can pretty much say whatever the fuck I want.  I didn't write because I just didn't feel like expending a lot of brain power.

That's right.  I, Jack Camwell, am a flawed human being who is just naturally lazy.  I succumb to my slothful proclivities more often than not, and who's to blame?  Me.

I made the mistake of mocking Silverfiddle's belief in Satan.  I don't know why I chose that route, but I did.  Perhaps it's just because even the notion of Satan really annoys me, but still, I should have went about it in a much more constructive way.  I think that what I wrote immediately after the mockery was constructive, but anything efficacious gets lost when you act like a jack-ass.

Satan can't make me do anything, but
this chick probably could.

So let's have a serious discussion about Satan.  I straight up do not believe that Satan exists.  Sure, one can say that if I believe in a force of ultimate goodness (God), then it would stand to reason that God's opposite could possibly exist: a force of ultimate evil.  But the conception of Satan is that he actively enacts his will on human beings.  Satan supposedly tempts us to sin.  I think the explanation for awful human behavior does not have anything to do with the supernatural.

First of all, how does Satan tempt us?  Does Satan put thoughts into our head?  Am I to believe that it's the temptation of Satan every time I lust after a fine-ass woman I see?  Well, no.  My lust is a direct result of my hormones, just as is everyone's sexual attraction.  When I was younger, I solved a lot of problems with my younger brothers through violence.  Was it Satan that pushed me to beat my younger brothers when they pissed me off?  Nope.  I beat them because I can be a hot head.

The thing is that our desires are based on physiological processes.  Our brain chemistry is what causes us to lust.  It's what causes us to crave excessive amounts of food.  It's what contributes to anger, lying, and a propensity to violence.  This is science.  Human behavior and personality is largely determined by brain chemistry.  This is not in dispute by anyone that has any inkling about how the human brain works.

So that eliminates the notion that Satan somehow puts those bad desires in us, if that's what you think "temptation," is.  Well, if temptation isn't internal, then is it external?

If I am a glutton and I see a piece of cake at the store, that cake is a temptation.  I have a strong desire to eat that cake.  If Satan is at the bottom of all temptation, then does that mean that Satan somehow baked that cake and magically manifested that slice in front of my eyes?  No, the baker made it.  Did Satan somehow guide me to the store and make me see it?  No, I was probably at the store to buy groceries anyway and the cake happened to be there.

What was that movie where Silvester Stalone beats some
guy in an arm wrestling match?
Hopefully you see where this is going.  We know that desire comes from our brains, and we know that Satan didn't create everything in existence on this planet (since just about anything can be some type of temptation to someone, somewhere).  So why do we think Satan exists?

Well, Satan doesn't exist.  We humans are frail, and we all have a little darkness in us.  We all carry with us weaknesses and character flaws, and some of us are not very good at resisting the urge to do bad things.  So I don't blame Satan and his temptation for my lack of writing, I blame myself.  I think we can safely call this particular attitude "personal responsibility."

That's right, I take full responsibility for how badly a shit human being I can be.  Everyone should take responsibility for their actions.  Placing the blame on Satan is an attempt to remove some (not all) culpability.  Satan is a tool for people who still believe that human beings are basically "good."  We're not.  We're pretty awful, and it's only through discipline and determination that we conquer our individual darkness.

"Personal responsibility," is not just a catchy political catch-phrase.  It's a way of thinking.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Sorry I Suck

This is my vow to you, my loyal readers:  I will stop being a lazy son of a bitch and get back to creating good content for your edification.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Most Significant Moment in Human History: The Bomb

Humans naturally want to be free, and it is right to celebrate moments in history where our forefathers bought our freedom with courage and blood.  But there's a dark side to human nature that I think has more impact on the species than the good things: our propensity for violence.

After World War I, the League of Nations was created to avoid another "war to end all wars," because of how horrifyingly massive the body count was.  By 1914, humans had developed ways to slaughter their enemies by the hundreds of thousands.  Humanity realized that technology had finally caught up with our bloodlust, and the result was devastating.

Of course though, we knew deep down that we'd never be able to extinct ourselves.  There were just too many people on the planet.  Even if another great war struck, there'd still be humans left to repopulate and prosper.  But then, in the mid 1940's, we changed that.

Creating and detonating the first atomic bomb changed humanity forever.  Finally, humans had discovered the means to completely destroy themselves forever.  We, as a species, can now extinct ourselves should someone choose to do so.

That moment in history tells us so much about ourselves.  For starters, it tells us that we're willing to even explore the very avenue of our own destruction.  A prudent mind might think "wouldn't it be best to just let that be, and never develop extinction technology?"  But in our desperation, we did it anyway.

The way I see it is that once the bomb was created, we were faced with an immediate choice: destroy ourselves or press on.  We are still faced with that choice.

Isn't it funny that we have the means to destroy ourselves
but not the means to end child starvation?
So which way do you think humanity will go?  Will we eventually wholly reject that technology?  Sure, most people already do, but the species as a whole has not rejected it.  Or will we eventually just annihilate our entire existence?

Given that human beings are incredibly violent, selfish, myopic, and intollerant, I think we're pretty well screwed.  Human beings will destroy themselves in the future.  We don't listen to each other.  Everyone is "always right," about everything, ever.  We're all so right that we would be willing to die for our beliefs.  We'd even be willing to kill for our beliefs. 

Say what you want, but until we become "one world," i.e. the many peoples of the many nations become one people with the singular goal of promoting the prosperity and perpetuation of the entire species, we are on the path to destroy ourselves.  The atomic bomb beats every single event in human history, because the bomb marked the beginning of the end.