Monday, April 30, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Burning Korans

I'm going to go on record and say that Terry Jones is a fucking moron.  He thinks that by burning Qurans, he's going to somehow convince the Iranian government to release a Christian cleric being detained (for converting to Christianity).

Now let's just throw the whole burning-sacred-texts-is-bad thing, and let's just look at this logically.  Jones, a Christian, wants to convince a Muslim government to let go of an "infidel" Christian cleric.  So to show them how serious he is, he burns Qurans.

Right, because torching their sacred text is really going to make them stop and think "you know, Christians really aren't that bad!"

What's more likely is that Jones was simply looking for an excuse to burn Qurans, an excuse that he probably thought would be more acceptable than "I hate Islam."



manapp99 said...

I agree that this man is an idiot if he truly believes in what he says. However if he is just a huckster looking for attention to increase his earning potential by saying things guaranteed to get him national press...then he may be just be an astute (though slimy) businessman.

Jersey McJones said...

Yeah, just a huckster. What's really ashame here though, is that if this guy was really important, if what he was doing really matters, if "radical Islam" really had the power to enforce it's will over the world, then this guy would have been dead months ago. But he's not, and he's only getting worse. Every time this stupid fuck burns a Quran, he pisses off some other stupid fuck who believes in his Quran the same way idiots like terry Jones believe in their Bibles.

Idiots beget irony... but never see it.


Silverfiddle said...

Is that guy in the news again?

Blatant provocations like that are just stupid.

jez said...

from Jones' wikipedia entry, I see he's a 2012 independent presidential candidate.

LOL, needless to say.

If he's doing this to free a Christian, maybe we could set up an exchange program with the Islmaists.

Anonymous said...

Moronic, indeed, and unfortunate to the least.

I,personally, believe it would be wise to work toward eliminating all "taboos" except of course, the ages old, universal proscription against murder, mayhem, rape, arson, vandalism, theft, extortion, and kidnapping -- not necessarily in that order.

There should be nothing "sacred" about mere symbols. We should hold Life, itself, sacred, and be raised to show basic respect for all points of view -- and for each others' property. We cannot, however, afford to tolerate intolerance.

Murder, maiming, torture, and wholesale destruction of property should never be regarded as a legitimate way to "defend" the honor of one's religion, culture or religious symbology.

Jez, the delicious irony of your exchange program idea was not lost on me. Thabk you for the good laugh.

Unfortunately, this Jones creature will too easily be seized upon by the rage-heads as a "typical" example of the Christian mentality, if such could be said to exist.

Oh, I know, only a small percentage of Muslims are dangerous lunatics -- or so they keep saying -- and admittedly "we" have our share of nitwit fanatics too, BUT -- as far as I know -- there is no moral equivalency between burning a Koran and beheading an innocent non-Muslim, or detonating Suicide-Murder-Bombs in public squares where hordes of innocent people will be killed, maimed or seriously injured at best.

The point of Jack's post, of course, is that it's idiotic to wave the proverbial red flag in front of the proverbial bull.

I couldn't agree more with Jack's point, even hough I fervently believe that Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States would be better off if it were possible to rid their societies of the increasingly aggressive Muslim population that threatens to outbreed and ultimately destroy the long held dominance of the native Caucasian populations.

Jones' imbecilic tactics are the worst possibly way anyone could hope to eliminate the lowering threat of Eurabia. Jones might as well be functioning as Islam's Secret Weapon.

~ FreeThinke