Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Re Silverfiddle: No Age Limits in Idiocy

These are our current leaders.  Can you guess the time
period in which this photo was taken?  Hint: before I
was born.
I like Western Hero.  Silverfiddle writes some very provocative pieces, and he has incited inspiration in me on more than one occasion.  In his article from yesterday, "Young People Don't Know Anything" Silver made some good points, but I found myself indignantly disagreeing moreso than being in accord with his positions.

First of all, I take a serious issue with the accusation that much of today's youth graduate from college with "worthless degrees."  Now, I know what he has in mind: he's probably thinking of people that get degrees in communications, or women's studies (sorry ladies).  But I would be willing to bet anything that 95% of college students who obtain bachelors degrees take a traditional course of study.

Silver, I've got a lot of friends that have gone and are currently going to college, and none of them majored in anything ridiculous.  One of my friends is a philosophy major, which is useless in terms of job marketability, but if financial gain is what you're using to determine the worth of a college degree then you've been hornswaggled by your generation.  Your generation keeps telling my generation that a degree is worthless unless it nabs you a big salary.

Now, one thing I will definitely agree with is that there is a heavy sense of entitlement generally with kids under the age of 20.  People around my age (28) don't seem to be shit heads so much, but I've not met everyone my age, so I can't be certain.

I do find some flaws in your logic, though.  For the sake of argument, lets say you represent your generation, and I represent my generation.  You say that it's your job to teach me because I don't know anything about anything.  I'm young, I'm passionate, and I want to change the world.

Why do I want to change the world?  Because the world is completely fucked up.  You know this.  I know this.  What's funny about that is that it's your generation that fucked everything up.  It wasn't young people that crashed the market.  It wasn't my generation that made everyone believe that living beyond our means was a good thing.  So I was a bit confused when you accused "young people" of being the ones who blew up the economy.

How old were the douchebags at AIG who used tax-payer money to give themselves bonuses?  My age?  I think not.  So tell me Silver, why should my generation pay any attention to the people who have fucked everything up?

Now I realize that there are "old" ideas that are universal and timeless, but don't assume that just because you've been around the block means that I've got to buy every idea that comes out of your mouth.

Here's the thing people: idiocy does not discriminate against age.  There are no limits.  The problem is that both groups--the young and the old--are filled with morons.  The young people think that all the old ideas are retarded and useless, and the old people think all the new, young ideas are retarded and useless.  Both groups believe that they have nothing to learn from each other.

The hard truth is that my generation has to accept that not all old ideas are bad.  There are truths that have stood the test of time, and innovation is not always a good thing.  My parents' and grandparents' generations need to accept that not all old ideas are good.  Humans are a progressive (lower-case p) species by nature.  We are always evolving.  To think that the "Greatest Generation" and the Baby Boomers are somehow the pinnacle of human evolution is pretty silly in my opinion.

So don't be afraid of new ideas.

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Silverfiddle said...

Nice rant, but you're railing against things I never said.

I didn't blame anyone for the crash. I only mentioned that some wiz kids with fancy degrees did bad things. In no way did I exonerate old folks. I just didn't mention them because the post was about young people.

Also, I mention at the end that I am addressing an "infinitesimal slice" of our youth population, so I'm not running everyone down nor am I pounding my chest for Gen-X.

Finally, no degree is worthless if the person who has it is happy with it. I clearly criticized those bong water drinkers who get a basket weaving degree and then complain that they are working at Starbucks.

But anyway, I'm glad I inspired you.