Monday, June 25, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Pandora Romney Attacks

Once again, Dan Rather is not fucking
I listen to Pandora internet radio, and recently they have injected ads into their programming.  It was inevitable, I suppose.  Nothing can remain uncommercialized these days.

The ads weren't so bad until I started hearing Romney attack ads ad nauseum.  What was absurd though was the content of these ads.  I'll just share a couple of them with you.

In the first ad, the voiceover girl says "While Mitt Romney was governor, Massachussets fell to 41st in job creation in the country."  Only a moron would fall for that horse shit, and here's why.  You know what Massachussets' unemployment rate was for 2011?  6%.  SIX PERCENT.  And for anyone who has any basic understanding of economics, what is the magic number for what we consider full employment?  5%

So sure, Massachussets wasn't creating any jobs, but it also had the 11th lowest unemployment rate in the country.  I guess we'll have to see if their unemployment rate rises, but my guess is that they're doing fairly well.  Sorry to break it to these idiots, but you can't grow a whole lot if there's little room to grow in the first place.

The second ad is even more laughable.  "While governor, Mitt Romney rakced up over $2.1 billion in debt."  Wow.  How much debt has Obama racked up as president?

The best part about these ads is that they always end with the same phrase: "Romney economics didn't work then, and they won't work now."  Wow, I didn't realize that racking up debt was strictly Romney economics.  And apparently he sucks for having a low unemployment rate.

I'm not going to vote for the guy, but these ridiculous attack ads just go to show how dumb they think the American people are.  Maybe they think only idiots listen to Pandora?


Silverfiddle said...

You ought to hear the attack ads here in my overwhelmingly GOP district. It's disgusting, and these are just for the GOP primaries.

I tore up my mail-in ballot because I hate them all.

Jersey McJones said...

Well, where I live, most of the attack ads are on Obama, and they're just as illusive.

We have a big problem here, guys.

And then today (well, yesterday now, thanks to my work schedule), the SCOTUS rejected the Montana campaign rules regarding endless corporate donations.

You guys have something in common with people like me - we do NOT like the way things are going with political campaigning. We need rules. Hell, we need Newt Gingrich's rules (at least when it comes to public debating).

We need a Constitutional Amendment that ends the bribery of our elected officials. We need caps on donations, only direct campaigning from the nominees themselves, and moratoriums on issue campaign advertising during election seasons. If these rich people want to get their message out, they can do it without taking advantage of the easiest of our public facilities and accommodations.

Go out and knock on doors and sell your wares. If you can't find people who can do that, then maybe what you're selling isn't so good.

I'll be volunteering this election season, and you can bet I can sell my wares.