Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Post: The God Bullshit

From The Anonymous Howard Beale:

Being an agnostic, I find myself arguing between mystical and scientific explanations. I was never exposed to religion much until I was thrown into the catholic school system in the 8th grade. It was there amongst the theology studies and the constant worship of Jesus that I came to be a skeptic. It seems all you have to do is read the bible and you get the idea in your head that it may be bullshit.

From a sheer mystical point of view, you have to take it on face value and faith that the Creator did all this, in some way or another. Regardless, you would have to be an absolute fool to pretend you could extrapolate meaning or pretense out of a being that is so far beyond our perception. We truly do not have words to express how a supreme consciousness would perceive us. Whenever people invoke religion and say "I felt the presence of God", you are in effect diminishing God, bringing him/her/it down to our level.

Prayer has always confused me, and has always been a source of frustration for people when I have discussed it with them. Again, to put things in perspective, you praying to God would be like an amoeba praying to Robert DeNiro. Do you really think Bobby DeNiro has the time or the inclination to listen to the pleas of an amoeba? Bobby has movies to film and people to see. God has people to make and cosmic landscapes to produce. Have you checked your amoeba messages recently? Do they want you to drop some sugar on the 3rd step down to your basement?

To sum up the supernatural, people pray because they are told to by other people. People worship because they are told to by other people. People read the bible that was made by other people. To go around spreading "truth" is no different and going around spreading lies in the big picture. If you are Christian you already don't believe in 1,000 other Gods, what is one more?

Scientifically we hit the wall hard. Logic dictates to us that the cosmos and earth itself can be a downright inhospitable place. Radiation, acid rain, natural disasters, diseases, solar flares, man-made disasters, etc. Venus has an environment that is in all likelihood worse than any hell you can imagine. You look at the world of hard science and experimentation and you say "Not Possible" in terms of explaining our existence. Here we are though, despite all the dangers to life that exist.

It is a symphony of sorts, we are at the right distance from the sun, we have a strong magnetic field shielding our planet from most damaging radiation, we have an atmosphere that is just right. We are the Goldilocks of the solar system. Every Terran born into this world be it human or otherwise does so at the product of 4 billion years of planetary evolution. A lot of people take it for granted that the Earth is our ship. Without it where would we be.

Science is constantly evolving, and although we base our science on facts we can prove in our perception of reality, that does not mean that reality and our perspectives line up completely. Take for instance aerodynamic flight, while we know that scientific contributions from Bernoulli has great significance to our working knowledge of it, there is still much we don't know. Next time you are in a plane just realize that no one knows 100% for sure why that big metal thing goes up in the sky. We know enough about it to use it, and that's as good as we can hope for at the moment.

I don't pretend to have the answers, I just lay it out as I see it. If you are a religious person, please understand this is not meant to belittle your beliefs, it is meant to stimulate you into seeking answers. If you are a hardcore Atheist I am not belittling you either by saying "We don't know for sure", because as a logical person you have to understand at least the basis of my hesitation. We won the galactic lottery, this much is for certain.

Every person has the option to give of themselves yet so few do so with the best intentions. Whenever you get stressed out at something or someone, take a moment and think about the billions upon billions of people that have come before you, and those that will come after you, smile and know that somewhere, someday, we may finally understand "Why."


Jersey McJones said...

Religion asks "why." Science only seeks to know "how."


Anonymous said...

True, however science has already answered a good portion of "Why" through the "How" imo. Science is observation coming to conclusions that can be reliably replicated. If for instance the theory we were put here on purpose by an advanced species pans out scientifically, the "Why" is then known.

Jersey McJones said...

The "why" here doesn't matter that much. Science is science. The "why" is a subjective, personal, spiritual understanding. The "how" actually explains things and sometimes uses the "why" to do so, at best.