Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jack's Top 10 Shitheads in Human Society (3 - 1)

Yeah, this is not a problem at all.
#3.  Multi-culturalism-phobes

We get it: America is the greatest cutlure that ever was or ever will be.  Not only that, but American cutlure is devoid of any negativities whatsoever.  We Americans are just great people.  Nevermind the fact that we are insanely indulgent, we absolutely love violence, and we are so ridiculous that we can't help but be polarized on everything ever.

But that isn't fair, because other cultures have a massive superiority complex as well.  News flash: all cultures have their ups and downs.  "But Jack, Arab culture is brutal!"  Yes, Arab culture is brutal, but it's also a lot more focused on the good of all over the benefit of a few.

Muslim culture is very much about taking care of your neighbors.  Did you know that if you randomly find money, you must turn it in to your local mosque where it will remain for a few days to give the community enough time for someone to claim it.  If no one claims it, then the money goes to the community.

And before I get a bunch of people saying "Muslims behead and stone each other," lets remember some of the awful things that have happened in American culture.  Remember that gay guy in Texas who was tied to the back of a truck and dragged down a road?  Remember the abortion clinic bombings?  Lets also not forget that not very long ago we still executed people via electricity.  Yeah, that's super-humane.

Multi-culturalism is about accepting the fact that people live differently.  That doesn't mean that we have to accept the inhumane elements of other cutlures, but it means we have to accept that other peoples have different ways of doing things.  If you think multi-culturalism means anything other than what I've said, then you've been listening to idiots.

Don't listen to idiots.

#2.  Race-baters

Oh.  My. God.  I swear, if one more issue is made into a racial thing my head is going to explode.  Here's the hard truth: race baters don't actually give a shit about racial equality or whatever.  They don't care about equal rights, and they sure as shit don't care about anything that even closely resembles justice.

All they care about is getting their share and getting their time in the spot light.  Their political agenda is so deep and so obvious that it almost boggles the mind that people are fooled by it.  But really, they're just using sensationalist tactics to scare people into buying in to their bullshit.

Here's a kicker for you.  A white guy kills a black guy and what do we get?  We get the national media covering the story and everyone screaming "RACISM!"  What happens when a black guy kills a white guy?  Oh, well that happens.  Because black people definitely can't be racist, right?

I'm sorry, but George Zimmerman is probably not a racist.  He might be a moron, but he's no racist.  Seriously, stop making everything about race.  The best part about that is that Zimmerman is some kind of latino.  So I guess it's only racism if it's anyone-on-black violence.  Go figure.

. . . are a bunch of morons.  The Founding Fathers knew this.
#1.  The People

Silver mentioned that I should be angrier with the morons who voted for Obama than I should be with Obama himself.  Well, he's right, and truthfully I had planned to make the People #1 even before he mentioned that.

What's wrong with the people?  Well, they've lost all sense of objectivity.  We're living in an age where feelings are what's supposed to guide our decisions and what not.  Well, following your feelings all the time usually means you're being a huge dumbass.  How often are your feelings even right?

Most of you don't vote because of what you think, you vote because of what you feel.  You just can't bear the thought of a woman having an abortion, so you seek to ban it altogether.  Others feel so deeply that Americans should be made to live healthier lives that you try to limit how big sodas can be in New York.

None of you have any sense of objectivity left, which means your opinions are largely shit.  That doesn't mean that your opinions are necessarily wrong, it just means that you've given up on listening.  When you give up on listening it means that you're bound to be wrong on some things forever.  Why are so many of you so intent on being wrong?

How does that line go in the Buffalo Springfield song?  "Nobody's right if everybody's wrong."  Many of you reading this will just dismiss this.  You've got "facts" on your side, right?  You've got truth, and logic and bla bla bla bla.

I've never met so many damn perfect people before in my life.  It's no wonder I always feel so inferior to everyone, because I'm always wrong and everyone else is always right.  Fucking get over yourselves.  You're only "right" because it's easier to believe you're right.


Silverfiddle said...

Yes, Arab culture is brutal, but it's also a lot more focused on the good of all over the benefit of a few.

That is laughable on its face. Banditry and subjugation is the rule rather than the exception in much of The Muslim world. Daddy Assad slaughtered 40,000 of his own people to teach the rest a lesson. Jordan kill tens of thousands of Palestinians when they became too much trouble, Shia are routinely killed in Pakistan...

Afghans and Iraqis used the US military to exact revenge on neighbors they hated.

There is no equivalence between that a a literal handful of religious American idiots.

There's a simple test to see who's culture is "better:" Where would you rather live? Where would most people in the world rather live if given a choice.

How many people from Islamic countries move to the west?

How many westerners move to Islamic countries?

Why to Islamic refugees flee to western nations instead of another Islamic country?

Jack Camwell said...

"How many people from Islamic countries move to the west?"

Well, we can easily say that if they're not asylees, they move here because there's more economic opportunity.

Plus, how often do you talk about "Creeping Sharia," and what not? You and others have made that out to be a serious and real problem, so that would mean that they're not coming here to enjoy our culture.

In fact, many of them HATE our culture. If it weren't for people being liquidated then they would likely not leave.

And the liquidation is indicative of Arab/Persian culture, not Islam itself.

A very good friend of mine is African, from Mauritania. He said one of the biggest problems was that *Arab* culture had invaded Islam in his country. His culture, African in nature, is peaceful for the most part.

Jersey McJones said...


When you talk about cultures hating cultures remember that any culture that feels hated will feel hatred of the culture that hates them. Get it?

re: When you go on and on about stupid shit like the real life difference between Christianity and Islam, you may as well scream bad poems at a brick wall.

We do have things in common beyond religion. We Americans are an amalgam of Christian sects, with some very serious divisions - we're like if you took Arabs, Iranians, Indians, Africans, and some Europeans - but instead we're Christian. It's the same BS.

I find doing business with people of other cultures often and mostly delightful. Fascinating.

I really don't see the problem. As Jesus reminds us, we lead by example. We should not demand of others to be like us, but we should be exemplars of civilized behavior.

All religions preach that in one way or another.


Silverfiddle said...

I don't talk about "creeping sharia" at my blog. I've actually criticized those who wan to outlaw it. Like kosher laws or any other religious codes, government has no business interfering so long as they do not violate our laws.