Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Address to Gun Control Morons

I was reading Crooks and Liars this morning because I knew, in my heart of hearts, that they would use the tragedy of the Aurora, CO shooting to make some political grandstand on the necessity for gun control laws.  Sure enough, those idiots were all trumpetting the great failure of American society and politicians in keeping guns out of the hands of psychopaths.

One guy made a statement that created a perfect moment to smash their narrowsighted logic.  The poster said "anybody at any time can walk up and blow you away because it's so easy to buy a gun."

Here is what I said in reply:

"Anyone can walk up and stab you because it's so easy to buy a knife.  Anyone can set a house on fire because it's so easy to buy some gasoline and some matches.

"Anyone can poison you because it's so easy to buy anything that is even remotely poisonous.

"You all think that it's so hard to buy a gun off the grid.  For some bizarre reason you think that gun control would stop a man like this guy.  He spent MONTHS planning this, stockpiling everything.  The guy was in a PhD program for neuroscience, so he was clearly very intelligent.

"Do you think something like an assault rifle ban would have kept one out of his hands?  Do you really think any sort of gun control would have somehow prevented him from making all of the explosives and booby traps he had in his apartment?

"What you're failing to realize is that even if by some slim chance that gun control laws would have prevented him from shooting up the theater, he would have found other, potentially more devestating ways, to wreak the havoc that he committed himself to.

"What puts a complete foil on your cries for more gun control?  The fact that it's so easy to circumvent those laws.  Right this very moment I could call a guy who knows a guy that can get me a gun off the grid.  Not that I would do such a thing, because I'm a law-abiding citizen.  I don't even have any dealings with unsavory types, I just know how easily I could get what I needed if ever I went off the deep end . . .

". . . because it's that easy.  Gun control laws won't stop the bad guys from killing good people.  Use logic for just a second.  Do you really think that a person who makes the decision to break the law--in this case deciding to gun down a bunch of people in a movie theater--is really going to be stopped by a law that says he can't own a gun?

"Nope.  He'll find a way to circumvent the law.  Perhaps your gun control laws would slow him down.  So instead of shooting up everyone at the Dark Knight Rises premier, he would have done it maybe 2 months from now.

"The truth is that there's little you can do to stop this kind of stuff from happening.  We are all at the mercy of the goodness of others.  All you can do is pray that most people are not horrible enough to go off the deep end like this guy.

"So advocate whatever gun control laws you want.  If that helps you sleep better at night, then good for you.  But seriously, stop kidding yourselves."  B/T

So there you have it.  Perhaps we should ban all knives everywhere.  Maybe we should ban gasoline and amonium nitrate.  Matches can definitely get in the wrong hands, so you have to show ID and wait for 45 days while Giant Eagle does a background check on you to make sure that you won't do anything nefarious with the matches.

Some idiot tried to tell me that there haven't been mass murders with knives.  Apparently, Jeffery Dahmer's 17 victims shouldn't be considered as victims of a "mass murder."  I guess all that matters is that it's a bunch of people getting killed all at once.  Murdering and cannibalizing 17 people, without a gun, over a period of time just doesn't seem to register apparently.


Jersey McJones said...

"Anyone can walk up and stab you because it's so easy to buy a knife..."

You'd be hard-pressed to hit 70 people in a matter of seconds with gasoline, let alone a knife. Bomb? Maybe. Some other insane arrangement? We've seen it.

Thankfully, we live in an advanced society where those very few lunatics who attempt to assemble the parts to build malevolent, calamitous devices, would usually be caught by the very act of purchasing the parts in the first place.

I worked in international trade when I was younger. When we saw something weird, we made sure the whole world knew about it no matter what the consequences. Even the little guys. Period.

Well, before 9-11, by the way, we were always leery and cynical. It was our job. Every pertinent person I ever knew in the business, regardless of position or disposition, was diligent. I like to think, most people are, as do we all, but all smart people keep an eye out just the same.

And you know what, China is very good about that.


"Do you think something like an assault rifle ban would have kept one out of his hands?"

It might have. Eaton was smart, after all, and was clever in avoiding notice by purchasing such things and in such ways as to keep off the grid. Illegal weapons are unreliable, sometimes tracked or connected to investigations, and even sometimes found to be murder weapons, well after the fact and several owners.

His damage could have been ameliorated by a system that keeps an eye out for crazies who suddenly but lots of ammunition. I don’t think there’s a reasoned argument that could negate that possibility.

By the way, Jack, this stupid "secret" little boy’s game of trading guns makes it very difficult for law enforcement and prosecutors to deal with a lot of really bad crime. It slows the criminal prosecution to a crawl.

So, maybe some smart regulation would help?

I think that alone would significantly reduce murder in the country by a quarter at least, I would think even more.

Why is that such a big fuckin' deal with you guys?


Anonymous said...

Jersey... I find myself rarely unable to see where you are coming from with your comments, however you are sorely out of touch with reality on this subject, perhaps you have daily dealings with more upstanding citizens than I do.

Jackie is right. Please examine this closely and think about it.

The comment you make about our advanced society being able to detect purchases is highly suspect, first you assume the person is going to legally obtain the items, second you assume the person is a mentally challenged lone wolf and making a big bulk purchase of ammo or bomb making ingredients that would send up a red flag. I admit, a stupid person who is not very determined to go through with something like this very well may be caught beforehand, but not because of our advanced society, but because of their own stupidity.

As far as the comment on illegal weapons being unreliable, do you really think a highly intelligent person is going to blindly trust a weapon without testing it, and fixing it if possible. You are not giving these people their due credit. The guy who shot up the movies was a highly intelligent and obviously highly motivated individual.

A seasoned argument to negate the possibility of buying ammo... how about steal them? Do you think the thieves leave an ID and a receipt with every theft?

Here's another one- don't buy in bulk. Buy 30 rounds at a time twice a week for 4 weeks. I am a slow person but that ends up being 240 rounds by my estimation.

Here's yet another one- buy them the day of your attack from different sources. Go to wal-mart and buy 30, go to a gun store and buy 30, go to a different wal-mart and buy 30. I mean, wow man... do you think there isn't ways around a fixed inflexible system that relies on flawed human beings?

This secret little boys game is real. I can assure you. I don't know where you live, but here in Columbus there are people who have access to full-autos that keep them strictly for protection and profit. Money talks. Hell I know a guy who showed me how he stamps full auto receivers and disconnectors for AKs in his garage with a damn bench vise and a home-made jig.

You think a gun ban would stop murder, In Chicago you can't have a gun yet there has been 226 murders this year. That's what criminals do Jersey... they break the LAW. LAWS stop nothing Jersey.

As long as there are people who are determined and intelligent enough to go to whatever lengths they have to and get a desired result you will not prevent them from unleashing their plan.

As for the reason why this is so important to us, it is because we don't live in world without violence. People have a right to defend themselves and the people they love.

If you create more laws and more systems of control based upon flawed human elements, you will essentially only stop the people who follow the LAW.

If we don't need guns so badly I wonder if you would be in favor of a temporary disarming measure of our law enforcement. I mean good people with guns is apparently pointless and useless anyways if I would extend your logic that far.

The only people who are interested in banning guns are the people who want to weaken the common man. It is the agenda of people who cannot see beyond a talking point and wish to keep their boot heels upon the throats of the American people.

I am looking out for YOU Jersey, honestly. If a CCW holder saved your life or the life of someone you cared about, I guarantee you would change your mind instantly about why good people need guns.

If this maniac at the movies started killing people and got shot in the head by a CCW holder I guarantee the media would spin it as if the CCW holder made a bad situation worse and would probably bring the poor bastard getting shot at up on charges of endangering the public.

I am not trying to attack you here and come off as hostile, but you are advocating that people surrender the right to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Character limit.....

So it is a big deal to me, because regulation of firearms and ammo is the beginning of the end of our ability to fight off people who don't obey the law, and that includes our government.

Regulation is just a dressed up word for Obedience. If you start down this road we will end up like the UK.

I apologize if you had something else in mind when you commented, but I am talking about the end game.

Silverfiddle said...

Well said, Anon.

Especially this:

If you create more laws and more systems of control based upon flawed human elements, you will essentially only stop the people who follow the LAW.

There are more efficient ways of killing a lot of people than shooting them one by one.

A gun ban will not stop twisted people from finding other ways to kill people.

Excellent post, Jack. I'm surprised you didn't get kicked out of Kooks and Criers.

They don't like reality piercing their fantasy bubble over there...

Jack Camwell said...

Anonymous Howard Beale: thank you for saying everything I would have said in response to Jersey. Saved me the typing.

Thanks, Silver.

The mods and admins know me there. If you read the thread you can see that I handly bitch slapped the idiot that tried to "argue" against me. And I use the term "argue" loosely.

Anonymous said...

He could have rented a Hummer and taken it up on the sidewalk while everyone is lining up to get in. Would have done way more damage. The firearm prohibitionists are kidding themselves and deserved to be laughed at accordingly. Let them go scream about banning cars due to the hundred people that died today in traffic accidents.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, why do you go over and comment on that site when most are clearly hostile toward you?

I read those articles and the comments to simply try to understand their reasoning and logic, but you can't say anything on there without being blatantly disrespected.

Nothing will get accomplished when you are dealing with people who are unreasonable. Attacking people's character and not their arguments is not a good way to encourage debate, and I see it on there way too much.

I am glad you have found a few people from the left to comment on here that aren't devoid of intelligence, and I respect them even if I don't agree with them. The way it should be imo.

Silverfiddle said...

"I read those articles and the comments to simply try to understand their reasoning and logic..."

They don't deal in facts and logic over there.

They are in a Hope and Change fantasy bubble and they will claw the eyes out of anyone who tries to burst it.

BubbaYum said...

So why do Americans shoot each other at a higher rate than what is found in other advanced countries?