Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Church of Camwell

A few days ago, Silverfiddle over at Western Hero challenged me to create my own religion.  He said this because I reject some of the things said in the Bible.  Apparently, the only way one can be a Christian is to take everything in the Bible (at least everything that "scholars" and "theologians" have told us to take),  otherwise, you're not a Christian.

So I'm going to take him up on that challenge.  I'm going to create a new religion.  Right now I'm calling it "The Church of Camwell," simply for lack of anything else better to call it.  I really don't want the religion to bear my name (even though it is, in fact, a pseudonymn) because that would be a bit too much, to be honest.

My religion won't be about me, or any one person.  It will be about the collective of humanity and much of the wisdom that we have gained over the milennia.

My religion will be based on reason and logic, but it will allow for faith.  My religion will be all about being honest with ourselves, and it will take into account our limited perception on existence.

I'm not a demagogue, nor am I trying to become one.  All I am is a man who is becoming fed up, not with religion, but fed up with the morons that follow some of the major world religions.  This experiment might seem crazy or doomed to fail, but mind you, all of you naysayers: Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard basically did the same thing, and their religions are actually fucking crazy.

My shit won't be crazy.  In fact, it will make more sense than what religion currently has to offer, and if anything it will strengthen people's spirituality and faith in the unknown on a greater, more realistic level than the current major world religions.

You will see that it will contain many peicemeal elements of the major world religions.  "That's cherry picking, Jack!"  You're fucking right it is.  Aristotle said that no one man can know everything, but humanity together can know everything.  Because every person has a different perspective on Truth, and because of that no perspective should be completely discounted.

Over the next few days, I will craft some shit that will spell out what I believe and what I think others will have an easy time believing as well (notice I didn't say "what others *should* believe").  I'll even have my own Ten Commandments (if anyone can come up with a clever name, please share).  What is important to know about my religion is that it's open to discussion and debate, so please feel free to engage me because together we can discover the answers.

The Age of Bullshit is over.  Let's start the Age of Non-Bullshit.


Drew Hickcox said...

Sounds a lot like spiritual humanism...

FreeThinke said...

Good morning, Jack,

I am sympathetic to your idea. It's a great like deal the way thinking people tend to approach these matters. Done it myself over several decades of wrestling with devils and angels both.

You said a couple of things, however, that strike me wrong, even though I can readily understand what you mean and agree to a certain extent.

You designated a whole bunch of people as "morons" because you don't like what they have been led to think they must believe.

Please don't do that. Not because it offends me, but because it alienates them, and could very well stop others from taking you seriously. Since you have a lot of good ideas and worthwhile thoughts in your head. that shouldn't be allowed to happen.

You also said:

"Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard basically did the same thing, and their religions are actually fucking crazy."

Scientology gets a lot of bad publicity, and it's probably well deserved. It appears to be more of a cult than a true religion. I know of several feckless individuals who gave their considerable fortunes to the movement and suffered dire consequences, so yes Scientology is probably more of a scam and a sham that makes of each follower a sacrificial lamb.

On the other hand it seems only fair to appraise products, ideas and organizations by the results they obtain. As you know, I'm intensely interested in serious music and love to find things to admire and emulate in other people's lives whenever and wherever possible.

As the saying goes, "If you're good, you're good, and if you're right you're right."

All that is to say that Mormonism, despite it's bizarre, inexplicable, seemingly irrational origins, appears to bear "fruit" of the highest quality.

Let's try from now on to look for anything and everything that deserves praise and support, instead of dwelling on negatives and indulging in condemnatory rhetoric.

I happen to agree with you n man crucial matters -- as you've recently discovered -- but both of us need to work our methods of "selling" our ideas.

One thing's fairly certain: No one can "sell" anyone anything by insulting the prospective "buyer."

All the best to you, Jack,

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

PS: Come visit my blog. You ught enjoy it.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

Good for you, Jack!

You have some bold ideas and it's time you break the chains and strike out on your own.

Weren't you chafing at the term "Christian?" Or especially "Catholic?" Identify yourself at that and you immediately label yourself intolerant, which we all know you are not.

You are getting off on the wrong foot though...

"Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard basically did the same thing, and their religions are actually fucking crazy."

Why would you impugn others who have blazed the trail for you?

Are you the only one allowed to stray from orthodoxy and not be called crazy? Sounds like you've engaging in some dogma of your own... And you've barely started.

Jack Camwell said...

You're right, FT. I was angry when I wrote that post, and flies more easily are caught with honey than with vinegar.

But flies are also easily caught with a pile of shit. Think about THAT =)

I visited your blog, and I'm following it. Good stuff =)

I know it was a bit ironic of me to shit allover guys that did the same thing that I want to do. But c'mon, aliens? Hidden testaments buried in North America? My point wasn't that they were crazy for departing from the organized religions of the time, but that the content of their religions is crazy.

Crazy meaning far-fetched, out there, and not based on any sort of reason.

Thank you for your support. I'm sure you'll never be a member of the Church of Camwell, but you were right that I needed to actually break free from the chains (which is something that I'm constantly telling other people to do).

KP said...

I was going to offer:

The Ten Agreements

But it's already taken:

Then, The Ten Wisdoms

But it is already taken:

Then, The Ten Suggestions

But it's already taken:

How about "The Decennium of Authenticity"

It sounds important!