Monday, July 23, 2012

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Molesting Penn State

Okay, so here's the thing.  There's really little point to the NCAA sanctions against Penn State, because what happened at Penn State was not a football issue.  It was a legal issue.

Penn State has been given a $60 million fine, they've vacated their wins all the way back to 1998, and they've banned them for 4 years.

Here's why this is stupid: even if Joe Paterno did help cover up the Sandusky thing, there is absolutely NO REASON to punish the young men, the football players, for something they had no control of and probably didn't even fucking know about.

This is going to hurt Penn State for a long time, and the sanctions take away from a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that the former PSU players put into that program.  This goes beyond being unfair: it is wholly unjust.  This would be like firing all the employees of JP Morgan Chase after the bad trading scandal because of the actions of one man.

Whatever decisions Joe Paterno may have made (go actually read the Freeh Report, and you'll see that there is zero evidence that even comes close to proving he tried to cover it up) those decisions had absolutely nothing to do with football.

The NCAA is doing this because they're playing the game of public oppinion.  They knew that if they didn't come down on PSU, they would face a lot of public flak and uproar.  Why?  Because the public is retarded.  "Oh well, it's because Paterno had too much power, and that's wrong!  It's because we worship football!"

Bullshit.  Get your heads out of your asses.  If you were in the PSU administrators' position, would you have cowered under the shadow of Paterno?  Probably not, or at least you hope you wouldn't.  At least, that's what everyone is saying, that they would have stood up to him.  So if you believe that you would have stood up against the almighty evil Paterno, why would you assume that they didn't?

"Because they did nothing Jack!"  You're right, they did nothing.  But it wasn't because of Paterno.  They did nothing because they wanted to save the reputation of PSU.  Their decisions were theirs alone.  If Paterno wanted them to be careful, if he urged caution, then it was only because he wanted to protect the victims (he actually is on record as having said that in 1998 or so).

That's what's wrong with this country: you fools want your pound of flesh, and you don't give a shit who you get it from.  All you want is to feel better about everything so you can sleep at night.  You want to know that "justice" has been served so you don't have to face the horrifying truth that everything is NOT alright.

Sorry to wake you.  Go back to sleep.  You'll be able to eat your freshly cooked bacon* in the morning.

*I will be making a post titled "Bacon Eaters," in the very near future.  Sorry for taking a break from religion, but some rather important shit has come to light that needed addressing.


Anonymous said...

All this has done is hurt more 100% innocent people. Innocent people who aren't pedo. Why isn't Sandusky the one fined the $60M? Because they will never get it out of him I suppose. Since Penn St. is a public institution, the people are going to have to take up the slack again. Who gets this fine I wonder? Will it un-rape those boys

Way to go NCAA, you have successfully demonstrated what happens when you use an atomic bomb to put out a housing development on fire. I salute you for your lack of integrity and complete bullshit sense of fairness, a model institution that is setting examples for other organizations on how to be hypocritical, greedy, and unjust but still get away with it.

Jersey McJones said...

No innocent people are all that hurt here. Penn State, the people that run that institution, needs to learn a lesson.

They are not "banned" for 4 years - only from the post season. As for the wins, that has no effect on the player stats. Yes, some players will be hurt by the lack of bowl appearances for the next four years, but they probably would have a hard time making a bowl anyway, with 40% of the football scholarships cut for that period.

The way the NCAA polices itself has been in place and pretty consistent for a long time now. Paterno and the rest should have been more responsible. THEY hurt the kids. NOT the NCAA.


Anonymous said...

Ok... I understand it wasn't the death penalty, but humor me and answer for me these two questions my good man, it seems I have missed the point.

#1 How does this punish the real shitbag, Jerry Sandusky? I am not talking about people who may or may not have acted in a certain way because all we have is hearsay and theories on that front. Jerry had his time in court and he got owned.

#2 How does further ruin and further damage to a program that already was on life support help the cause of teaching a lesson to those who had nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky, the alleged cover-up, or the victims of actual crime?

Silverfiddle said...

Let a pedo run free inside your institution and you get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

So sayeth Emperor Caesar giving a thumbs down.

There are known pedophiles "running free" on other college campuses as we speak, and instead of being swept under the rug they are going to now be buried at sea, never to be talked about again.

Unintended Consequences...

No one wants the Ped State treatment afterall, right Caesar?

Jersey McJones said...

Guys, the good players will either leave or rack up the stats. This really doesn't hurt the kids. It hurts the Penn State program, and it should.

I'm tired of hearing that corporations and institutions and now what, college football teams, are like real life human beings.

It's a fuckin football team, not your aunt Bea!

Football teams are abstract entities with legal obligations that anyone connected with them entity must oblige.


Right guys?

This is capitalism/contract law/republicanism 101.


Anonymous said...

My mistake Jersey, I thought actual young adult male human beings comprised a football team.

Also you didn't answer my questions good sir. You can point fingers at Penn St. all you want, whatever they did or did not do was not as atrocious as what Jerry Sandusky actually did.

If the NCAA felt the need to come down on PSU, fine. Why couldn't they also have issued a statement of amnesty for any other cover ups of sexual abuse. They cant stop legal action being taken, but they can stop the program from being punished. Now people who are on the fence about exposing something like this from the past are going to really wrestle with their demons after seeing the wrath of the NCAA, who is locking the barn after the horses are out.

You can't unring the bell. You want to hurt the program, so be it. Take 50% of whatever net profit they generate for 4 years and ban them from the NC game for 4 years.

It takes an enormous amount of dedication to play college sports. I just feel this is a step backwards from the goal of running clean programs.

Silverfiddle said...

It's one thing to understand that this stuff is probably going on in a lot of places, but it is quite another to be confronted directly with it and then sweep in all under the carpet, and actively protect the perv, and indeed keep him on the payroll.

Paterno and the Penn State leadership actively encouraged evil by not stopping Sandusky in his tracks. They've got it coming to them.

Jack Camwell said...


Joe Paterno is dead, so what exactly does he have coming to him? Do you think wherever Paterno is in the great cosmic whatever that he's sitting there wringing his hands about the wins they stripped from him?

Why should the football team be punished for what Paterno and the Athletic Director did? And yes, the football team--those young men who poured their blood, sweat and tears into Penn State football--are being punished.

This is not about actual justice. This is about the NCAA placating the court of public opinion, pure and simple.

The only people that have ANYTHING coming to them are the people involved, and they will get their due in court. Why punish an entire athletic department of the university just because some big-whigs made a really poor decision?

Perhaps everyone at JP Morgan Chase should be fined for the bad trading.

Surely, every single employee at Fannie and Freddie should be punished. James Holmes' mother should also go to jail for her son's crimes.

Harrison said...

It is because it is a structural problem with the management there. The kids are allowed to transfer. Yes, 50 or so kids will have things screwed up and while I do think the fine is a tad hefty, the point was to force a change in culture there.

Silverfiddle said...

What Harrison said.

I could give a crap about college sports, so I don't really have a dog in the fight, but Penn State hierarchy cared more about football than it did children being molested.

Regardless of NCAA motivation, Penn State has earned its punishment. Had they dimed out Sandusky at the first incident, they would not now be going through all of this.

Anonymous said...

Again Silver, I feel you are missing a huge piece of this puzzle that is constantly overlooked by people discussing this- Sandusky was investigated by the people who enforce the law in 1998. Now you may say "Pedo! look he is a Pedo! Of course they knew!!" but if this is someone who was involved with charity and who was considered a friend of the program who was investigated by the authorities and despite that is still walking around, that wouldn't give you pause just for a moment?!

I understand the mentality where there is smoke there is typically fire, however sometimes smoke is just smoke.

If you look at this objectively and put yourself in the shoes of the people involved instead of being on the outside claiming "cover up!" and think for a moment... A friend of yours, someone you have known or worked with for a long time is accused of being a sexual predator, he denies it to your face countless times, the law never brings him up on charges even after they start looking at him... what are you going to believe!?

I feel the people most responsible for this other than Sandusky himself is Mikey Mac and the Janitor. Call me barbarian but if I caught an old man raping a little boy I would not hesitate to beat the hell out of the old man and get on the horn calling the cops while Sandusky was picking up and counting his fucking teeth. It is one thing to "hear about it" it is quite another to see it in living color. Surely you can make a distinction.

Yet Mike Mac remains free from penalty under whistleblower laws, and other than being publicly humiliated as a coward is no worse for wear.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm just going by what the Freeh report said.

Hopefully other organizations will see what happened to Penn State and learn a lesson.