Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Idea of the Week: Bill Nye the Science Guy

On creationism . . .

My Christian readers may hate me for promulgating such a thing, but I'm okay with that.


Anonymous said...

So i heard all of this mess. I saw the "ERRMEGERRG BILL NIIE IS DEAD!". just today i had the pleasure of watching this video. I didnt see anywhere where he called the idea of god, a higher power or organized religion dumb. He said that creationism is crazy, when you can actually observe evolution in a lab and SEE EVIDENCE.

I think creationists who ignore all scientific fact are in the same vein as flatworlders... and those who belive that women who are raped can decide not to be pregnent....


Anonymous said...


I agree with you and will expand on this.

Being forced into theology into a young age and through adulthood, I can see where the disconnect would be between the creationists and the beliefs of most of the Religious.

The vast majority of Christians do not believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible for instance. They believe it to be sort of a guide or a manifesto to the workings of faith. The percentage of people who actually believe dinosaur bones are here to trick us and make us question the one true creator is very low.

Unfortunately this low percentage has to scream louder and talk bigger bullshit in order to be heard let alone taken seriously. These are the people that Nye is addressing.

I agree, the Science class is no place for religious debates. If someone wants religion shoved down their throat, they have a thousand other opportunities to indulge in that.