Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bloomberg and Baby Formula: Possibly the Dumbass Idea of the Year

For those who haven't heard, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC wants to start making it more difficult for women to formula-feed their babies in an effort to promote breast feeding.

Why?  Well, a logical person would say that there is no real reason why.  The government should not--nay, the government DOES NOT--have the power to tell us what to feed our children.  Bloomberg's argument is that studies show that babies who are breast-fed get better immunities from the breast milk.  That's absolutely true, but honestly it's none of his business.

I'm a father of two, so I think I know a thing or two about breast-feeding versus formula through my ex-wife's experience with it.  With our son, our first born, she breast-fed.  I was in the Navy, making really good money, and she didn't have to work.  So she had all the time in the world to give our son the milk he needed.

Once we weaned him off of breast-feeding and onto the bottle, we sincerely wanted to keep up with breast milk because we knew the health benefits.  But a problem arose when we discovered that we couldn't find a breast pump that worked right to get enough milk for him.  So what did we do?  We bought formula, and for those who haven't had a baby within the last 8 years, formula is fucking expensive.

With our second child, our daughter, she was working so she breast fed for as long as she was on maternity leave, which was about 3 months.  But once she started working, breast feeding was not an option because we already knew that pumps didn't really work for her.  So we formula fed our daughter.  And you know what?  She's doing just fine.  We've never had any significant health problems with her.

True story: I was never breast-fed.  I've never had any significant health problems.  Hell, I've never had anything worse than strep-throat.  I've turned out to be a fairly intelligent and pretty damn healthy human being.

So what the fuck Bloomberg?  You're trying to push your bullshit on everyone as if you even have the power to do so.  If this shit happens, then I would consider it a seizure of powers that a mayor in a democratic society does not have.  It would then be up to the people to wrest that power from him.

No fucking person in government has the power to tell us what to feed our children.  They should not make it difficult for us to feed our children whatever we want.  It's honestly none of their god damned business.  Every single fucking women's rights activist in this nation should be up in arms about this.

Bloomberg is a Democrat, so my guess is he's pro-choice.  If it's not the government's business to go poking it's nose in a woman's uterus, then it's sure as shit not the government's business to go poking its nose in what we feed our babies.

To Bloomberg and all of the asshats who agree with him: Piss the fuck off and mind your own business.  Assholes.


Joe Markowitz said...

Public health has always been a concern of government. Maybe one of the most important concerns.

And Bloomberg's plan doesn't tell anybody what to feed their children. It just changes the rules a bit in hospitals to encourage more mothers to try breast feeding.

Jersey McJones said...

Joe is completely correct, Jack. Also, Bloomberg is not a Democrat. Ostensibly he's a quasi-Republican, but really, he's a maverick independent.


Jack Camwell said...

Okay, so women deserve the right to choose whether or not to terminate their pregnancy, but they don't deserve the right to choose whether or not to breast feed their babies????


I mean holy fuck shit. This is more than just suggestions and advertising, gentlemen. The hospital staff has to provide a "clear medical reason," every time they give the mother a bottle of formula.

Do you know what that's going to turn into? It's going to turn into some asshats straight up denying the mother's request for formula unless there's a "real medical reason," that she can't breast feed.

I am beyond flabbergasted that people who believe in the freedom of choice would even entertain this fucking idea.

Public health? Holy. Fucking. Dogshit. Are you kidding me? It's not like formula fed babies are dying left and right.

It's sad that we're even having this debate.

KP said...

From the get go, there is already significant emotional pressure on a woman to get a new born to breast feed. Some babes are disinterested and some babes and boobs just cannot seem to get it done that way. It usually results is a depressed woman in tears. They mom's are already flooded with hormones and prone to post partum depression as well as severely sleep deprived.

WTF is Bloomberg thinking? He is not thinking. Or he is thinking, "hey, lets really mind fuck this sleep deprived, hormone laiden, emotionally fragile woman even more than see is." "Maybe even let the kid skip a few meals and drop a couple pounds from six to four." "If he gets hungry enough and screams enough he'll eat the way I want him to."

What an ass hat!! Everybody knows that the mom's performance anxiety about breast feeding affects the breast feeding. So lets raise the bar. Lets make it more difficult. Brilliant.

Silverfiddle said...

"Public Health" is vaccinations and keeping garbage off the streets, not forcing a woman to breastfeed.

This is creepy and Bloomturd is a creep. He's a dictator in a custom-tailored suit.

It bothers me that politicians like this don't bother every American.