Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Political Realities: Rules of the Madhouse Part One

I wrote an article today for Political Realities, and it is sort of an extension of the one I wrote a few days ago titled "Rules for Being Inolved in American Politics."

Head over to Political Realities, a wonderful slice of internet run by Larry Jackson, and check out my latest article!!!

"Rules of the Madhouse Part One: For Democrats"


Anonymous said...

I don't know if understand your number 6-this implies that a pro-choice stance is somehow a compromise? Other than that good work, I look forward to part 2.

Jack Camwell said...

Thank you anon.

To be more clear, I think it's ridiculous that the Democrats say a woman has a right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, but we somehow don't have the right to choose what we eat. Or that we should somehow be brow-beaten into "eating healthy."

For the record, I'm pro-choice. I think that Americans should have the right to choose however the hell they want to live so long as they're not hurting anyone else in the process.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I think both of the powerhouse parties worship the same deity:


That is politics today. Votes. Anything for some Votes. Say anything ! anything at all ! as long as it is popular and you can trick some poor bastard into voting for you, that's the message.

Things like truth, tangible real solutions, moral principles, and the merit of our country as a whole is thrown by the wayside.

Fuck the truth, it's unpopular! Can't win an election on Truth... nosiree, we gotta slather on that bullshit really thick you see, so that you get accustomed to the smell of bullshit so much that you can't smell it at all! We have to make the American people numb. We are gonna make sure they are good and unconscious before we mount them and stuff it in.

The ugly conclusion you eventually come to is that both parties are not advocating for any REAL change at any level. They all want to be paid, they all want to be sitting up there in power, they all want to soak up your tax dollars to give to lobbyists or buddies.

Dem or Rep, you are going to get the status quo... realize this, and acknowledge it as the real problem.

I mean, shit... Bush advocated a campaign of peace, look how that shit turned out? Obama did the same fucking thing... look how that shit turned out?

Most people from the left I talk to, talk DOWN to me, they snub their nose at me like I am some sort of second class citizen with second class opinions. The sheer audacity that I can claim I know how to run my life better than the government does is an affront to their "code". Why should you be able to decide how to spend your money, let the government decide who can not work and get paid to not work. Let the government decide who should get free healthcare. This is the same government who has almost nothing but lawyers running the show.

Most people from the right I try to have a conversation with can't see past the blinding blizzard of snow that every Rep. candidate with the exception of Ron Paul is by NO MEANS a "conservative" Mitt Romney isn't a fucking conservative, he is for god damn big government! He is throwing reform over reform and throwing good money after bad! How can you change bad policy with more policy?! It makes absolutely no sense. Yet here they are, talking about stupid nonsensical bullshit... like if Mitt gets elected magically 50,000,000 jobs will be made overnight and everyone will have a job. Reality check MITT, not everyone is willing to work a job, they are lazy and uneducated, and the current system rewards them for being so. Get rid of the fucking reward system for being a parasite before you even pretend to create more jobs?

Speaking of jobs and employment... why don't these presidents and goofy ass hand picked officials quit trying to extend the role of the government and just DO THEIR fucking job?! They can't even accomplish anything beyond the absolute minimum of their job they are supposed to be doing and they want to freakin add all this crap to the stuff they influence?

As for the Televisions so called "Plan"... Truth has no jurisdiction, it will find you and make you SQUEAL.

Sorry Jackie, went off a little there.

Jack Camwell said...

Wonderfully said, friend.