Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC to Moderate Republicans: GTFO

I heard on the radio the other day that the RNC voted on the Republican Party's abortion platform, and I have to say I was more than a little disappointed.

The official platform of the party is pro-life without exception.  So ladies, if you're raped and your rapist impregnates you, don't look to the Republican Party for any sympathy.  Under their bullshit, you would have to bring your rape baby into the world and raise it yourself, or put it up for adoption and hope that the kid actually finds a family.

This is truly disheartening because I know for a fact that there are tons of Republicans out there who believe in the big three exceptions to abortion, and there are Republicans out there who are *gasp* pro-choice.  The Party wants you to fall in line with their extreme--yes I said extreme--view or get the fuck out.

Of course, they didn't use the words "get the fuck out," but adopting a platform like that pretty much amounts to saying that.  I heard a Republican at the convention being interviewed, and he expressed how awful this is because there's a large bloc of Republicans who are disenfranchised completely by this.  Apparently, they're called moderate Republicans.  They are generally liberal on social issues, but conservative on fiscal issues.

Sure he looks like a nice guy, but the most
effective bullshitters are the ones that convince
you that they're not bullshitters.

That sounds a lot like Libertarian lite to me, but I think that's just fine.  I have no evidence to back this up, but my guess is that the Moderate Republicans are representative of the majority of the Republican Party.  "But Jack, those delegates represent the people, so they are representative of the majority in the party."  I don't think so for a few reasons.

There's been a lot of jury-rigging with the rules at the RNC.  Essentially, a rule passed that would allow candidates to "purge" or veto delegates who change their minds at the convention.  Sure, that might sound like a good idea to make them "honor bound," to their pledge, but this results in something way off base from that.

If the candidate doesn't like the way you're voting, then the candidate can just take away your delegate status and appoint a new delegate.

Ted at Country Thinker is right: the Republican Party is irredeemable.  There's no going back from here.  The Party defrauded the Maine primary, and now they are making sure that several voices in the party are stifled.  And for what?  Unity?

If you're a moderate Republican, you need to do what the party is telling you to do and GET THE FUCK OUT.  NOW.  The party no longer represents mainstream Republicans, and it no longer bears any qualities that could be considered akin to representative government.

What you have to realize is that no one president will ever actually destroy the country.  They might make things worse, but America will endure.  The question is not whether you wish America to endure--because it will--but what you want that America to look like in the future.

I can think of another guy who stifled
opinion and pushed for ideological
The parties still exist because of two things.  Thing one is that they've convinced a good number of their rank and file that there are no ideological contradictions despite the fact that their arguments can't even hold up against basic logic.  So when you tell someone that it's a complete contradiction to say that people should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit, but if they're gay they should not be allowed to have a legally recognized marriage like everyone else, they just scoff at you and start talking about "morals" and "values."

Thing two is that enough rank and file who have the intellectual guts to admit that their party is completely inconsistent and blatantly, unappologetically contradictory have been convinced that the country is doomed if Obama gets a second term.  I don't blame them, because things don't seem like they will improve under Obama.  Sadly, things won't improve under Mitt Romney either, but you've been led to believe that at least he won't make things worse.

Fear and blindness.  Fear of the alternative, and blindness to contradiction.  Those things are what keeps the Republican Party together these days, and if you can't buy into either of those, well then you just have no business being in the Republican Party.

Join me and others like Ted and Rational Nation USA in abandoning the party.


KP said...

Interesting article, Jack. Worth reading again, and I will. One thing I am sure of, the Republican platform does not represent the majority of likely voters who plan to vote for Romney. He just happens to have an R by his name and so does the platform.

Jack Camwell said...

Thanks KP. I appreciate the approval =) It sure beats having to argue all the time!

Silverfiddle said...

Politics is irredeemable. If the Libertarian party can ever get big enough, it will be plagued by the same problems, internal dissentions, various factions anathematizing one another.

Libertarianism is a broad and fascinating philosophy.

So where do you fall? Kochtopus or Lew Rockwell?

Jersey McJones said...

That's a weird choice, Silver.

In REALITY we have an obvious choice for president, though it's certainly not what any of us really want, deep in our hearts.


Silverfiddle said...

Jersey: Did you read the post and the thread after it?

Libertarianism is a big place. And the Kochtopus v. Rockwell feud is well known in Libertarian circles.

But you are right: Given the options, Romney is the obvious choice.

-FJ said...

I hear you, SF... but I don't think that you hear yourself.

Anonymous said...

your are a joke, you consider yourself some time of intellectual and you are so far off of the truth is is sad. You call yourself Christian but are unwilling to stand for the unborn. Do you really think Our Lord Jesus would say it is OK to abort that little one's life because you were raped? OR, would he make a good from a bad, allow life to flourish for it was not that little one in the wombs fault? You are an idiot, but hey, you are from Columbus Ohio.

Jack Camwell said...


These are the moments I relish. First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for having the courage to voice your opinion.

Lets take a moment to dissect what you've said to me.

"YouR are a joke, you consider yourself some TIME of intellectual . . ."

Well, that's pretty heavy coming from someone who cannot even collect himself enough to have a basic command of the English language. So what makes you the judge of who is or is not an intellectual? Surely it's not your prowess with prose. Maybe you're just smarter than what your poor sentence structure lets on?

"You call yourself a Christian . . ."

I call myself a Catholic, not a Christian.

"but are unwilling to stand for the unborn."

Something tells me you are unwilling to stand for inmates on death row. "They deserve to die!" Says who? I thought God was the only one who had the "right" to take a life?

"Our Lord Jesus," did not have *anything* to say about abortion, so we have no real clue as to what he thought about it. What I find funny about people like you is that you often claim to know the mind of God, or Jesus, or Allah, or whatever.

There's an awful lot that God and/or Jesus DIDN'T say about life, because life was different when the bible was written. We are talking about a 2,000+ year old text here, and you're trying to apply every aspect of it to today. It doesn't work my friend.

Sure, there are some universal values in there, but life is more complicated than your simplistic little brain can handle. My guess is that you're not a woman, because I have yet to actually meet a woman who would legit keep her rape baby. Most women would visit the doctor as soon as they were raped and get her shit flushed out. So what if she did conceive when she was raped? Is she now guilty of sin because she killed a 2 celled conception of a rape baby?

You're right anon. I'm the idiot here. Thank God there are people like you in the world to set me straight. My readers are now better for finally getting confirmation that I'm an idiot. I'm sure that you with all of your academic accolades, your PhDs, and your genius level IQ are an excellent judge of who is, or is not an idiot.

Oh, and since apparently my location has something to do with my intelligence, let's go ahead and point out how retarded you are on that. Columbus, OH is home to The Ohio State University. Although it pains me to say all of this, because I am *NOT* a Buckeye fan, OSU has one of the finest medical programs in the country, and its Political Science program is actually fourth IN THE WORLD. It only falls behind Harvard, Columbia, and Oxford (THE Oxford).

You are more than welcome to come back here and say whatever you want, but just be prepared for more tirades like this. If you want to continue to poke me into making you look like a complete moron (as if you didn't do a good enough job at that yourself) then please, by all means go right ahead.

Maybe, you can grow a pair and actually start arguing on some sort of intellectual basis. I doubt it though.

Have a lovely weekend anon =)