Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rules of the Madhouse Part Three: Final Thoughts

In case anyone missed it, here are the links to part one and two:

"Rules of the Madhouse Part One: For Democrats"

"Rules of the Madhouse Part Two: For Republicans"

A good eye should have noticed that the rules for both parties were very similar.  True confession: I actually copy/pasted part one into part two.  I had to change some rules completely.  For example, instead of "all Republicans are Racist" I changed that to "all Democrats are Socialists."  I also added something about American values into the Republican rules.

But overall, part two was fairly easy to write because I just had to change some of the wording.  Rule ten is nearly identical for both parties.  The only difference is that the party names are switched.

The point I was trying to make is plain to see: the rules were extremely similar because both parties are guilty of pulling the same bullshit.  What strikes me as endlessly funny is that neither side realizes that they do these things.  They only see what makes them feel better, makes them feel comfortable that their world-view is correct.

The message is the same:  vote for my party or we're all doomed.  When a Democrat looks at a Republican (and vice versa), they are staring into a mirror image of themselves.  Backwards in comparison, different, but ultimately they're the same thing.  The hilarity ends, however, when you try to show them the similarities.  You point out to them that they are completely full of shit, you catch them in half-truths, in theory and conjecture, you show them just how biased they are--but they still don't get it.

They don't believe you.  They are so blinded by their own sentiments and feelings that they cannot even fathom looking at the other side.  What's worse is that their overlords, the men and women that they put into office, know that they're blinded and they play on it.  American politics is little more than a psych ward, and your leaders are using your own madness against you.

Yes: you all are mad, crazy.  You're crazy because you engage in bullshit tactics, but fail to see that you're doing the same shit as your opposition.  You're crazy because you gave up on the lucid view a long time ago, and you've started to actually believe the lie. 

I heard something interesting on the radio yesterday.  Mitt Romney was talking about how supply side economics has worked, and history shows it.  He mentioned the Roaring Twenties, Reaganomics, and the Clinton Administration specifically.  You know what I found funny about those eras?  They almost always ended in recession or depression.

What happened after the Roaring Twenties?  The Great Depression.  Reagan faced a recession during his presidency.  And right at the tail end of Clinton's run at it, the dotcoms fell through and the recession began.  George W. Bush and Obama didn't create the recession, they simply made it worse.

The unifying thread between these periods in history is not "supply side economics."  America ultimately failed because the wealth and growth in these periods were built on lies.  Stock market speculation in the twenties, the credit and housing bubble in the nineties.  Each time you are all sold a lie, and each time you buy it.  What makes it madness is that you all know it's a lie, yet you believe it anyway.

Hope and change are meaningless concepts when the people who need hope and change most rely on those who fear them most.  Neither party wants change.  If they did, it would have happened and we'd be fine.  Those who advocate for real change--men like Ron Paul--they get branded as fringe wackoes.

And you believe it.

So I mock the system because it's no longer a system.  It's just a fucking looney bin, and you are all the inmates.  So long as you're promised a bigger piece of the pie, you're happy to live the lie.  You will do whatever you can to maintain the illusion because reality is far to painful to face.

So Democrats and Republicans rejoice! for you are finally in agreement!  You both prefer the lies to the truth, and you'll use the exact same tactics to avoid facing that fact.  So enjoy yourselves.  I'll just sit back and laugh as I watch you all clamboring to be at the top of the trash heap.


Silverfiddle said...

I mostly agree with you on your economic observations, but we cannot infer from that that free markets are no good.

Imagine the inverse: Bumping along in a half-state of recession most years, and enjoying a brief burst of economic bounty every so often. That is the alternative.

I do agree with you about counterfeit wealth. It stems from easy credit, or money for nothing.

Jack Camwell said...

Free markets aren't the problem, it's the fantasy wealth that has screwed us.

Jersey McJones said...

I've always found that we voting citizens should first and foremost consider balance of power. There are different interests between Democrats and Republicans, and exponentially so on the state and local levels.

We had a one-party state the last decade and it was a disaster. It's not that they were "conservative" or "Republican," but that they were conflicted partisans with the keys to the car, and they ran it off the road.

The economy and political landscape we see today is almost entirely a consequence of that, and we all spend more time bickering over partisan nonsense than substantive change. And change is a fact of life, whether conservatives like it or not.

Fuck conservatism.


Anonymous said...

There is no balance of power, that is an illusion.

I would contend there are very few true conservatives. It is sticking to the principles of a limited government, not "lets just stand still."

Ron Paul isn't even for Lassez-Faire.

The founding fathers wanted some influence over the economy, but they wanted to influence the economy not with bullshit fiat (Fairly Intelligent Asshole Thieves) money. They wanted to stimulate it on the other side with invention, military, and commerce.

To be conservative is not to be stagnant and stale, it's simply "conservative" in that the government won't take over shit.

But alas the government has taken shit over. That's the danger, that's the reality.

So fuck conservatism all you like, the extension of our current system and general plan is to end up like the USSR.

Jackie and I were joking the other day that perhaps we should have a 3rd federal legislative arm made up of randomly selected people from each major metropolitan area.

Imagine what chaos would ensue the instant some average people got involved and saw for themselves how hopeless shit was. Hell even a railroad conductor can understand the risks associated with paying off the credit card bill of the nation with another credit card.