Sunday, September 2, 2012

Letters to a Democrat

The inspiration from this comes from Albert Camus's "Letters to a German Friend."  That short work can be found in the anthology Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.  It's an amazing read that everyone on the planet should undertake.

The idea was that Camus was writing to a friend of his, a German, while Camus was serving in the French Resistance.  Camus set out to tell his "friend" exactly why he and Germany were wrong.  It's not enough to just simply say "well you're wrong because what you're doing is plainly wrong."  You have to justify everything, or else you're just as blind as your oppressors.

My goal is to make this a recurring segment, and I will also have Letters to a Republican just in case any of my Republican readers thought they were going to get away.  So without further ado . . .

September 2, 2012


You once told me that people like me are the reason that America is so screwed up.  Me, and others like me, are so blind to the truth that we allow our party overlords slowly erode our freedoms.  You called me a "partisan hack," because I criticized a Democrat president; you called me a racist because I had the audacity to question the philosophical veracity and moral righteousness of Affirmative Action; and you accused me of being a complete moron for failing to understand your silly notion that running extremely high deficits from junk spending is a good thing.

I couldn't help but laugh in your face, because the irony of all your accusations was too hilarious to ignore.  The fact that you try to stifle my voice is precisely why American politics has devolved into nothing more than a screaming match between adult children.

Because you act as a mouthpiece for your party, worthy candidates cannot be nominated.  Because you tell me to "sit down and shut up," America suffers.  Because you equate me and my cohorts to the psychopaths who shoot up movie theaters, rational discourse cannot be held.

Freedom, liberty--words that often ilicit a snicker or two when used in an "adult conversation" about politics--begin their slow death march when free speech and thought are subverted.  You laugh at me when you say that, because you seem to always be up in arms whenever the government appears to be abridging our freedom of speech.  Contrary to what you may believe, our politicians don't try to make us shut up.

You already do that for them.

Any time someone criticizes a policy that provides some benefit to minorities, you throw out the word "racist," and the conversation stops.  Any time someone brings up the notion that we ought to make sure no one gets away with voter fraud, you shout out "voter supression!" and the discussion is over.  Your overlords gave you these weapons--weapons designed to dismantle any semblance of rational discussion.

No matter what your overlords have told you--no matter how many pre-canned phrases lead you to believe contrary--I am not your enemy.  Liberty dies when good, honest men who love their country are branded as heretics and traitors.  Your overlords prey on your feelings, your sentiments, and they turn you against me so that you'll continue to vote them into office.

They've got you scared--so scared that you will use against me the very weapons you denounce.  You are so afraid that you will abridge my freedom of speech.  You've become a parrot, a robot.  You hear certain key phrases such as "personal responsibility," and your brain is conditioned to automatically respond by accusing me of being an "anarchist."

You, my friend, are the downfall of liberty.  You allowed your overlords to remove your ability to think, and you've transformed into little more than a trumpet: for a trumpet only sounds when its master blows into it.  You are killing liberty with your tirades, your insults, your soundbites.

All I want is for you to stop screaming at me, to stop calling me names, to actually listen to my words.  The best part is that you don't even have to agree with me!  All you have to do is listen and think.

Liberty, my friend, does not mean we have to always agree.  Liberty means we are allowed to disagree.  So stop trying to bully me into your camp, because even if you are right, I'd rather be a mistaken free-man than an enlightened slave.


Silverfiddle said...

Nice letter. I like this one so much better than the letter to Republicans


KP said...

This is very good, Jack. In particular, the NAS-T racist and voter suppression accusations from the left are beginning to numb me; the way porn and violence in slasher movies will. I didn't expect the numbness when I was in my twenties. I lived my life and raised my kids in a way to disprove such accusations.

I assume this numbness is the opposite affect the accusers set out to achieve. And over the last thirty years it has reached a crescendo.

Jack Camwell said...

"I assume this numbness is the opposite affect the accusers set out to achieve."

An astute observation KP. Indeed, they hurl these insults at people hoping that it will get them to "wake up."

But what they fail to realize is that their insults are baseless anyway, so all it does is cause their targets to just ignore them and move on.

Thersites said...

Camus was so much more intellectually honest than Sartre... no doubt about it. ?sartre would have been happy with simply killing all Germans....

Jack Camwell said...

Fun fact, Camus actually disliked Sartre quite a bit, and he didn't appreciate it when people associated him with Sartre.

It's in one of the works in RR&D.

Thanks for visiting Thersites =)