Thursday, November 22, 2012

NSFJ: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In case you were wondering, NSFJ = "Not Safe for Jersey."  Sorry, Jersey, but I've started a tradition and I must stick with it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


FreeThinke said...


I hope you are doing something special today that will make a good memories for you later on.

That's what every day really is -- a chance to make something of it that will provide you with a long chain of happy, meaningful memories.

Best to you!


FreeThinke said...

Hey, Jack! Stop by FreeThinke's blog and enjoy the music of J.S. Bach. When he wrote his Choral Cantata on the hymn tune "Now Thank We All Our God," he literally danced a jig -- in CHURCH.

"Church" when Johann Sebastian was alive was not the staid, stale, stern, stupefying experience it tends to be today. The legacy he left is of eternal value and significance. It is never "out of date" but eternally relevant to the human condition and always inspiring to those who have ears to ear and an open, questing mind.

It's life-affirming stuff of the highest quality -- joyful, fully engaged, incredibly brilliant.

I have a feeling you particularly would enjoy it.

Hope yesterday went well for you?

Take care,


Jack Camwell said...

I usually visit your blog every day FT =)

Silverfiddle said...

It's funny that a foul-mouthed f-bomb thrower would get upset at a scantily-clad woman...

But you engaged in a double offense, Jack, sexist and demeaning to Native Americans...

Jack Camwell said...

It's as demeaning to Native Americans as a guy dressed up like the Fighting Irishman for Notre Dame is offensive to the Irish.

(I know you're joking, but I think Native Americans need to simmer the hell down about what they get butt hurt over.)