Thursday, December 13, 2012

America 2043: Not White

According to a prediction from the census people, non-hispanic whites will no longer constitute the majority of the American population by 2043.  I've got a lot of thoughts about this, so I'm going to try to compartmentalize them rather than create a sweeping narrative.

1.  Who really gives a shit?  I certainly don't.  It makes absolutely zero difference to me to know that I'm not the "majority" anymore.  I'm not racist, so it really doesn't bother me at all.  Now, I know that some people will be bothered by this, yet they don't consider themselves racists.  They might simply be afraid that they'll be repressed like people of color were before the Civil Rights movement (and still are in many ways today).  Perhaps not systematically repressed as they once were, but let's face facts: racism is not a "white" phenomenon.

Don't believe me?  I've heard plenty of hispanics drop the N-bomb when referring to black people.  I've heard many, many black people refer to Mexicans as "wet backs."  Not to mention, there are plenty of people of color (we'll abbreviate that to PoC) who absolutely despise white people.  That might have been justifiable 40 years ago, but why should they hate on me?  I've never done anything to ruin their lives or oppress them.  Hell, I worked with inner-city kids during the summers in college--most of whom were black.

So I can see how some white people might be afraid that they'll be discriminated against.  Actually, wouldn't it be sort of funny if a PoC in law enforcement racially profiled a white guy?  It'd be interesting to see how something like that would play out.

2.  White people will still be the majority.  "Jack, what the hell are you talking about?  You just said that white people won't be the majority anymore!"  I would like to point out the absolute ridiculous perception that somehow humanity is divided into colored and not-colored.  If you're not white, then you're somehow grouped into the larged category of People of Color.

Yes, I realized I used the term myself, but that was because I was speaking within the confines of the context of asshats.  It's a mind game.  You're either white, or you're not.  Somehow, blacks, asians, hispanics, and whatever the hell else there is, get lumped into one big category.  Nevermind the fact that they are all distinct racial groups (with the exception of hispanics, because they are technically caucasian--race is determined by facial structure, not skin color).

And nevermind the fact that there are some 31 flavors of Asians.  Asia is like a freaking Baskin Robins when you think of the fact that Indians, Arabs, Persians, ethnic Jews, Russians, Chinese, Mongolians, Koreans, Laotians, Japanese, Vietnamese, Pacific Islanders, are all technically Asians.  The point is that despite this wild diversity, society is still trying to operate on an "us vs. them" level.  As I said, you'r either white or you're not.

So sure, if we're morons and group every single non-white race into its own category then whites won't be the majority come 2043.  But, if we apply a little common sense and realize that these different racial and ethnic groups should not and cannot be lumped together, then you'll see that white caucasian will still comprise the majority of the American population.

More of this?  Yes please!!!

3.  This means more sexy exotic chicks.  I once told a friend of mine that I don't really have a "type" when it comes to women.  He retorted "of course you have a type.  It's anything-not-white."  I have a thing for exotic women.  It's not that I dislike or do not appreciate a beautiful white woman, but it's kind of just run-of-the-mill, you know?  This may sound chauvenistic and juvenile to some of my readers, but really we men benefit from this sort of thing.

I would probably give up one of my toes just to sleep with Beyonce, or Lucy Liu, or--God help me--Penelope Cruz.  I know I'm not the only white dude who feels that way about these women, so why not just look on the bright side of things?  If you're into non-white chicks, then this is a great thing.  This is like only having chicken noodle soup for 40 years, and then suddenly clam chowder (Manhattan and New England), vegetable soup, potato soup, and lobster bisque are made widely available.

So don't fret.  It won't make any damn bit of difference to anyone, anywhere that it won't be white people vs. the world anymore.  It's an antiquated mode of thinking that society needs to leave behind.  Maybe with more PoC, everyone will suddenly realize that there's a difference between a black guy and an Arab.

I'm not holding my breath on that one, though.


Silverfiddle said...

I completely and wholeheartedly agree.

First off, there is nothing special about European whites, and secondly, we are dealing with contrived categories, and thirdly, like you said, who cares?

And yes, the exotic woman thing is a bonus, although I am married and can no longer partake...

Anonymous said...

So ya,

I had the pleasure of talking to one of my (POC) coworkers about some incidents i had in columbus public growing up. This is an intelegent woman i respect mind you.
She commented that my experiance was reverse-racism.. i explained to her that racism is racism... thre is no reverse.

In the environment that she was raised in that kind of thinking was never even explored. Racism happend to them only.

Anonymous said...