Friday, December 14, 2012

Tank Rampage '95


If only there were more tank control laws, this could have been prevented.


Anonymous said...

Just sayin

With respect to todays victims, maybe we dont post anything pro, or anti gunlaw...
its distateful to use these peoples loss as a politcal talking point.


Jack Camwell said...

I wrote and scheduled this post last night, before all of this unfolded.

Anonymous said...

This is a post about tanks smithsonia.

Jersey McJones said...

I wonder what the difference in complexity would be between stealing a tank and stealing a gun would be? Hmmm...


jez said...

I wonder why no-one argues in favour of general tank ownership? I think it is understood that the requirements of self defense do not make the acquisition of arbitrarily powerful weaponry legitimate.

2nd amendment arguments are not absolute, but should always be about what weapons are protected and which are not.

Jack Camwell said...

The entire point, Jersey, is that this man went through all sorts of ridiculous trouble to steal a TANK. He lifted it from a National Guard Armory. That was HIS level of commitment.

So if a man is able to steal a god damn TANK from a military installation, something that only military personnel are even allowed to TOUCH; something that is in no-way shape or form LEGAL for a person to own, then what in the hell do you think more gun control is going to do to stop the madness?

You can OUTLAW guns in this country and people will still get their guns, and the .00001% of gun owners may go off the deep end and shoot up a school.

You could round up all the guns in America and put them in a god damned National Guard Armory, and somehow psychopathic human beings will still find a way to obtain the guns and do whatever they want with them.

That's the point of this, Jersey: you're helpless. I'm helpless. Society is helpless to stop the madness.

No matter what regulations you have, no matter how many more laws you enact, no matter how difficult you make it to obtain a weapon, the loonies will continue to find ways to kill lots and lots of people.

It's a tough pill to swallow, to admit that you're completely helpless to stop the madness, but that's the world we live in.

Jack Camwell said...


I understand your point, and I agree with it. There are some weapons that should not be allowed in the hands of every-day asshats.

But the Oregon and the Connecticut shooters both used semi-automatic weapons. That covers about 98% of the weapons available to any American today.

As I said with Jersey, there's probably no way we can stop the .00001% of gunowners who go off the deep end.

manapp99 said...

But when you stop the tank violence with new laws you will still need to do something about the bulldozer owners of the world. Check out what a committed citizen can do with a dozer properly and legally modified.

Jersey McJones said...

The point, Jack, is that you can't buy a tank at a flea market. That's the whole fucking point.


FreeThinke said...

You point was understood immediately, Jack, and is decidedly well taken.

At the rate things are going "they" will decide any day now that having babies should be outlawed, because all the trouble in the world -- aside from that caused by earthquake, wind, flood, forest fire and volcanic eruption -- is caused by human beings, therefore it would be best, if we simply phased ourselves out of existence.

Anonymous said...

Jersey, how many laws did the kid break. How many fucks were given on that day.

Just once, ONCE I want one of these bastards fucking murdered by a CCW holder who was illegally carrying in a school or something. I bet the media will crucify this person and demand that he or she personally pay for every death or injury that occurred before the bastard was put down.

When they ask why this person carried and the dude is like "Not gonna follow a retarded law, you dickheads call the police anyways because they have guns, I just accelerated the process and saved the tax payers money, my only wish is that I could have shot the psycho point blank in the temple the instant they threatened the innocent."

The media goes into every detail of this person's life and subsequently feeds off their soul... I can see it now:

"Crazed vigilante saves school, had hazy past as awkward teenager. Parents blame themselves for failure to raise law-abiding citizen, where did we go wrong?"

So what, you ban guns, or make it harder to get one, or whatever stopgap bullshit makes you feel good and in your myopia the next crazy fuck builds a god damn flamethrower and melts down a kindergarten, then it's lets ban flamethrowers, clearly, that is the problem.

The one common theme amongst mass murderers is psychopathic people. That is the problem, that is the reality. No law has or ever will have absolute control on morality.

Jack Camwell said...

Yeah, you can't buy it at a flea market . . .


Go ahead. Ban guns. Regulate them out the ass. It won't stop people from getting guns, because this guy is a clear example of how far a human being will go to accomplish his goal.

As AHB said, this guy broke TONS of laws, evaded security, and did all sorts of crazy shit to get a TANK. You can outright ban guns, and getting your hands on a gun will STILL be 100 million times easier than getting a god damn tank.

You're still missing the point.