Monday, January 21, 2013

Dumbass Idea of the Week: Say Hello Kitty to My Little Friend!!

It's been a while since I've done a dumbass idea of the week.  Instead of calling me lazy, let's just say that there's been way too much dumbassery for one post of the week to do it all justice.  I came accross this little gem that deserved some attention.

If you have a little girl who owns a Hello Kitty bubble gun, for the love of Christ don't let her "threaten," another little girl with it.

According to the article, a 5 year old child suggested that she and her friend shoot each other with their hello kitty bubble guns.  The problem?  She made this apparently psychotic suggestion in school.  For whatever reason, someone caught wind of it and the school suspended her for 10 days, ordering the parents to get her a psych eval during the suspension.




I honestly cannot comprehend how anyone other than these retarded school administrators would even entertain such an idea.  I have a four year old girl, and I can't imagine someone telling me that she needs a psych eval because of some completely harmless thing she said.  My daughter doesn't even understand the concept of death let alone how dangerous a bubble gun can be (sarcasm).

This just goes to show you that sometimes (and by "sometimes" I mean "most of the time") it's not a good idea to let your emotions rule your actions.  Were these teachers and administrators actually threatened, or did they believe this little girl meant harm?  No.  They were simply caught up in the hooplah.

They felt such a strong need to "set the example," to show the other kids that they mean business, that they allowed themselves to throw logic and sensibility out the window when deciding on a course of action.  Sound familiar *coughguncontrolnutscough*.

Well, at least we know that school is now safe from the murderous whims of a 5 year old girl wielding her Hello Kitty bubble gun!  Thank God for rational, informed people!


Silverfiddle said...

This is not Soviet Russia. People must realize that school administrators cannot mandate a psychological evaluation of your child.

Time for some pushback. The parents of that daughter need to tell them to cram it where the sun don't shine.

We have lost all sense of proportion and context, hastening our descent into absurdity.

Paging Doctor Kafka...

Jersey McJones said...

I would sue the living hell out of that school before they got away with doing that to my child (if I had one).


jez said...

My response to stories as unbelievable as this is not to believe them.

Silverfiddle said...

Believe it, Jez. We are an overmedicated nation.

Here is a personal dispatch from a parent:

Ontological Angst - Abnormal Psychology

jez said...

By coincidence I'd recently read that. It's a brilliant article, and I loved your solutions. :)

But with this story, the school is quite properly refusing to comment, so this is very much one side of a story. I would be surprised if a school suspended a pupil for something as minor as a bubble-gun-based infringement; meanwhile I would be unsurprised by a disgruntled parent courting the media to extract revenge on a school.

I'm not saying that's definitely what's happened there, but that is what I would be the least surprised by.