Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 1-B by AHB

WARNING: See disclaimer in 1A.

When you see something bad at the cultural level, it's actually much much worse. Part 8 attempts to put in perspective exactly what is at stake if we don't take some steps to start righting this ship. Like the famous bacteria in a bottle analogy, we as a species almost never see the problem until it is entirely too late. Like other ills in our culture, we have to put a stop to this shit before it gets us.

Realize that any solution is not a solution, it is simply bartering for a different set of problems. There are numerous ways you can slice this issue up to attempt to fix it, unfortunately as is the case with most things, you are going to problem swap. The key to finding some solutions lies with everyone agreeing not on nature of the solution, but the nature of the new problems/challenges.

The 10th and final part will be an attempt to get you to see beyond your horizons on this matter, and not take my word for it. I will share some links both to some opposing viewpoints to my own and also the ones that support claims I am attempting to make. In effect part 10 will be the largest part of the content simply because it will be hours of investigation should you choose to explore it.

To be clear, I am not attempting to vilify or call out feminists individually, that is the tactic they prefer to use, and it backfires. My intention is to let logic and reason be your guide. If you take the emotion out of the equation and just soak in what I am saying, I cannot fault you for coming to a different conclusion, but I would argue that would be difficult to do. It is the people who instantly will call me a misogynist or a chauvinist who cannot see the forest from the trees. I am not for the outright supremacy and domination of the common man over the common woman. I am simply a realist and see that men and women are different in various ways, both with strengths and weaknesses.

In the end, men and women basically want the same thing. To survive and be happy. Trust me when I say it happens a lot easier when we work within our limits to break through to the next plateau of civilization. Out of control zealous rage or miscalculated actions will inevitably slow down our progress as a whole. It is so easy to find scathing and flat ass unintelligent arguments when it comes to the "Gender War" and while they have nuggets of truth here and there, I implore you to see reason. There is some overlap with this issue and the issue of diversity in general, and I hope you can carry over some insights to that arena of thought as well.

Wish us luck.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 1-A by AHB

The Anonymous Howard Beale--a close, personal friend of mine--affords me the opportunity to be
lazy by giving me content for Christian Fearing God-Man.  This particular piece will have several parts to it, so one can no doubt imagine my delight.

I ask all my readers to continue to have an open mind with this, as it will no doubt ruffle some feathers.  Part of reasonable discourse is that we entertain all ideas, not just the ideas that sound good or "make sense," the first time you hear them.

Warning: This article and it's successors is going to open up not a can, but a skid of worms of the utmost foul contents. I know from past experience that casting the light on these issues has the potential to unleash a cavalcade of emotion, illogical and unreasonable responses, and downright venomous uninformed criticism and overwhelmingly evangelical support. Also, this is meant for an audience within the United States and it's spouse, Canada. I am well aware that these issues are either more pronounced, such as the case of Australia where it's openly misandrist to the point of absurdity, or totally fucking wrong, such as the case in Afghanistan, where women are truly second class everything to the point of "Holy shit, what planet are you on?"

I am unsure how long this will take to get my point across. I wish to lay out the crude framework of my argument here and in 1B and then to write a piece eventually on each major topic, with a minimum of deviations. Can't predict what will happen with this, so just bear with me, and be patient. Also, this is not a MRA platform as much as it is an anti-feminist one. Those who lack an open mind, feel free to sit on it and spin.

Tenets of Modern Feminism. In Part 2, I wish to separate Modern Feminism from the (much) earlier women's lib movement, even though both are linked directly to each other. I feel that even though the early Women's Lib was started out of malice, that it actually was a necessary evil to get that last little jolt of equality. What we have today is not equality: it's actually in favor of women by a great deal from a leverage point of view over the common man.

How have we been lied to? For a part 3, I wish to give a bit of backstory and some common sense reasoning that gives an ironclad case for why circumstances in the past could not possibly have been anti-female. The fact that you are here, now, breathing and reading this is going to be a major indicator of the truth. So either you were never born, or you are incapable of following logic.

So Feminism is all bad right? Wrong. In this segment, you can look forward to the first, and last time I will acknowledge the boons of Feminism. Why completely condemn something without giving it a fair shake? I certainly want you to be able to see I am combating the issue with reason and not blind hatred or zealotry. The fact is that Feminism has had some positive effects, and to dismiss these would be counter-productive.

The dots you weren't supposed to connect. Part 5 attempts to tackle the deliberate and very subtle sabotage of our society through dividing and conquering, not by women, but by elite men using women's causes to further their own. Wait wait wait what? Yes. The concept is very simple, be an elite male that is way beyond the influence of negative backlash feminism creates, and you are double dipping the benefits.

The destruction of the family unit. This is a pretty simple concept: females are the lynchpin factor to having and raising kids. All you have to do is convince them that they don't need a man for anything (Sound Familiar?) and presto... instant splintered faction and division of opposition. Guess who benefits... again? If you said elite men who represent Sugar Daddy government, you earned a cookie.

Negative consequences on Women. In part 6, we will explore how feminism is actually suppressing Women's collective power, and only giving them the illusion of power by handing them tools to deal with "The Patriarchy" on an individual basis. This is not a clean-cut subject because in several instances the door is slamming both ways. You could make a case that some women are actively propagating their own misery.

Negative consequences on Men. The systematic figurative castration and emasculation of men in our culture has already developed some potentially fatal symptoms that, if left unchecked, will herald the end of our way of life. The conditions today in which common men are expected to thrive are completely untenable and unmanageable. The pinball table is perpetually tilted toward us at 70 degrees.

Part1 to be continued.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ultimately, Motive Doesn't Matter

What I really wanted to say in the title is that motive only matters to those who need some closure.why someone commits acts of attrocity.  I suppose that it has to do with our insatiable need to know the meaning of everything.  I even found myself wondering why the Tsarnaev brothers did what they did, and it was my hope that they be captured alive that we might know their motives.
  Humans, for some reason, always want to know

But the motive only matters in a limited sense.  As I see it, there are three distinct reasons to why we are so insistent on discovering a motive.

First, and foremost, is the feeling in those who were directly affected by the incident.  Their lives have changed abruptly, violently, and they want to know why someone would do something like this.  It's a comfort thing, but not "comfort" in the sense that it brings any inner peace.  The acts of violence that seem to sting the most are the ones that we characterize as "senseless."

When a man kills another human being for the sheer thrill of ending a life, we call that senseless, and it gives us an uneasy feeling.  No one wants to think that death at the hands of a psychopath can be just around the corner, and what's more, we want our loved ones to have died for some purpose.  We don't want to feel as though they were merely meatbags to slaughter for the pleasure of some psychopath.  So knowing that their death was brought on by some sort of external motive gives meaning to the tragedy.

The second reason is for people like me: sheer curiosity.  I have an obsession, of sorts, with understanding human action.  I want to know why simply because I want to understand why he did it.  My blogger friend, Freethinke, hinted at this the other day.  We need to be empathetic if we are to understand the person's motives.  For me, even if these men did this for sheer pleasure, discovering that and pondering the implications of it is fascinating to me.  For me, even "senseless," violence is meaningful because it still says something about humanity.

I just want to know.

And then there's that third feeling: blame.  Many people want to know because--perhaps subconsciously--they need someone to blame.  They need someone or something to blame because that makes their world feel more manageable.  "This could have been prevented if only . . ."--and you can imagine the myriad of words that fill in the blank.

"Deport all foreign born Muslims," they cry.  "It's Islam!  That's the problem," they assert.  For some odd reason, we often try to place the blame on people and institutions other than the perpetrators themselves.  If only Islam didn't exist, this would have never happened!  Well guess what: it doesn't matter.

Why?  Because it takes focus off of the fact that ultimately, the Tsarnaev brothers made the choice.  No idea, no set of beliefs, can actually force a person to do something against their will.  And there is the key: against their will.  These men willed these actions to transpire.  Sure, we can sit back and say that it's all Islam's fault because it somehow bended their will to violence, but anyone with a brain would know that's not true.

Consider this: there are currently 1.6 billion (with a "B") Muslims in the world.  Of those 1.6 billion, less than .0000000000001% of them choose to do violence against others in the name of Allah.  So if Islam is so evil, and if it apparently turns its adherents into violent assholes, then why is it that there are billions of Muslims out there who have never committed and will never commit violence against others in the name of God?

The answer is simple.  The blame lies in those who commit violence.  It doesn't really matter what their motives are, because motive is only incidental.  The motive only gives the killers that little extra push to do what they were already mentally prepared to do.

Studies showed that of the American men who served in combat situations during WWII, only 20% of them actually fired their weapon with the intent to kill.  About 80% of the participants in the study said that when they fired, they hoped that they didn't kill anyone--many of them missing on purpose.  Even men with the conviction of righteousness--and of all the wars ever fought, few have a more just cause than that of the Allies in WWII--most men still cannot bring themselves to take a life.

You either have it in you, or you don't.  To murder someone, even if you feel it's justified, will harm the psyche of a normal human being.  If you can take a life and feel okay with it, then the motive is arbitrary.  The Tsarnaev brothers were killers, and their motives simply gave them outlet for their bloodlust and justification so that they could sleep at night.

So as you hopefully see, it doesn't really matter why they did it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The New Boston Massacre: What We Shouldn't Do

By now everyone has heard of the horrifically tragic events that occured in Boston today.  Around 4
hours in to the historic Boston Marathon race, two bombs went off, killing 2 so far, and injuring more than 80 others.

I'm calling it the New Boston Massacre simply because it's in Boston, it's a massacre, and it has some name recognition properties.

Amidst these times that try mens' souls (thank you Tommy Paine), we have to make a concerted effort to fight our natural instincts on how to react to such tragedy.  Here's a short list of what we shouldn't do.

1.  Don't make assumptions - There will no doubt be a lot of speculation thrown around about who may have done this, at least until we get some more facts or until someone cops to it.  What we should not do is start blaming various groups of people.  There will be some who will automatically assume that it must be Islamic terrorists.  Some might say that it's a bunch of right-wing nuts who did it.  Others might start throwing around the "C Word" (conspiracy).  Whatever it might look like, we need to wait until there is definitive evidence as to whodunit.  Otherwise, we are going to further divide an already divided nation.  So please, be prudent and WAIT.

2.  Don't play the blame game - This sounds an awful lot like what I just said, but I'm thinking of a different blame game.  What we don't want to do is start blaming things other than the culprits i.e. politicians, the FBI, video games, eroding American society, etc..  The fact of the matter is that no matter what is going on right now, only those actually responsible for the acts can truly be blamed for what they've done.  It's not Activision's fault for publishing Call of Duty.  It's not Obama's fault for wanting to impose stricter gun laws.  It's not America's fault for being a different society than it was 50 years ago.  It's not the fault of the FBI because, let's face it, they're only human.

3.  Don't exacerbate the politics of it - It's a possibility that the reason behind the bombing was political.  I think it's rare that we see this level of violence that purely springs from the whims of a psychopath.  No matter what the message is, no matter the culprit, and no matter the implications of things, we must not politicize this any further.  Politicizing it only serves to divide us even further, and it will make government even more deadlocked than before.  It doesn't matter if the perpetrator is a Right Wing Nut Job or a Left Wing Commie Revolutionist, we cannot blame any set of ideas for the person's actions.

4.  Don't abandon the principles of true justice -  Whoever did this has caused a lot of pain and suffering, but that suffering will be for naught if we sacrifice our souls to exact our pound of flesh.  Whoever did this must be brought to justice in the manner the Constitution has set forth.  He must receive a fair trial and given sentence.  He may not languish in the forgotten realms of Guantanamo Bay.  Although we may want him to die or suffer in some unimagineable way, we must stay our lust for vengeance.  A rational society is one that behaves reasonably in even the most irrational circumstances.

5.  Don't let them win - The whole point of terrorism is to force a people to abandon some principle or course of action.  Although America is not always right in its opinions or courses of action, we must always keep vigilant to err on the side of justice and reason.  If we allow our baser natures to prevail, then whoever did this will have achieved his goal.  Such a person seeks to unravel society at the seams, and if we let the terror take over--if we give in to our animal instinct of survival, and our human instinct of vengeance--then society will continue to erode irrevocbly. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Feelings and the Real World

Men who use the phrase "calm down."
I read an article last night titled "The Worst Thing a Man Can Say to a Woman."  It's just two words,
apparently.  Can anyone take a guess?

"Calm down."

When I read that, I immediately understood.  I was married once, so I know how uttering the words "calm down," can throw any discussion into a tailspin.  At least, that's what the author wants us to think.

I'm sorry ladies (if, indeed any women actually do read this blog), but you're about to get a smackdown.  Let's consider something for just one moment.  My immediate reaction was to think that by saying "calm down," I have, in effect, escalated a situation that could have otherwise ended constructively.  But this begs the question: why the hell do we men say"calm down," in the first place if the discussion was going well?

The answer is this, ladies: you flipped out, and we're trying to get back into the realm of the rational.  Oh I know, somehow by saying "calm down," we are dismissing your feelings and essentially telling you that your feelings aren't valid.  If you weren't so worked up to begin with, then you would see that we are not trying to invalidate your feelings.  All we're saying is that in polite society, nothing ever gets solved by losing our minds and getting worked up over something.

It's totally okay to feel incredibly passionate about something.  It is well within your right as a human being to get super pissed off, indignant, upset, or whatever you want to call it.  But what is not okay is to believe that somehow your feelings grant you permission to be unreasonable and completely lose your composure.  Ladies, do you know what happens when men fly off the handle at each other and refuse to back down?  Someone gets punched or worse.

Men instinctively resort to "calm down," because in a man's world, getting out of hand can carry some serious consequences.  Aside from the fact that trying to de-escalate a situation is beneficial to the physical health and safety of everyone involved, it's an indicator of a person who is able to engage in civil interaction.

So knowing that not flipping your shit is a good thing, and it is indicative of a sound, rational mind not prone to flights of impulsivity, why do you think that just because you're a chick you get a pass to act however the hell you want?  Do you think that simply because we (hopefully) won't knock you out means that you can just let loose?

Well, American society tells you precisely that.  But I'm hear to tell you that you, and American society, are completely full of shit.

I work with people with disabilities.  About a month ago, I was working with a client of mine.  She has some serious barriers.  She is literally psychotic and bipolar, and she suffers from PTSD, mood disorder, and she has some cognitive impairments.  One day, she told me that she heard some people talking in the lunch room at her workplace about someone's bra being too small.  She believed, in her heart of hearts, that they were talking about her.

Nothing I told her could convince her that they weren't talking about her.  What made matters more frustrating is that she is aware that her psychosis spawns feelings of extreme paranoia.  But whenever I told her "it's all in your head," she got upset.  Why?  For the same reason every woman gives:

"I feel like you're invalidating my feelings."  Well you know what?  Yes.  I was invalidating her feelings.  Why?  Because her feelings did not match the real world.

Granted, she's literally crazy*, but just because you may not be diagnosed with some form of psychosis doesn't mean that every feeling you have is justified, and therefore grants you carte blanche to act as crazy as you want to act.

I hate to get scientific, but feelings are merely chemical reactions that occur in the brain as a result of particular stimuli--or sometimes, they're purely the result of your brain chemistry and how it functions regardless of stimuli.  Sometimes your feelings match the real world and are justified.  For example, if your man tells you that you're fat, you're likely to feel extremely hurt and upset.  You would be right to express that because he was disrespectful in the first place.

But getting all upset and feeling like your man doesn't love you simply because he never buys you flowers randomly?  That does not match reality (most of the time).  Instead of flipping your shit and making him feel like a giant douche for not reading your mind, how about you talk to him about it?  How about you, dare I say, ask for his opinion?

Imagine if a world leader ruled his nation based off of his feelings--every whim that came to his head.  You know what you end up with?

News flash: your feelings, although real, are not always valid, and they do not always match the reality that exists outside of your skull.

Ladies, in many ways, the world is a logical, rational place.  There is randomness, but science has taught us that reason does exist.  Men try to understand that--they try to understand reality.  Yes, we have feelings, but we approach them logically.  You should give it a try sometime.

*My client listened to my suggestions about medication compliance, and now she functions fairly well.