Sunday, April 28, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 1-A by AHB

The Anonymous Howard Beale--a close, personal friend of mine--affords me the opportunity to be
lazy by giving me content for Christian Fearing God-Man.  This particular piece will have several parts to it, so one can no doubt imagine my delight.

I ask all my readers to continue to have an open mind with this, as it will no doubt ruffle some feathers.  Part of reasonable discourse is that we entertain all ideas, not just the ideas that sound good or "make sense," the first time you hear them.

Warning: This article and it's successors is going to open up not a can, but a skid of worms of the utmost foul contents. I know from past experience that casting the light on these issues has the potential to unleash a cavalcade of emotion, illogical and unreasonable responses, and downright venomous uninformed criticism and overwhelmingly evangelical support. Also, this is meant for an audience within the United States and it's spouse, Canada. I am well aware that these issues are either more pronounced, such as the case of Australia where it's openly misandrist to the point of absurdity, or totally fucking wrong, such as the case in Afghanistan, where women are truly second class everything to the point of "Holy shit, what planet are you on?"

I am unsure how long this will take to get my point across. I wish to lay out the crude framework of my argument here and in 1B and then to write a piece eventually on each major topic, with a minimum of deviations. Can't predict what will happen with this, so just bear with me, and be patient. Also, this is not a MRA platform as much as it is an anti-feminist one. Those who lack an open mind, feel free to sit on it and spin.

Tenets of Modern Feminism. In Part 2, I wish to separate Modern Feminism from the (much) earlier women's lib movement, even though both are linked directly to each other. I feel that even though the early Women's Lib was started out of malice, that it actually was a necessary evil to get that last little jolt of equality. What we have today is not equality: it's actually in favor of women by a great deal from a leverage point of view over the common man.

How have we been lied to? For a part 3, I wish to give a bit of backstory and some common sense reasoning that gives an ironclad case for why circumstances in the past could not possibly have been anti-female. The fact that you are here, now, breathing and reading this is going to be a major indicator of the truth. So either you were never born, or you are incapable of following logic.

So Feminism is all bad right? Wrong. In this segment, you can look forward to the first, and last time I will acknowledge the boons of Feminism. Why completely condemn something without giving it a fair shake? I certainly want you to be able to see I am combating the issue with reason and not blind hatred or zealotry. The fact is that Feminism has had some positive effects, and to dismiss these would be counter-productive.

The dots you weren't supposed to connect. Part 5 attempts to tackle the deliberate and very subtle sabotage of our society through dividing and conquering, not by women, but by elite men using women's causes to further their own. Wait wait wait what? Yes. The concept is very simple, be an elite male that is way beyond the influence of negative backlash feminism creates, and you are double dipping the benefits.

The destruction of the family unit. This is a pretty simple concept: females are the lynchpin factor to having and raising kids. All you have to do is convince them that they don't need a man for anything (Sound Familiar?) and presto... instant splintered faction and division of opposition. Guess who benefits... again? If you said elite men who represent Sugar Daddy government, you earned a cookie.

Negative consequences on Women. In part 6, we will explore how feminism is actually suppressing Women's collective power, and only giving them the illusion of power by handing them tools to deal with "The Patriarchy" on an individual basis. This is not a clean-cut subject because in several instances the door is slamming both ways. You could make a case that some women are actively propagating their own misery.

Negative consequences on Men. The systematic figurative castration and emasculation of men in our culture has already developed some potentially fatal symptoms that, if left unchecked, will herald the end of our way of life. The conditions today in which common men are expected to thrive are completely untenable and unmanageable. The pinball table is perpetually tilted toward us at 70 degrees.

Part1 to be continued.


Silverfiddle said...

I look forward to the series and lament the fact that there are no comments so far.

Jack, this is why you gotta bring it every day, man.

Once a week and people lose interest.

Jersey McJones said...

I just don't see what the big deal is about feminism or why men complain about it. Eh.


Anonymous said...

My plan is to advance this each day Silver.

Either you were lucky in love, or you are lucky in general then Jersey.

Far too many men I can mention have been led to slaughter, and like most things people remain indifferent to something until it effects them personally. I and countless others like me have been unjustly have had our feet held to the fire simply because a woman was taken at her word. It has been designed this way which I hope to address.

I realize stories don't hold much sway with you, so here is a statistic. Men are 4-6 times more likely to commit suicide after a divorce than women are, the number jumps around based on the socioeconomic status of the man.

Jersey McJones said...

It seems to me all that involves a helluva lot more than just feminism. Besides, men are also more likely to beat women up. It's not like women have it so much better, Jack.


Anonymous said...

I suppose that would depend on your definition of Feminism.

My definition is it is the belief and advocacy that direct action is needed by a government or a society to insure that Women should be equal to Men in every aspect that is socially controllable.

That definition in and of itself is a tolerable idea enough in theory, doesn't sound too hateful yes? In reality, feminism is not a new idea, or even an idea that originated in the 20th century.

The danger has come from the practical application of favoring one group over another in ways that are clandestine. This is where the trap has been sprung.

Unfortunately, when you take a hard and honest look at it, it has done more to drive a wedge further between the sexes. It is fairly easy for me to target feminism because it is the application of holding this ideology as self-evident that has kicked off the main catalyst which has decayed the situation to oblivion.

The core feminism beliefs are not inherently bad, it is the purposeful application of their tenets that has done the damage.

If you don't agree, then feel free to replace the word feminism with the words "Social Engineering" and pretty much the same meaning will be kept.

Anonymous said...

"Besides, men are also more likely to beat women up. It's not like women have it so much better, Jack."

Ahh but you admit to them having it better! heh.

I was seriously debating not responding to this, because it will spoil a bit what is it come.

That is precisely the sort of one-way thinking that is clouding your judgement, Jersey.

Men beat up women, but they never beat other men up? There are whole industries based on men fucking each other up. I would say men get fucked up a great deal more and more often than women do. Right? So who exactly is the bigger victim of violence?

Women have a "Fear" of violence, an emotional response. Somehow we have turned their fear into legitimate reality we all must adhere to?

Men rape women, but they never rape other men? In fact if you take into consideration prison rape, there are almost twice as much more male rape victims in this country than female ones.

Also women never sexually abuse or rape anyone?!? I am sure women sexually assault people too, men and women both.

Men may indeed beat up women more, however there are scores of ways women have to deal with the issue. They have options. Some choose to let it happen, some of them hide it, some choose to report it, some of them use it for justification of murder, some of them falsify it, some of them use it as a reason to take off with the kids, etc.

In any case, women have the support of society and the justice system even if they are making it up. The man is guilty until proven innocent. Remember that a false claim that sticks is a double injustice. Not only is an innocent person punished unjustly, but the person directly responsible skirts all culpability. When you are believed 9 times out of 10 on face value, why not promote a little bad behavior eh? So what a few women get THIRD DEGREE felonies for making shit up? The reward is you could send some shitbag who called you "honey" up the fucking river for 10 years.

In a case of genuine Domestic Violence, the woman is taken care of by the legal system and by society, above and beyond the way a man getting his ass beat by a woman would be. Has to prove it, sure... but then again so would a man.

Men typically hide spousal abuse when they are the victim, it is an affront to their masculinity. Also men who get their ass beat by a woman will almost never fight back because it will be his fault when the law comes.

Think of it this way... Women get to deploy their natural weapons against men without fear of any reprisal by society.

Men deploy their natural weapons against women and from then on out they are on the defensive with no hope of ever living it down should the law turn on them.

Silverfiddle said...

"I realize stories don't hold much sway with you..."

Actually, Mr Beale, anecdotal evidence from the field is extremely useful. It captures the essence of humanity that cannot be digitally quantified.

I was very lucky at love. Didn't get married until late 20's, dated a lot of women, and never got accused of rape or anything like that.

I lived in a lot of different places, and women always had the upper hand, and the classiest and smartest ones never let on that they realized that fact.

Anonymous said...

Right, well also I was talking to Jersey about all those points.

In the past he said that stories (like how I have always had been background checked at gun shows) are not evidence.

Also, women who at least are reasonably attractive have sex on tap, and for no other reason than they are attractive. With the advent of the modern world a woman can now sleep around as much as she wants while risking a fraction of what those actions meant in the past before birth control.

It's like the crude analogy that a key that opens many locks is called the Master Key, and a lock that is opened by many keys is just a Shitty Lock.

In other words, the degree of difficulty involved with a woman sleeping around as much as she wants is considerably less than a man who does the same thing.

A woman just has to be reasonably attractive, or come off as really eager to have sex.

A man typically has to have status, or looks, or money, or have invested considerable time working on "Game" to get similar results.

Jersey McJones said...

The important point I'm trying to make here, Jack, is that feminism is not the cause of the woes ascribed to it.

Take divorce. When you look at what people say about why they divorce, you hear the usual - unfaithfulness, distrust, fear. But when you look at the demographics, you see money trouble. It's not so much economic class as it is money trouble regardless of class.

Insecurity in general is far insidious than feminism ever could be (or is at all). Insecurity is a cancer in the institution of marriage. Financial insecurity, whatever the kind, is the common thread in many, if not most, of the very social and political ills anti-feminists point out.

And widespread financial insecurity is just a symptom of the dangerous and far, far more insidious national mismanagement.


Anonymous said...

Jack?! This is AHB.

Look, I already addressed this. It is easy for me to target feminism because the application of it's goals is the catalyst, the primer, the root, of a lot of chaos.

Let's take divorce, shall we?

over 60% of divorce is initiated by women, when the woman is college educated that number jumps up to 90%.

Insecurity due to money trouble? I dunno, have you ever stopped to think why we have money trouble? Why is it BOTH parents feel compelled to work?

Men are driven to be with women. Women are driven to have things.

It seems to me that women are being pretty whimsical about getting married and by by getting divorced. Not saying it's always their fault, but they are filing for it more often, and in the case of "educated" women they are filing it a ratio of 9:1.

Now either all these men are truly slapdick, or women in our society are having trouble adjusting to the "Modern Female" wherein they feel compelled to just start over and over again.

The reality is women have a short "shelf-life" if you will, after age 30 all sorts of weird shit starts going on and their certainty of having children in optimum health, free from defects, begins to decline.

Now we expect these women to go to school, get a BS, or else they cant get a job, get a job, stay in shape, find a husband, have some kids, stoke the flames of their marriage, go to school some more to get an advanced degree, help raise the kids, get a career going, make tons of cash on par with "The Patriarchy", still have time for a life and to be happy, All before that biological clock strikes midnight.

No wonder they all want superman, cause that's only dude who could possibly keep up.

The burden of time placed upon women in our culture is unrealistic nonsense, compounded with the fact that absolutely no man measures up because they can always find a better man who is more established and has more shit until their looks give out. As a result we ALL suffer. I am confident there are some women who manage to pull this off, but not without a shit ton of luck/help/support.

Jack Camwell said...

I didn't write the article, Jersey.

But AHB has said what you've said many, many times: it's not necessarily feminism that has caused problems, it's the people that have warped it from its original intent.

And why must you keep using the word "insecurity?" What AHB perceives is an injustice being done to men in American society. There is nothing insecure about wanting to be free of poor treatment by the system.

Take divorce, for example. Why is it that it's nearly impossible for a man to exact justice from divorce? If the woman doesn't agree to be amicable, he has to fight tooth and nail to get custody of his children. The only time that isn't true is if the woman like, abuses the shit out of her kids.

And alimony. A friend of AHB makes way, WAY less than his ex-wife, yet he has to pay HER alimony.

This isn't 1960 anymore. Women have just as much a shot to make their own living and survive on their own as men do. So why does the justice system favor them?

Silverfiddle said...

"a key that opens many locks is called the Master Key, and a lock that is opened by many keys is just a Shitty Lock."

Classic line! I laughed my ass off on that one. AHB is a man of wisdom.

Silverfiddle said...


As I previously mentioned, I have led a charmed life in regards to women, but I have seen friends raked over the hot coals and rusty razor blades of divorce, and the women involved were money-blowing sluts.

Still, despite police reports, financial statements proving who blew the money, and in some cases pregnancy by another guy as a result of an adulterous liaison, in every case the guy had to fight like hell and spend thousands to keep his children out of the clutches of his slutty, out of control, partying bitch wife.

It is saddening and sickening to see just how blind Lady Justice is to plain evidence in such cases.

Anonymous said...

Women suck, but not as well as men.

Dick Wllde

Jersey McJones said...

Jack, I don't even see how feminism has been warped by common discontent into any kind of malignant force. If anything, modern feminist are most all on the progressive left. If you're saying that's malignant, than, well, I'm sorry you feel that way. Modern feminists stand against the national mismanagement that is causing the stress in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Then be patient, your concerns are coming up soon.

I am loathe to start commenting on things I will be addressing in detail, but here is just food for thought:

When did this mismanagement you speak of begin? I think you will find some chronological coincidence.

Anonymous said...