Monday, May 27, 2013

Hail the Glorious Dead

Happy Memorial Day to all, and may we never forget those who paid the ultimate price so that others may thrive.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End of MAN-Kind Part 8 by AHB

Culture is screwy.

So what is the penalty incurred on us if we continue to undermine reality with our fantastical bullshit ways of thinking? I see two possibilities, both of them bad but for different reasons. The first possibility is by mass feminizing us, a scenario like brave new world or 1984 becomes a real threat, and make no mistake that is a threat. The second possibility can be summed up as simply the collapse of our way of life.

When you look at history, wars have been fought over women, women themselves were heads of state and on rare occasion they were leading their countries during war-time. What you don't see is the women leading an open rebellion against the establishment, you see them on the periphery supporting it once it takes hold. Practically speaking, the Feminist ideology relies on the strength of government to effect change on their behalf, because the "solutions" their cause espouses are too big to be handled any other way. Convince people the problem is women are not represented equally in some regard, and then see some policy change enacted to rectify it.

So in short, the stronger the government is, the bigger of a machine it is, the more sway it has to help women. Doesn't matter that a lot of women are getting it done on their own with simply an equal playing field, what matters is there are people who still believe that the wage gap fallacy is indicative of some sinister plot by the non-existent patriarchy. Again, it is deferring agency and accountability onto the government to enforce a victim mentality. When you are addicted to the opium drip of handouts that is not empowering, that is enfeebling.

A big misconception is you can encourage a group of people to get involved with something they really don't want to. You hear it all the time... "We need more women politicians, we need more women in engineering, we need more women doing this, we need more women doing that." While that very well may be true, we can't do a fucking thing about it, and anything we try to do is not going to end up with much if any benefit. People don't stand still, they are moving targets. The vast majority of receptionists and k-12 teachers are female... why? Does that really need to change? Is there any benefit whatsoever to having more male secretaries?

So whats next after we have all the women interested in science and engineering now none of them want to be teachers? We have got a whole country who wants to go to college and make big bucks doing white collar jobs... what we don't need construction workers, farmers, or mechanics? It's all about trying to make people fit the role that others want them to fill. Which brings me to the topic at hand, at what point do you stop doing what society/government tells you to do? When it genuinely pisses you off is usually the answer.

Pissed off is what you should be. Assuming you pay taxes that money is essentially going towards the big brother project and sugar daddy government. As it turns out, your money is also make-believe, which begs the question why on earth would the government need your make-believe money when they do whatever they please, funds not withstanding. Also, coincidentally, taxes have nothing to do with your wealth, they pertain to your income. It is entirely possible to be a multimillionaire and not pay a cent in taxes, and no not because of freaking tax breaks.

I bring up the point again of the so called "Pussy Pass", wherein a woman has social license to say/do anything she damn well pleases. This social license carries over into really important areas as well, like the Danica Patrick syndrome. Danica Patrick is a decent driver amongst elite drivers who just so happens to have one of the best teams and best funding, but she gets as much attention or more than the elite drivers else because she is an attractive woman who races, and nothing is ever her fault. It is the feminist mantra at work again, men are the actors and women are acted upon.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Man of Steel"

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fairly pumped for the upcoming iteration on Superman, Man of Steel.  Directed by 300's Zack Snyder, and produced by the director of the recent Batman trilogy, Christopher Nolan, this film promises to be fairly amazing.

I feel it is my obligation to get others just as pumped about this as me, so for your viewing pleasure, I will include the full length trailers.

On a personal note, I've always preferred Batman to Superman.  Batman is grittier, darker.  He represents all the challenges and darkness that we humans face on a daily basis (with a little hightened reality, of course).  Superman always seemed a boyscout to me.  He was just too nice, too optimistic.  And of course he could afford to be nice, because he could do the things that Batman couldn't.  I always thought that if Superman lost his powers forever, and was forced to tackle everything as Batman was forced, then Superman wouldn't be such a goody-two-shoes.

But that's sort of the point of Superman.  I've been looking at the character a bit differently lately.  Two quotes from some Hollywood types have really put the character in perspective for me.  First is Christopher Nolan, and I'm loosely quoting him here.  Of Batman and Superman he said, "Superman is how America perceives itself, and Batman is how the world perceives America."

If I may extrapolate, that rings true for humanity as a whole.  Batman represents what humanity is.  We're dark, we're gritty.  Often times we have to get down and dirty to right the wrongs and injustices of our existence, because that's all we're capable of doing.  Batman represents our current reality.

Superman, on the other hand, can accomplish things that Batman cannot, because he has super-human powers.  He can lift a mountain.  He can melt through anything.  He stop a missile, mid-flight, and fling it into space.  And because he can do just about anything, he has the luxury of maintaining the highest standards of moral values and ethical principles possible.  Superman represents that part of the human spirit that yearns to be good and deeply desires to right all of the wrongs.

In an interview for Man of Steel, Kevin Costner, who plays Jonathan Kent in the film, says "we have to believe that somebody can make things right."  And that's the essence of Superman.  He is that somebody.  Yes, Superman is a fictional character, but that doesn't make his significance less potent.  Superman is that deep desire for justice and harmony present in humanity.  If Batman is our reality, Superman is our ideal.

And I know many people say that idealists are ridiculous, but I would submit to all of you that idealists are what's most important.  Without the ideal, what are we striving for?  Personally, slaving away just to maintain the status quo is not good enough.  We'll never have a Kryptonian in our midst to save us from ourselves, but damned if we shouldn't keep the vision of a better world in our sights, even if that sight is far beyond our own lifetime.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camp 14: Three Generations of Punishment

The video below is about 14 minutes.  I encourage everyone to watch every moment of it.  This is the sort of wrong that makes it hard to believe that we should not intervene when we know, for certain, that gross human rights violations are occuring.

The one concept that stood out to me was the notion of "Three Generations of Punishment."  Enjoy.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The End of MAN-Kind Part 7 by AHB

Negative consequences on men.
The following is a motivational rant. Inspired by a forum post I wrote many moons ago.

Guys... we are screwed. Let me just throw that out there. From an early age you are told you are a piece of shit. Get a little older, you are told you are dumb. A little older still and you are told you are so privileged and so lucky and told bullshit lies like "It's a man's world", and then you are told you are disposable... yeah good luck reconciling that one. You are so privileged that you are the first to get to die or be mangled. If you are around feminists in college or what-have-you, you are just another rapist, another oppressor, another jailor binding women in shackles. Damn you to hell for your chromosomes, you are an incomplete woman, you have no hope.

Truth is, unless you were born into wealth and status... you are going to have to earn it. As a man, it is your actions, your results, and your overall success that defines you to the world. Success is a relative term, because a guy from the projects growing up to be a famous rapper is, without a doubt, successful in the eyes of society, whereas the same guy who decides he wants to be a family man and works his balls off for his money... well, that's just "ok." It is your production, or perceived worth as an Agent that everyone else measures you by or feels that you deserve respect. This is a tough road. You cannot just exist and be validated like a woman can, so don't even try. Women are human beings, Men are human Doings.

You have to walk on eggshells around the watercooler, you are one sentence away from sexual harrassment at all times. You so much as say "Hey Lisa! You look great today!"... you better hope this Lisa doesn't want your job because if so it's time to pack your bags and hit the bricks, you are going out. If this Lisa were to do something overtly sexual like walk up and grab your johnson, you could try to do the same shit to her to get her fired until hell wouldn't have it. You would have to have video evidence, fingerprints, dna, and sworn testimony from a dozen eyewitnesses to get similar results, otherwise your boss is just gonna say "You bastard, what are you bitching about? Go cry about it loser"

Walking alone in a park, you decide to cut through a picnic area... you stumble upon a little girl, seemingly lost. For sake of argument, lets say you have four choices. A. Run away B. Ask the girl if she is lost. C. Ignore her, walk away briskly D. Stop and say "Hi". The correct answer for the modern american gentleman is C, and not even that saves you 100% of the time. Running only makes you look guilty, talking to her in any way opens you up to a wide range of interpretations, all of them negative. There is absolutely no way you could possibly win in this scenario if the parent walked up during your conversation. Make no mistake about it, that little girl could ruin your fucking life just as fancy as you please, one lie and you are done for. "That man told me he had candy in his van and I felt scared" Game Over.

Let's talk about dating. The only strange men that american women explicitly trust are the outlaw bikers, criminals, famous men, and the alphas. "Creepy" is just another way of saying "Not Attractive". You are a creeper if you even start talking to a woman who isn't interested in you, a simple "I am John Doe, what's your name?"... all of a sudden, you are that creepy dude, who said that one thing to her, and they point and they stare. Meanwhile 3 minutes later some muscle asshole on roids in an ambercrombie & fitch shirt with 3 popped collars walks up and just licks the entire side of her face, Rick James style, and she and her clucking friends eat it up, are dry humping on the dance floor for 25 minutes, and then her and the minuteman goes out and fogs up the windows in his car. This is your reality guys. All that shit you hear about honesty, compassion, politeness, and decency, just shove it straight up your ass and never think of it again. She will however let you pay for everything, all in the name of equality. Chances are good however, that if you offer to pay for dinner a few times, she will lose respect for you, you will never hear from her again for any reason, and while she got free shit from you, you are left wondering what the hell happened for eternity.

The worst thing you can do financially in this day and age is get married and have kids. You are playing roulette, gambling with your future. I have seen it too many times. You think this woman is special, you think she is a keeper and she is so cool and so understanding. It could be genuine, or it could be a spider web of deceit, lies, guilt, shame, turmoil, backstabbing, strife, scorn, contempt, debt, venom, and heartbreak. You are going to have to roll the dice to find out. Cut a real man off from his children and you have just stripped him of his purpose in life. That and the fact he is into you for 300-???? a month for years means you can kick back and enjoy your raise, destruction of the man is complete.

Honesty, Knowledge, Loyalty, Honor, Pride, Merit, Work, Sacrifice, Respect, and Integrity. To a man, these are virtues, with absolute definitions and meanings that vary only slighty from man to man, and is a part of our personal identity. As a man you derive much of your self-esteem by how useful you are to other people. To most women however... these are just words. Nothing specal.... No woman cares about your opinion unless you agree with her. Doesn't matter what the circumstances are, you have to supply overwhelming and unstoppable force behind your intentions to get them to acknowledge you.

You are so dominant that you have the distinct pleasure of being 92% of all workplace deaths and 95% of all workplace injuries, assuming of course you can even get a job That's fair and equal yes? I don't see women's groups trying to advocate for the parity in that statistic, because it is an undesirable statistic. No no... they would rather point out the fact they don't work as much, as long, or as hard and only get paid 77% of what you get paid on the whole entirety of our society. While they control 80% of the household funds regardless who earns it. Tell me something, does true power lie in the ability to create money or the ability to control how money is spent? What percentage of the homeless are men? It's around 80%. Why doesn't the feminists advocate for more homeless women, certainly that is power because so many men dominate that demographic. Despite not being nearly as represented in homelessness, women are 2-3x as likely to get shelter aid or handouts as men are in the exact same situation. But that's only fitting, because a woman has no responsibility for her actions, she is oppressed by the homeless patriarchy.

So how does it feel to be privileged? I don't know, ask an American woman.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 6 by AHB

Jersey, this is authored by the Anonymous Howard Beale, god damnit.

Negative consequences on women.
I am going to be painting with a broad brush here, as these are generalizations. It is important to keep in mind that while not all women are like this, a good number of them are, more than enough to justify these claims. In general, what women have lost is their aptitude for support roles, and what they have been saddled with is a false sense of entitlement, victimhood, and ultra-narcissism.

Women are not as empathetic to others as they once were, when there is a cause or a concern that could effect them personally however, they are way more inclined to get involved. Something has changed in the female hive mind wherein they are the centers of the universe. I do not blame women for this as much as I blame our culture and it's incessant meddling with our thought process and curtailment of reason in favor of feelings.

You see this manifest in the younger female population as them just not giving a shit about anyone else's problems or concerns, and they are extremely dismissive of even the most logical rebuttals to their one-way thinking. For instance, my ex-girlfriend was insistent that I not bring up sore subjects to her, and she told me I had to deal with it no matter how flagrant of an incompatibility it was. It was if my concerns were never valid.

On the flip side she would relentlessly hound me about even the smallest and most of the time meaningless transgressions that I was supposedly doing. For instance, she did not like the way I said "pop" instead of "soda" and would constantly remind me of this. I am from Ohio, it's fucking pop, what the hell is the problem? It wasn't that she was always right, it was just that she was never wrong. I have heard this sentiment many many times amongst my male friends who ventured into the dating pool. Feelings can't be wrong ya know? Fuck that.

Women are also becoming increasingly less patient and less friendly to other women. It is the clique mentality taken into adulthood. In general a woman is going to be hypercritical of other women who don't possess the attributes or qualities she likes, sometimes even worse than they are to men. In fact the type of relationship most prone to domestic violence is that of a lesbian couple. There are several reasons for this, but primarily I think the reason is that jealousy has taken a large foothold in the modern life of women.

Everywhere they turn they see these impossibly thin women in the media and told "you gotta be this to be attractive." Well some women aren't stick thin, and that resentment builds up over time. Another example is how for the most part, no man is going to take a woman to task until it is a serious problem, and when other women who actually were called out on their bullshit see another woman getting away with it, the claws come out. "Bitch, you didn't just do that! wreeeee!"

On these gender barrier situations, they feel it is equality when a girl gets to play on a boys baseball team. How is that shit equal? Reverse the situation and see if you feel it is equal. Females encroach on male dominated spaces, and demand that those spaces change to suit them. It never occurs to them that they are in fact the interloper, and they are the ones who must adapt.

You see this a lot now in video gaming circles, of which I have a lot of experience with. In the MMO scene, a woman will basically demand free shit, handouts, and special treatment just because she is a girl, and always at the cost of the guys, and sometimes the guy doesn't even consent but it happens anyway. You see a lot of the male gamers white knight for her and when the woman is rewarded for whore behavior she thinks that is the way the world should work. This is not imagined, this is real, I have seen this tendency mirrored in the online world and the real world so many times I lost count.

On the subject of victimhood, it must be a special kind of woman who can in one breath say she doesn't need anyone's help and in the next breath cry victim. You see it constantly, women who cry wolf over everything. Not only does this undermine the women who ARE victims of something, it undermines their own credibility to anyone paying attention. So many of these sexual harassment and rape accusations are total bullshit lies, yet there is no penalty for fabricating them. I believe if you falsify a rape claim, YOU should go on the sex offender database. All these lies and outright non-sense has had a backlash on women who are actually victims.

While men are much more likely to not report being raped, women are catching up to that level rapidly because of the amount of bullshit going down is finally seeing the light. False rape claims that stick are just as bad for our health as actual rapes that go unreported, yet you will not see a feminist think that way. Judith Grossman, a feminist advocate for decades, has recently come out with details about her son's ordeal about being falsely accused of rape. She is angry and upset that this could happen to her son. I feel bad for the son, but I feel not one ounce of pity for her... she helped create the situation and now she is still crying victim of her own actions?! Madness. Being in this victim mentality is not empowering, it's admitting you lack agency, and therefore you lack responsibility. Feminism has this inherent dichotomy wherein it is says women can do anything, and then they actively promote the victim mentality. Which is it????

The last issue I want to address here is that of narcissism. Admittedly this is destroying us all, men and women alike, however it uniquely effects women in that it makes them feel vindicated and justified about their actions, no matter how heinous. If you asked the person on the street if men or women are more prone to flipping out and murdering their family, you would probably get an overwhelmingly "men" response, when it is the converse that is true. Yet all people are exposed to is this superficial "Men are destroyers, Women are creators" line of thought. As a result you can really see this narcissism manifest in public, where women are practically given carte blanche to say whatever they wish. Nothing is off-limits coming from a woman's mouth, even if its staggeringly false or vicious. Go to youtube and search for the "Big Red Feminist"... I especially like the tirade in Toronto... I also guarantee if that were the men who were getting angry and heading down the warpath at a Women's Rights gathering, that the police would have went nuclear. Instead the police in Toronto didn't give a damn that people were being harassed.

Again... not all women fall into these traps, but if you just open your eyes and pay attention in your everyday life you can see some of this actually occurring. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen a man incensed at a store or a gas station about some petty bullshit. I have lost count at dozens when I have seen a woman do the exact same thing as a customer. It happened just last week, where a woman held up the line for *10* minutes at shell, ranting and raving about how she would get this guy fired if she was double charged for gas, and how this kid was going to personally make it right if she was double charged. 8:30 in the morning and she is making everyone late for work because she is too dense to understand how pre-pay gasoline works. I might mention this woman was in her pajamas essentially, so clearly she was not going to work unless she was a professional sleeper.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 5 by AHB

The dots you weren't supposed to connect.

The following is mostly conjecture, however it does make absolute sense. I am about to tell you what they probably don't want you to even consider. Perhaps the big beneficiary in all this are the elites and big business for several reasons.

Consider the following, our workforce has grown exponentially since WWII, where women were largely involved in wartime manufacturing. They were on assembly lines and in factories making everything from uniforms to airplanes and tanks. It was still very hard work, however with more modern tools, and modern machinery it was worlds safer and easier than say the Ford Rouge was. Circumstance and now technology had given women a shot at the male dominated workplaces, and they performed with almost no production consequences to speak of. After this point, women would not be excluded from mass manufacturing.

Big business wins for 2 reasons, the first one is now they can hire female workers for their volume made goods. The catch is, most women did not have experience that matched men, so they typically started out on the lower rung. More serfs to do their bidding. The second of course is now with women working, they are gonna wanna spend that money, so now they have more customers. It is a vicious cycle, you need to work to buy more shit, you want more shit so you have to work. Admittedly this did not really take off until sometime in the 60s when widespread consumerism rocketed. Technology only got better and better so it became easier to leverage human input.

The effects of technology on women cannot be understated, whole industries such as television and mass media in general have made it their job to cater to women. A pretty surprising statistic of our modern day life is that for the most part women are the deciding factor in 80% of all household purchases. This is not an accident.

Now we come to the point of the elites. Feminism has strong roots in marxist/socialist ideologies. The basic premise is that government can fulfill the role of a man in a woman's life, and in return all a woman has to do is vote for the fucking socialist. The government won't inconvenience her for sex, or respect, and yes it wont even demand a blood sacrifice from her like it would a man. Nope... all she has to do is vote for the socialist, sugar daddy government candidate and all the benefits of a man are yours with none of the costs.

It is a form of subversion to try and mass feminize our society. The likelyhood of us being able to rebel against tyranny is greatly diminished if the common man has a boot heel on his neck at all times and you cut the support of the common woman away from him. Search out a few quotes about how women are discriminated against and flip the script, and see how absolutely ASININE it is.

For instance, here is a quote from Jersey's hero: "Women can do anything that the boys can do! And do it better! And do it in heels!" - Barack Obama. Flip the script.

"Men can do anything that the girls can do, and do it better, and do it in dress shoes!" -No one who wants to get elected

Lesser women eat that shit up. Women who want power, authority, or respect but do not want to earn it, or sacrifice for it, they want it handed to them from on high, because they deserve it, and by the gods they will get it. They don't want to be janitors, or construction workers, or infrastructure linemen, or coal miners or front line infantry... they want pathways to power, let some other poor slapdick oppressor of a man do that grunt work, they are above that, they are ladies.

Funny how they want equality, but don't want equality. To women who read this: Don't be blind to the injustices that will befall your sons if this is left unchecked. They are trying to convince you that your fathers, and your grandfathers were nothing but rapists and oppressors... who gives a shit if they fought in a war, they were men, they were the enemy. To men who read this: Wake the fuck up and do something.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 4 by AHB

SO Feminism! All sorts of wrong, bad and bullshit right?

Yes, I will be acknowledging some positives to feminism. Let's get rid of the obvious ones like voting, property rights, etc etc, because that is just common sense sorta stuff, let's really dive into this at a more fundamental level.

Basically, the greatest boon in my opinion is that of... choice. Seems so simple a thing, but it is huge. There are other factors such as technology and widespread availability of safer, white collar type jobs that allowed women to work, but I am talking about something more fundamental than even that with this. If you are a woman who is born here, you have complete dominion over your own life, which is by most measures is the definition of true power.

To explain this just a bit further, in times past, it was more or less mandated by our culture that you, as a woman, were expected to marry and have children if it was possible. Clearly this is not the case anymore. I say this is a good thing not just from a sustainability/overpopulation point of view, but also from a practical point of view. Women with more time to do creative/innovative type things means more creativity/innovations for all of us. Essentially we are able to muster a larger percentage of human brain power than we were in the past. This is a good thing.

It may very well be that most women in the past felt forced to raise a family which denied them a legitimate shot at other long-term, lifetime type goals. No longer is it a social stigma to be a woman, no kids, never married, who devotes her time to a career, or some other passions. Raising children is time consuming and is often times difficult, and largely that "burden" was thrust upon women. The average family size is dwindling now to a more sustainable level.

If you have more than 2 children who grow up into adulthood, that is a net positive in a sense. Where as for instance in the 40's and 50's it was a lot more common to have large families, such as my grandparents who both on my mother's and father's side had 5 children each, and larger families leads into even larger net positives.

Another positive aspect is the awareness of women's issues. To quote Bill Burr "Women may not have all their problems solved, but at least they are taken seriously!" Some common sense type changes in our society has made it easier for a woman's voice to be heard.

While often it is the case (in my opinion) that women throw that victim card up their sleeve whenever they damn well please, there are some circumstances in which that card was legitimately dealt to them and they are indeed victims. This has been addressed, rectified, and actually overcompensated for just in the course of the last 50 years, which is astounding.

The last and arguably, the least blatantly obvious change is simply the way women are encouraged to do more, to become more. Sometimes when people are not pressured to do something great with their lives they will simply not do so. I find a lot of people in general, not just women, who are walled off from learning and growing.

Women are now being forced to adapt and overcome in some cases, which leads to personal growth, and those women who do this actually are setting up the subsequent generation for success and happiness. Don't confuse this with women in the NFL or "gender barriers" or some other archaic non-sense, I am talking about in general, women have positive role models on a macro scale which they didn't before.

The downside of this however, is for every positive woman who does great things, like Betty White, there are 6 other god damn train wreck role models like Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Anna Nicole Smith. So in that sense, you are no better off than men, because for every Nikola Tesla there are 6 Thomas Edison's, and yes

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 2 (Oops)

Tenets of Modern Feminism.

There are several broad and widespread beliefs that feminists and their advocates taut. Trying to find a consensus on the subject is frustrating. After exhaustive research I can find about 6 main points that they all agree on, with only a couple of exceptions. Keep in mind this is the modern definition of the term, because as early as the late 1700s is when you can actually trace the beginnings of a real "movement" effecting change in our country, often called Protofeminism.

Point #1- Feminists believe that Men and Women should be equal in all arenas, be it careers, education, society, politics, etc.
In theory this does not sound bad at all. However when you actively try and make this happen, you get a backlash, you inevitably favor one over the other because we are in fact... different. The end result is inequality at even the most basic levels of our society. You are taking two different weights and putting them on a balance, and rigging the scales to make them even. That's not equality, that's bullshit, in both directions. Also despite this claim, they typically never will admit to any inequality that is subverting men, even if it is blatant.

Point #2- Feminists for the most part, believe that women have been oppressed through the ages and through to the present day by a mysterious force called "The Patriarchy"
If they would squeegee their brains out, they would realize everyone has been oppressed by this "Patriarchy" as they define it. This does not make women special in this regard. There was oppression of women just as much as there was an oppression of men, I suppose the astute feminist would argue that women were just oppressed more. We will investigate this further.

Point #3- Feminists believe that males have an inherent social/biological privilege that creates a condition in which men can flourish, and women cannot.
I suppose there is a strange sort of irony in this, because it is the very idea that males have more inherent privilege that makes them blind to the idea that they in fact have inherent privilege as well. I have gathered that the argument put forth by feminists is that the male version of privilege is more powerful and is much more easily wielded.

Point #4- Feminism advocates that women can fulfill the exact same role as a man can.
The famous "I can do anything a man can do" mantra. While I readily admit there is a large swath of overlap that makes your gender irrelevant to your capacity, there are differences that prevent this from being absolute. This is just wrong. That fucks up their argument doesn't it? It invalidates all of the previous points and declares there is no inequality that favors men except whatever women let occur.

Point #5- Feminism seeks equality for women against cultural, religious, and traditional tendencies in places where they have been denied any recourse.
Again, sounds like common sense. However in these cultures you find unerringly that if they are brutal towards women, they are also brutal towards men. No real headway is going to be gained from this until you combat the entire problem. Although this is perhaps the most humanist and logical theme you can find amongst them, they fail to realize that by helping and politicking just for the women, you often dig them deeper in the hole. This is an almost universal trend amongst feminists, but you tend to notice some circles care only to advocate for change that will effect them in their countries.

Point #6- Any challenge to Feminism is anti-woman, and enforces negative stereotypes.
Without question, this is the longest stretch, however if you keep reading and investigating, you can draw no other conclusion that this is indeed an almost universal feeling amongst feminists of today.

Again, it was really hard to define these just 6 points. There are so many contradictions and opposing viewpoints even within feminism that it gets really confusing to keep track of all of them. Some feminists are for prostitution, some are against it. Some think pornography is liberating, others think it is abhorrent. Some think that written history is purposefully portrayed from a male perspective, some think that idea is total bullshit. In the end, it becomes very difficult to find a real unified theory as it were, and there is really no centralized set of ideas which to draw from. However, these are the themes that seem to come up the most often, and I feel it is fair to them on the whole. You can find radicals who say they will abort their baby if they find out its a boy, because they don't want to hurt women by breeding another rapist. You can find feminists who draw attention to the media portrayals of women being as being sexist, without realizing there is sexism against men as well. You can find those who feel that all sexual activity between men and women is rape.

In the end, this is a pendulum with a fixed roll moment. Feminism in theory is equality for all. Feminism in practice is that you get equality by just focusing on the issues of one side of the equation, which of course violates the definition of equal. Part 3 will deal with this in detail.

The End of MAN-kind Part 3 by AHB

Getting shit on.
How have we been lied to... again?

Slippery Myth: Women in America make less money than men do for the same work. There is a wage gap. We need to do something about this.

Ha... well the first sentence would be true enough without that "for the same work" little add-on. The problem occurs that when the "same work" demon slipped into the argument.. you falsified evidence. Nevertheless there is no men favored wage gap and we certainly don't need to do anything about it. When you take the entire picture, not just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, and look at the factors involved you will find for the "same work" and the "same situation" that it is actually WOMEN who are paid more than men.

Now why is then that you hear this statistic bantered around? Well it's simply because men have more hours/years of experience working, and thus earn more money. Yes... Men work more than Women as a whole, so they get paid more... and if men didn't get paid more, guess what group would have blatant under compensation, and even so they have a legit argument. It's a twisted way to look at the facts which paints women as unjustly under compensated.

If we also look at disposable income, the amount of money spent on items for women is approaching the ratio of 7:1 versus men. So really who is getting the benefit of the money? Who really is getting more money thrown their way, despite not working as much, or earning enough experience, women ultimately end of with way more personal items bought for them, so much more in fact, that you have no leg to stand on and relying on flawed logic like this their downfall.

Blatant Bullshit Myth: Women are the biggest victims of violence.

Not even close to the truth, not by a damn sight, not in any place on earth, not in any time in history, not now and probably not ever unless they keep subverting us. Men are the primary targets of all violence, including rape, by such a large margin that you cannot even begin to imagine why they thought they could say this and get traction with it. This is like Barack Obama saying something like "America is the weakest, most under developed, and least wealthy nation in the universe, even our arch nemesis, Tuvalu, has a larger and more fearsome military force than we do. Even a small nation, like the vatican, has warlocks that manipulate the fabric of existence." That is how blatant and how asinine this is.

Staggeringly Hypocritical Myth: Men are deadbeat dads.

When it is women who are required to pay child support, they are 50% less likely to do so. Furthermore, the 50% who don't pay are somewhere around 25% as likely to be forced to pay by our legal system, or incarcerated by our legal system... for the exact same crime a man is guilty of, ran down the block by the K-9 unit, bit in the ass with lockjaw. So the reality is tit-for-tat, when they are put into the position of owing child support, women are twice as much more likely to not pay.

On a personal note about our legal system and child support, I have a few male friends who have been taken to the cleaners in their divorce. The most recent one involved a long-time friend who has an 8 year old son. He makes around 26,000 per year being forced to pay 500 per month to his ex who makes around 50,000 per year... at first they had joint custody... but somehow his ex-wife got them to make my friend owe her 6 months of child support during a period of time they were still living together, effective immediately after they divorced. She also got control of all the joint bank accounts.

So my friend ended up taking a second job for the sole purpose of paying off this insane court ordered legacy debt to a bitch who had all his money. She then later went back to court and got shared custody on the basis that my friend was "working too much" to be able to have joint custody, and she got it. Tell me... could this situation have worked in the reverse? Could my friend have ended up with primary shared custody, and child support every month?

This is assuming the ex-wife was not a druggie, a prostitute, a criminal, a child molester, an abuser, etc. My friend cannot even afford an extra luxury like a tin of altoids. He has to sell his car, had to move into a fucking shanty, had to work another job, and now he is denied even seeing his son except when he gets say-so. Also I would like to mention this guy is a combat veteran.

Yes. You can find discrimination of women, you can find discrimination of men. What you can also find is a myriad of examples of our current system propping women up, and having sugar daddy government replace men as providers. What you can't find is many examples of the same system doing likewise for men.