Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 3 by AHB

Getting shit on.
How have we been lied to... again?

Slippery Myth: Women in America make less money than men do for the same work. There is a wage gap. We need to do something about this.

Ha... well the first sentence would be true enough without that "for the same work" little add-on. The problem occurs that when the "same work" demon slipped into the argument.. you falsified evidence. Nevertheless there is no men favored wage gap and we certainly don't need to do anything about it. When you take the entire picture, not just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, and look at the factors involved you will find for the "same work" and the "same situation" that it is actually WOMEN who are paid more than men.

Now why is then that you hear this statistic bantered around? Well it's simply because men have more hours/years of experience working, and thus earn more money. Yes... Men work more than Women as a whole, so they get paid more... and if men didn't get paid more, guess what group would have blatant under compensation, and even so they have a legit argument. It's a twisted way to look at the facts which paints women as unjustly under compensated.

If we also look at disposable income, the amount of money spent on items for women is approaching the ratio of 7:1 versus men. So really who is getting the benefit of the money? Who really is getting more money thrown their way, despite not working as much, or earning enough experience, women ultimately end of with way more personal items bought for them, so much more in fact, that you have no leg to stand on and relying on flawed logic like this their downfall.

Blatant Bullshit Myth: Women are the biggest victims of violence.

Not even close to the truth, not by a damn sight, not in any place on earth, not in any time in history, not now and probably not ever unless they keep subverting us. Men are the primary targets of all violence, including rape, by such a large margin that you cannot even begin to imagine why they thought they could say this and get traction with it. This is like Barack Obama saying something like "America is the weakest, most under developed, and least wealthy nation in the universe, even our arch nemesis, Tuvalu, has a larger and more fearsome military force than we do. Even a small nation, like the vatican, has warlocks that manipulate the fabric of existence." That is how blatant and how asinine this is.

Staggeringly Hypocritical Myth: Men are deadbeat dads.

When it is women who are required to pay child support, they are 50% less likely to do so. Furthermore, the 50% who don't pay are somewhere around 25% as likely to be forced to pay by our legal system, or incarcerated by our legal system... for the exact same crime a man is guilty of, ran down the block by the K-9 unit, bit in the ass with lockjaw. So the reality is tit-for-tat, when they are put into the position of owing child support, women are twice as much more likely to not pay.

On a personal note about our legal system and child support, I have a few male friends who have been taken to the cleaners in their divorce. The most recent one involved a long-time friend who has an 8 year old son. He makes around 26,000 per year being forced to pay 500 per month to his ex who makes around 50,000 per year... at first they had joint custody... but somehow his ex-wife got them to make my friend owe her 6 months of child support during a period of time they were still living together, effective immediately after they divorced. She also got control of all the joint bank accounts.

So my friend ended up taking a second job for the sole purpose of paying off this insane court ordered legacy debt to a bitch who had all his money. She then later went back to court and got shared custody on the basis that my friend was "working too much" to be able to have joint custody, and she got it. Tell me... could this situation have worked in the reverse? Could my friend have ended up with primary shared custody, and child support every month?

This is assuming the ex-wife was not a druggie, a prostitute, a criminal, a child molester, an abuser, etc. My friend cannot even afford an extra luxury like a tin of altoids. He has to sell his car, had to move into a fucking shanty, had to work another job, and now he is denied even seeing his son except when he gets say-so. Also I would like to mention this guy is a combat veteran.

Yes. You can find discrimination of women, you can find discrimination of men. What you can also find is a myriad of examples of our current system propping women up, and having sugar daddy government replace men as providers. What you can't find is many examples of the same system doing likewise for men.


Anonymous said...

lol jumped ahead 2 articles there Jackie.

Silverfiddle said...

To go even more in-depth into the lie about wage disparity, it disappears when you control for degree, job and number of years worked.

So, a male and female professor, same degree area, same number of years teaching make the same amount of money. Same goes for any other career.

What kills women in the aggregate is that more of them choose lower-paying careers than men. Secondly, they take time off for birth and also are more likely than men to have a career hiatus in order to care for a sick relative.

It all adds up in the aggregate, but is easily explained when you disaggregate the data.

But progressive agenda-floggers will continue to beat the drums and lie to everyone...

Anonymous said...

well that is sort of my point "Same work" "Same situation"

If the same situation was women worked more period, more experience period, and had more education period, then they would earn more period.

In fact as I mentioned, women earn more than men do, when you account for the same situation, same work. Women are actually ahead!

You are right, women typically go after the "safer" jobs if you will, and thereby will stunt their pool of job options. The most dangerous jobs are well into the 95-99% men.

beyond that, women don't work as many hours on the whole as men do, so that is the main contributing factor to the flatass non researched, not even remotely academic, and only symbolic statement that "Men make more than women do."

It's a fucking talking point that is just a partial resolution of a picture. Hell even Michelle Obama has thrown this shit around, knowingly fucking deceiving people, all for a damn vote by some "Hell Yeah Feminist" or captain save-a-ho.

Jersey McJones said...

Can you guys cite some evidence for the assertion that the wage gap is a myth? Are you looking at the types of jobs available to women? Are you considering the rise of part-time employment in the workplace for all service sector workers?

As well, are you lumping violence in general with domestic violence?

And when it comes to child support, if you are unable to cite evidence for you assertion that the wage-gap is a myth, then how would you expect women to afford child-support payments? And can you show the gap between women who raise their children without men as opposed to the men who raise children without women?

This whole anti-feminist thing is starting to sound like a plot line from Married With Children - funny, but ridiculous.


Anonymous said...


You have never... repeat... never in the past showed any hint of changing your mind for evidence, facts, or whatever. Even when it is blatant in your face per capita type of statistics that is a great indicator of no fudgery.

Despite the fact I do get to the bottom of things, and I never talk out of my ass, I suppose I can cite a source I am getting this information from... but first...!

Yes, violence in general. Men by far are the bigger actual target. How many assaults have you been a part of? Well you are something like 5 times as likely to get assaulted by anyone, man or woman. Mostly in part that it's not taboo for you to get your ass beat. No one gives a fuck if its a guy who gets beat up.

Child support when the woman is paying is some landslide overwhelming bullshit situation where the judge himself would be sent up the fucking river for obstruction of justice if he didn't order the woman to pay child support.

Beyond that... This is the part I think you missed before I get to evidence you will just ignore so you can feel fuzzy about your democratic party.

People. Are. Not. Blocks. Of. Wood.

People have reactions, people see and adapt to a situation and try to avoid bad shit. People are not numbers on a page that says for X action, Y always will occur, so lets go with X, hell make it a double. Men for instance have this bullshit "Child Support" thing thrown at them around every corner and they react by working more hours.

If median pay, *median pay* wasn't in favor of males, FOR DOING MORE WORK, MORE HOURS, AND MORE EXPERIENCE. THEN you would be blatantly against men to a degree I cannot even fathom. Now throw in your own bullshit argument about child support, and why shouldn't men get paid more, you really know how to spindoctor brah.

You want some real wage gap? Now that there is such a thing as a Euro and flat conversion between countries. The difference between white men in western europe and white men in eastern eurpoe are astounding.

Anyways here is a "source" if you will.

Time Spent Doing Work and Work related activities. Median Value...

Working and work-related activities, second page, this line.

3.57 4.23 2.95 44.6 50.4 39.2 7.
99 8.39 7.52

Which basically says, #1Men work more than women do #2Men who do work, work longer hours than women do.

That explains the the very superficial "Men make more than women do" statement, uhh.. because that is true. But it is also an apples to oranges statement.

Here is a big print and lots of pictures for you of an overview.

Anyone who says its this bullshit 77¢ on the dollar has to realize it is NOT equal pay for Equal Work. They are whistling by the fucking graveyard. Because there IS a fundamental discrepancy in how much men work and how much women work. In this case, its just under an hour more per day, per worker... and women dont even have as many workers!@!%%!$

Beyond that, just google wage gap myth, there are scores upon scores of reports that reasonate what I am saying clear back to the 70s.

Jack Camwell said...

Sorry, for some reason it didn't post Part 2.

Silverfiddle said...

It gets tiresome spoonfeeding indoctrinated liberal...

Here's one on the Equal Pay Myth, complete with links to authoritative studies:

Another interesting one on Gender Lessons from Sweden:

Anonymous said...