Thursday, May 9, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 4 by AHB

SO Feminism! All sorts of wrong, bad and bullshit right?

Yes, I will be acknowledging some positives to feminism. Let's get rid of the obvious ones like voting, property rights, etc etc, because that is just common sense sorta stuff, let's really dive into this at a more fundamental level.

Basically, the greatest boon in my opinion is that of... choice. Seems so simple a thing, but it is huge. There are other factors such as technology and widespread availability of safer, white collar type jobs that allowed women to work, but I am talking about something more fundamental than even that with this. If you are a woman who is born here, you have complete dominion over your own life, which is by most measures is the definition of true power.

To explain this just a bit further, in times past, it was more or less mandated by our culture that you, as a woman, were expected to marry and have children if it was possible. Clearly this is not the case anymore. I say this is a good thing not just from a sustainability/overpopulation point of view, but also from a practical point of view. Women with more time to do creative/innovative type things means more creativity/innovations for all of us. Essentially we are able to muster a larger percentage of human brain power than we were in the past. This is a good thing.

It may very well be that most women in the past felt forced to raise a family which denied them a legitimate shot at other long-term, lifetime type goals. No longer is it a social stigma to be a woman, no kids, never married, who devotes her time to a career, or some other passions. Raising children is time consuming and is often times difficult, and largely that "burden" was thrust upon women. The average family size is dwindling now to a more sustainable level.

If you have more than 2 children who grow up into adulthood, that is a net positive in a sense. Where as for instance in the 40's and 50's it was a lot more common to have large families, such as my grandparents who both on my mother's and father's side had 5 children each, and larger families leads into even larger net positives.

Another positive aspect is the awareness of women's issues. To quote Bill Burr "Women may not have all their problems solved, but at least they are taken seriously!" Some common sense type changes in our society has made it easier for a woman's voice to be heard.

While often it is the case (in my opinion) that women throw that victim card up their sleeve whenever they damn well please, there are some circumstances in which that card was legitimately dealt to them and they are indeed victims. This has been addressed, rectified, and actually overcompensated for just in the course of the last 50 years, which is astounding.

The last and arguably, the least blatantly obvious change is simply the way women are encouraged to do more, to become more. Sometimes when people are not pressured to do something great with their lives they will simply not do so. I find a lot of people in general, not just women, who are walled off from learning and growing.

Women are now being forced to adapt and overcome in some cases, which leads to personal growth, and those women who do this actually are setting up the subsequent generation for success and happiness. Don't confuse this with women in the NFL or "gender barriers" or some other archaic non-sense, I am talking about in general, women have positive role models on a macro scale which they didn't before.

The downside of this however, is for every positive woman who does great things, like Betty White, there are 6 other god damn train wreck role models like Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Anna Nicole Smith. So in that sense, you are no better off than men, because for every Nikola Tesla there are 6 Thomas Edison's, and yes


Anonymous said...

... and yes I just called Thomas Edison a hack, because he was.

Jersey McJones said...

To say that women have been "overcompensated" over the "past 50 years" for "often" just assumed harm is ludicrous.


Always On Watch said...

The train wrecks get so much publicity and so much praise.

I'm starting to wonder if they're serving as role models and creating even more such train wrecks.

As a teacher, I see young girls trying to imitate these "role models."

Anonymous said...

Jersey, It used to be that a woman could be raped by her husband with no recourse. Not only has that completely changed, now if a there is an axe to grind, she can get away with making a false accusation and roll the dice.

To add fuel to the fire, look what just happened in france a couple years ago.

If you don't think false accusations are happening at an alarming rate you are blind to the truth.

AOW, it gets even worse when you factor in the amount of money thrown at these bimbos. It is just like the Tesla vs. Edison scenario. Being from Ohio, I was fed the Edison legend, and while he was indeed an inventor he was way more of a businessman. Growing up I never even heard of Nikola Tesla.

Just as the case with these "role models" they have very little outside fortune and wealth that that is enviable. Do you feel a sense of hope or a sense of dread when these girls imitate these professional train wrecks?

Always On Watch said...

Do you feel a sense of hope or a sense of dread when these girls imitate these professional train wrecks?

A sense of dread.

Actions have consequences, and while celebrities might escape many of those bad consequences, the girls whom I see making fools of themselves will be paying consequences.

Sad, sad.