Sunday, May 12, 2013

The End of MAN-kind Part 6 by AHB

Jersey, this is authored by the Anonymous Howard Beale, god damnit.

Negative consequences on women.
I am going to be painting with a broad brush here, as these are generalizations. It is important to keep in mind that while not all women are like this, a good number of them are, more than enough to justify these claims. In general, what women have lost is their aptitude for support roles, and what they have been saddled with is a false sense of entitlement, victimhood, and ultra-narcissism.

Women are not as empathetic to others as they once were, when there is a cause or a concern that could effect them personally however, they are way more inclined to get involved. Something has changed in the female hive mind wherein they are the centers of the universe. I do not blame women for this as much as I blame our culture and it's incessant meddling with our thought process and curtailment of reason in favor of feelings.

You see this manifest in the younger female population as them just not giving a shit about anyone else's problems or concerns, and they are extremely dismissive of even the most logical rebuttals to their one-way thinking. For instance, my ex-girlfriend was insistent that I not bring up sore subjects to her, and she told me I had to deal with it no matter how flagrant of an incompatibility it was. It was if my concerns were never valid.

On the flip side she would relentlessly hound me about even the smallest and most of the time meaningless transgressions that I was supposedly doing. For instance, she did not like the way I said "pop" instead of "soda" and would constantly remind me of this. I am from Ohio, it's fucking pop, what the hell is the problem? It wasn't that she was always right, it was just that she was never wrong. I have heard this sentiment many many times amongst my male friends who ventured into the dating pool. Feelings can't be wrong ya know? Fuck that.

Women are also becoming increasingly less patient and less friendly to other women. It is the clique mentality taken into adulthood. In general a woman is going to be hypercritical of other women who don't possess the attributes or qualities she likes, sometimes even worse than they are to men. In fact the type of relationship most prone to domestic violence is that of a lesbian couple. There are several reasons for this, but primarily I think the reason is that jealousy has taken a large foothold in the modern life of women.

Everywhere they turn they see these impossibly thin women in the media and told "you gotta be this to be attractive." Well some women aren't stick thin, and that resentment builds up over time. Another example is how for the most part, no man is going to take a woman to task until it is a serious problem, and when other women who actually were called out on their bullshit see another woman getting away with it, the claws come out. "Bitch, you didn't just do that! wreeeee!"

On these gender barrier situations, they feel it is equality when a girl gets to play on a boys baseball team. How is that shit equal? Reverse the situation and see if you feel it is equal. Females encroach on male dominated spaces, and demand that those spaces change to suit them. It never occurs to them that they are in fact the interloper, and they are the ones who must adapt.

You see this a lot now in video gaming circles, of which I have a lot of experience with. In the MMO scene, a woman will basically demand free shit, handouts, and special treatment just because she is a girl, and always at the cost of the guys, and sometimes the guy doesn't even consent but it happens anyway. You see a lot of the male gamers white knight for her and when the woman is rewarded for whore behavior she thinks that is the way the world should work. This is not imagined, this is real, I have seen this tendency mirrored in the online world and the real world so many times I lost count.

On the subject of victimhood, it must be a special kind of woman who can in one breath say she doesn't need anyone's help and in the next breath cry victim. You see it constantly, women who cry wolf over everything. Not only does this undermine the women who ARE victims of something, it undermines their own credibility to anyone paying attention. So many of these sexual harassment and rape accusations are total bullshit lies, yet there is no penalty for fabricating them. I believe if you falsify a rape claim, YOU should go on the sex offender database. All these lies and outright non-sense has had a backlash on women who are actually victims.

While men are much more likely to not report being raped, women are catching up to that level rapidly because of the amount of bullshit going down is finally seeing the light. False rape claims that stick are just as bad for our health as actual rapes that go unreported, yet you will not see a feminist think that way. Judith Grossman, a feminist advocate for decades, has recently come out with details about her son's ordeal about being falsely accused of rape. She is angry and upset that this could happen to her son. I feel bad for the son, but I feel not one ounce of pity for her... she helped create the situation and now she is still crying victim of her own actions?! Madness. Being in this victim mentality is not empowering, it's admitting you lack agency, and therefore you lack responsibility. Feminism has this inherent dichotomy wherein it is says women can do anything, and then they actively promote the victim mentality. Which is it????

The last issue I want to address here is that of narcissism. Admittedly this is destroying us all, men and women alike, however it uniquely effects women in that it makes them feel vindicated and justified about their actions, no matter how heinous. If you asked the person on the street if men or women are more prone to flipping out and murdering their family, you would probably get an overwhelmingly "men" response, when it is the converse that is true. Yet all people are exposed to is this superficial "Men are destroyers, Women are creators" line of thought. As a result you can really see this narcissism manifest in public, where women are practically given carte blanche to say whatever they wish. Nothing is off-limits coming from a woman's mouth, even if its staggeringly false or vicious. Go to youtube and search for the "Big Red Feminist"... I especially like the tirade in Toronto... I also guarantee if that were the men who were getting angry and heading down the warpath at a Women's Rights gathering, that the police would have went nuclear. Instead the police in Toronto didn't give a damn that people were being harassed.

Again... not all women fall into these traps, but if you just open your eyes and pay attention in your everyday life you can see some of this actually occurring. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen a man incensed at a store or a gas station about some petty bullshit. I have lost count at dozens when I have seen a woman do the exact same thing as a customer. It happened just last week, where a woman held up the line for *10* minutes at shell, ranting and raving about how she would get this guy fired if she was double charged for gas, and how this kid was going to personally make it right if she was double charged. 8:30 in the morning and she is making everyone late for work because she is too dense to understand how pre-pay gasoline works. I might mention this woman was in her pajamas essentially, so clearly she was not going to work unless she was a professional sleeper.


Jersey McJones said...

I think you need to find better women with whom to associate.


Anonymous said...

That's what I have been trying to do for 13 years.

Silverfiddle said...

These dispatches from the field make me thankful that I am happily married.

Always On Watch said...

I've been a teacher of over 40 years. It used to be that the classes with a majority of boys were more unruly than classes with a majority of girls. No more! I'm not exactly sure when that dynamic changed -- perhaps in the past 4 years.

In any case, my classes with a majority of girls are the loudest and rudest groupings I've ever seen. And aggressive in numerous ways, too!

Part of the problem, I think, is the social networking and the feuds within social networking.

I have more to say and will try to stop by later.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you too jerk.

Lola Puhlooza