Thursday, May 16, 2013

The End of MAN-Kind Part 7 by AHB

Negative consequences on men.
The following is a motivational rant. Inspired by a forum post I wrote many moons ago.

Guys... we are screwed. Let me just throw that out there. From an early age you are told you are a piece of shit. Get a little older, you are told you are dumb. A little older still and you are told you are so privileged and so lucky and told bullshit lies like "It's a man's world", and then you are told you are disposable... yeah good luck reconciling that one. You are so privileged that you are the first to get to die or be mangled. If you are around feminists in college or what-have-you, you are just another rapist, another oppressor, another jailor binding women in shackles. Damn you to hell for your chromosomes, you are an incomplete woman, you have no hope.

Truth is, unless you were born into wealth and status... you are going to have to earn it. As a man, it is your actions, your results, and your overall success that defines you to the world. Success is a relative term, because a guy from the projects growing up to be a famous rapper is, without a doubt, successful in the eyes of society, whereas the same guy who decides he wants to be a family man and works his balls off for his money... well, that's just "ok." It is your production, or perceived worth as an Agent that everyone else measures you by or feels that you deserve respect. This is a tough road. You cannot just exist and be validated like a woman can, so don't even try. Women are human beings, Men are human Doings.

You have to walk on eggshells around the watercooler, you are one sentence away from sexual harrassment at all times. You so much as say "Hey Lisa! You look great today!"... you better hope this Lisa doesn't want your job because if so it's time to pack your bags and hit the bricks, you are going out. If this Lisa were to do something overtly sexual like walk up and grab your johnson, you could try to do the same shit to her to get her fired until hell wouldn't have it. You would have to have video evidence, fingerprints, dna, and sworn testimony from a dozen eyewitnesses to get similar results, otherwise your boss is just gonna say "You bastard, what are you bitching about? Go cry about it loser"

Walking alone in a park, you decide to cut through a picnic area... you stumble upon a little girl, seemingly lost. For sake of argument, lets say you have four choices. A. Run away B. Ask the girl if she is lost. C. Ignore her, walk away briskly D. Stop and say "Hi". The correct answer for the modern american gentleman is C, and not even that saves you 100% of the time. Running only makes you look guilty, talking to her in any way opens you up to a wide range of interpretations, all of them negative. There is absolutely no way you could possibly win in this scenario if the parent walked up during your conversation. Make no mistake about it, that little girl could ruin your fucking life just as fancy as you please, one lie and you are done for. "That man told me he had candy in his van and I felt scared" Game Over.

Let's talk about dating. The only strange men that american women explicitly trust are the outlaw bikers, criminals, famous men, and the alphas. "Creepy" is just another way of saying "Not Attractive". You are a creeper if you even start talking to a woman who isn't interested in you, a simple "I am John Doe, what's your name?"... all of a sudden, you are that creepy dude, who said that one thing to her, and they point and they stare. Meanwhile 3 minutes later some muscle asshole on roids in an ambercrombie & fitch shirt with 3 popped collars walks up and just licks the entire side of her face, Rick James style, and she and her clucking friends eat it up, are dry humping on the dance floor for 25 minutes, and then her and the minuteman goes out and fogs up the windows in his car. This is your reality guys. All that shit you hear about honesty, compassion, politeness, and decency, just shove it straight up your ass and never think of it again. She will however let you pay for everything, all in the name of equality. Chances are good however, that if you offer to pay for dinner a few times, she will lose respect for you, you will never hear from her again for any reason, and while she got free shit from you, you are left wondering what the hell happened for eternity.

The worst thing you can do financially in this day and age is get married and have kids. You are playing roulette, gambling with your future. I have seen it too many times. You think this woman is special, you think she is a keeper and she is so cool and so understanding. It could be genuine, or it could be a spider web of deceit, lies, guilt, shame, turmoil, backstabbing, strife, scorn, contempt, debt, venom, and heartbreak. You are going to have to roll the dice to find out. Cut a real man off from his children and you have just stripped him of his purpose in life. That and the fact he is into you for 300-???? a month for years means you can kick back and enjoy your raise, destruction of the man is complete.

Honesty, Knowledge, Loyalty, Honor, Pride, Merit, Work, Sacrifice, Respect, and Integrity. To a man, these are virtues, with absolute definitions and meanings that vary only slighty from man to man, and is a part of our personal identity. As a man you derive much of your self-esteem by how useful you are to other people. To most women however... these are just words. Nothing specal.... No woman cares about your opinion unless you agree with her. Doesn't matter what the circumstances are, you have to supply overwhelming and unstoppable force behind your intentions to get them to acknowledge you.

You are so dominant that you have the distinct pleasure of being 92% of all workplace deaths and 95% of all workplace injuries, assuming of course you can even get a job That's fair and equal yes? I don't see women's groups trying to advocate for the parity in that statistic, because it is an undesirable statistic. No no... they would rather point out the fact they don't work as much, as long, or as hard and only get paid 77% of what you get paid on the whole entirety of our society. While they control 80% of the household funds regardless who earns it. Tell me something, does true power lie in the ability to create money or the ability to control how money is spent? What percentage of the homeless are men? It's around 80%. Why doesn't the feminists advocate for more homeless women, certainly that is power because so many men dominate that demographic. Despite not being nearly as represented in homelessness, women are 2-3x as likely to get shelter aid or handouts as men are in the exact same situation. But that's only fitting, because a woman has no responsibility for her actions, she is oppressed by the homeless patriarchy.

So how does it feel to be privileged? I don't know, ask an American woman.


Jersey McJones said...

Should I ask one of the women who've been sexually assaulted in the military?


Anonymous said...

That's a good one Jersey. It is simply trying to demonstrate that you don't believe MY broad generalizations and you challenge them with extreme resistance, but feminists by and large believe their own insane generalizations without any critical thinking on their part. It is as if everything feminism stands for is just self-evident, and nothing can challenge it's validity.

Very well, lets explore your point.

Yes, let's talk about those women, who still have their arms, legs, eyes, faces, and lives, as well as a course of action they can take to get justice. Not making light of sexual assault, but there are far worse horrors that can happen to you as the average man in the military, and there is no bringing you back from the dead, or turning you into the 6 million dollar man.

If I had to choose a fate for a loved one, I would prefer her or him to be raped than to be exploded to bits by an IED. That's just me however. I assume you as a feminist advocate would just as soon see a woman's body destroyed by a 40mm mortar instantaneously than for her to actually have a legit chance to fight a sexual assault off.

If a woman is concerned about being raped, there are measures she can take to prevent it or at the very least give her a fighting chance in the even of an attack. Unless you also as a feminist subscribe to the theory that women are defenseless, helpless, weak, and incapable of causing injury, and all women are just victims of men alone. That is the feminist dogma, that men are the sole cause of all of women's problems. It is deferring agency and responsibility.

Women sexually assault and abuse people too, let's keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

And to piggyback on that, "sexual assault" is one more word that has been abused and rendered almost useless by the Orwellian idiots in our society.

What is sexual abuse? Like racism, it is whatever the "victim" says it is, and you better shut up and respect it!

I was in the Army, I saw it. These women want to run with the boys, but they cry when the shit hits the fan.

If you spend the whole night drinking with both fists with the guys, shaking your ass and enjoying all the attention, getting lewd with a few, don't be surprised when everyone is totally drunk misunderstandings can happen.

And make no mistake many are not misunderstandings. The "victim" wakes up the next day after playing the drunk, oversexed wonderwoman the night before, regrets feeling like such a slut, and files charges.

All the physical evidence is there, the witnesses, its an open and shut case. Rape. Because she said so.

I have boys and girls, and I've explained all this to them. Do not put yourself in such a situation, as the man or the women.

People are so stupid today.