Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End of MAN-Kind Part 8 by AHB

Culture is screwy.

So what is the penalty incurred on us if we continue to undermine reality with our fantastical bullshit ways of thinking? I see two possibilities, both of them bad but for different reasons. The first possibility is by mass feminizing us, a scenario like brave new world or 1984 becomes a real threat, and make no mistake that is a threat. The second possibility can be summed up as simply the collapse of our way of life.

When you look at history, wars have been fought over women, women themselves were heads of state and on rare occasion they were leading their countries during war-time. What you don't see is the women leading an open rebellion against the establishment, you see them on the periphery supporting it once it takes hold. Practically speaking, the Feminist ideology relies on the strength of government to effect change on their behalf, because the "solutions" their cause espouses are too big to be handled any other way. Convince people the problem is women are not represented equally in some regard, and then see some policy change enacted to rectify it.

So in short, the stronger the government is, the bigger of a machine it is, the more sway it has to help women. Doesn't matter that a lot of women are getting it done on their own with simply an equal playing field, what matters is there are people who still believe that the wage gap fallacy is indicative of some sinister plot by the non-existent patriarchy. Again, it is deferring agency and accountability onto the government to enforce a victim mentality. When you are addicted to the opium drip of handouts that is not empowering, that is enfeebling.

A big misconception is you can encourage a group of people to get involved with something they really don't want to. You hear it all the time... "We need more women politicians, we need more women in engineering, we need more women doing this, we need more women doing that." While that very well may be true, we can't do a fucking thing about it, and anything we try to do is not going to end up with much if any benefit. People don't stand still, they are moving targets. The vast majority of receptionists and k-12 teachers are female... why? Does that really need to change? Is there any benefit whatsoever to having more male secretaries?

So whats next after we have all the women interested in science and engineering now none of them want to be teachers? We have got a whole country who wants to go to college and make big bucks doing white collar jobs... what we don't need construction workers, farmers, or mechanics? It's all about trying to make people fit the role that others want them to fill. Which brings me to the topic at hand, at what point do you stop doing what society/government tells you to do? When it genuinely pisses you off is usually the answer.

Pissed off is what you should be. Assuming you pay taxes that money is essentially going towards the big brother project and sugar daddy government. As it turns out, your money is also make-believe, which begs the question why on earth would the government need your make-believe money when they do whatever they please, funds not withstanding. Also, coincidentally, taxes have nothing to do with your wealth, they pertain to your income. It is entirely possible to be a multimillionaire and not pay a cent in taxes, and no not because of freaking tax breaks.

I bring up the point again of the so called "Pussy Pass", wherein a woman has social license to say/do anything she damn well pleases. This social license carries over into really important areas as well, like the Danica Patrick syndrome. Danica Patrick is a decent driver amongst elite drivers who just so happens to have one of the best teams and best funding, but she gets as much attention or more than the elite drivers else because she is an attractive woman who races, and nothing is ever her fault. It is the feminist mantra at work again, men are the actors and women are acted upon.


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Culture is screwy.

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