Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why George Zimmerman is Not-Guilty Part I

The prosecution's case . . .
There is so much wrong with this that it's unbelievable that the American public is so divided about
this case.  The way I see the evidence that has been presented over the months, and after hearing some of the witness testimonies, it's clear to me that George Zimmerman--although perhaps an overzealous neighborhood watch guy, and probably a dumbass--did not kill Trayvon Martin out of malice.  And I sure as hell don't buy into the notion that his killing of Martin was racially motivated.

I'm going to invite all of my readers to look at the facts and the evidence objectively.

First off, let me acknowledge that George Zimmerman was a dumbass for confronting the kid in the first place.  Yes, he should have listened to the 911 dispatcher who told him to stay in his car.  We all make mistakes, and I believe that Zimmerman was likely trying to be a good citizen doing what he thought was right to help keep his neighborhood safe.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at the rest of the evidence.  First, we have conflicting witness testimonies, and some witnesses have changed their stories over time, particularly relating to the apparently important question of "who was on top."  Upon initial interview, one witness claimed that she saw two men on the ground, and she wasn't sure who was on top.  Six days later, she reported that she saw Zimmerman on top.  The witness reported "I know after seeing the TV of what's happening, comparing their sizes, I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size."  Hmm . . .

Imfamous witness #6 initially reported that Martin was indeed on top of Zimmerman, and Martin was "throwing MMA style punches."  But then after being interviewed three weeks later, he said that Martin was indeed on top, but that he might not have been throwing punches--that Martin may have just been holding him down.  Considering the cuts to the back of Zimmerman's head and his very jacked up nose, unless Zimmerman was being held down by freaking Gorilla Grodd, it seems pretty reasonable that Zimmerman's wounds were inflicted by Martin throwing punches.

Witness #6 also says that originally, he thought Zimmerman was calling for help, but now he's not sure.  Isn't it funny how these testimonies changed after the media outcry that exploded?  What is also important to note is that in his own recollection of the events, Zimmerman admitted that after he shot Martin, he got on top of him because he didn't know if he had hit the kid, and so he attempted to subdue the kid.  This is significant because this means that the witness who reported Zimmerman as being on top likely did see him on top, but that would mean that she was not there in time to see Martin on top.

Then we have Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel.  In court the other day, Jeantel admitted under oath that she gave her testimony to the prosecutor with Trayvon's mother present, and that his mother's presence influenced her testimony.  She admitted that she "cleaned up" the language Martin used in their phone conversation right before the confrontation to spare his mother further grief.

What was that language?  Martin said to Jeantel on the phone "there's some white ass cracker following me."  Jeantel initially reported that she heard Martin say "get off me," but then in court she admitted that she did not hear that.  Just as well, she claimed to have written a letter to Travon's mother describing the things that she heard on the phone.  A bomb shell was dropped when Jeantel admitted in court that she actually could not read the letter (the defense attorney presented her with the letter to read) because she can't read cursive.  She then retracted the notion that she wrote it and claimed that she dictated it to someone.

Hmm . . .

Nearly all of the witnesses have changed their stories and have so far proven to be fairly unreliable.  Even worse for the prosecution, the defense completely tore Jeantel to pieces and got her to admit that her own testimonies were inaccurate for various reasons.  Jeantel was supposed to be their "star witness."  So much for that.


Micky said...

I'm sure Zimmerman will walk.
I'm more concerned about these race baiting fools creating riots because the "creepy ass cracker" who happens to be Latino, (go figure) didnt get life with no parole.
In the case with Rodney King, those seeking justice were justified in their outrage. Tearing down your own city defeats that justification.

Slightly off topic, but I cant help noticing the double standard.

Jeantel was asked if she thought the term "creepy ass cracker" was a racist slur. Her answer "no" is being accepted because the term is part of her culture, commonplace.
Well then why is Paula Dean being burned at the stake for using a term 20 she says was a result of her culture, after apologizing profusely numerous times ?

Anonymous said...

Because Liberals can't be wrong.

Black people can't be racist.

Feminists can't be sexist.

Mainstream media can't be biased.

We should just give money to the Martins. Money solves everything. Giving money never has a drawback. There is only one absolute surefire way to make everything better, and that is to get the federal government involved.

People are also rational and think for themselves, always, at all times. They would never adopt a religion because another human told them to, they would never stand for a cause with a negative or misleading message because someone else convinced them to, and people never act out of some preconceived stereotype, unless they are white males of European descent.

Jersey McJones said...

Silly, stupid, partisanship aside, Zimmerman should have been charged with negligent homicide, because he DID create the scenario that led to Martin's death, no different than if he'd hit Travon with his car while drunk driving. To relieve Zimmerman of any responsibility would be heinous. As well, I seriously doubt if it was a white kid walking down the street that Zimmerman would have reacted in the same way, and you don't have to be a liberal to see that, just not a fucking retard.


Jack Camwell said...

You have to be a fucking retard to believe that you can judge the heart of a man that you have never, ever met, and who has had his name dragged through the mud for the past year.

You have something against hispanics, Jersey? You must be racist.

Seeing as how Trayvon's only injury was the GSW, it's pretty reasonable to assume that Trayvon threw the first punch, breaking Zimmerman's nose.

Don't worry though, Jersey, part 3 will ask you to answer a lot of questions.

Jack Camwell said...

Also, Jersey, if you're going to make assertions in this discussion, either bring proof or don't bother.

Offer up an interpretation of the evidence or you're just telling us how you feel about it.

I really could care less how you FEEL about the case. Offer up a refutation to the points I have made, or just move along.

I'm growing tired of unsubstantiated claims.

Micky said...

Theres plenty of despicable shit going on here.
The whole thing irritates the hell out of me.


If this were not brought forth by the media as a race issue we’d of never heard about it among the thousands of black men that get shot by other black men every year.
Had Zimmerman been black this would of never even been posted on the least read blog on earth.


Minorities of the left stand united on almost all issues, especially social, sex, and race issues.
But, when our latest immigration bill shows the potential to open employment opportunities for Latinos, legal or illegal, the black community cries fowl because that legislation, they say, will rob them of low pay/entry level jobs they claim they should be getting.


“Creepy Ass Cracker”

Seems that Trayvon did not have a clear view of who was following him.
Trayvon knew clearly that Zimmerman was not black…

…so, naturally, he had to be a creepy ass cracker.

Jeantel told the defense that she did not feel that term was racist, and the prosecution defended its use by crediting it to being a normal acceptable commonplace part of hers and Trayvons culture.



Trayvons parents, family.

These people have been in touch with the prosecution for almost two years now and have heard and seen most all the evidence.
It makes me sick to see them yanking at the jurys heart strings by storming out of the court room every time something the least bit upsetting pops up.
We get it, we know it hurts to lose your son.
But the fcking theatrics and over the top drama diminish the view that you want to see true justice and instead couldnt care less that your actions might send a presumably “not guilty” man to prison for life just so you can propel racism when it wasnt there.
If you’re contemplating a civil lawsuit after the criminal suit is settled…forget it.
Zimmerman has no money.


The judge.

Why was Jeantel allowed to act a bitch and not be told to knock it off ?
Why was she not asked to speak up ?
Why was she not scolded for addressing the defense attorney as “thats retarded” and “the bald man”.


In my opinion, this whole charade is nothing but a set up by the MSN/liberal concert to bring on unrest based on racism so we can see more and more cries of oppression by the white man (even though he’s Latino)so they can sit on their fat asses and collect freebees for another 50 years because of the white man.

I dont despise these people because they’re black.
Its the mentality, the mentality that exists in every color that resides left of center, and I’m sick to death of this shit.

I dont know whos worse, the racists, or those who cry faux racism to make up for their own idiocy..


Pull your head out of your ass.
You claim to of been in and seen many brawls.
So why dont you understand that when you're on your back getting punched in the face kinetics will send your head slammin into the ground ?

While the two may of had their intentions, God only knows, its plain to see that Zimmerman was the victim of violence.
I’ve been in and seen more fights than most, have studied Kempo for 40 years now and will bet my life that the injuries to the back Zimmermans head were a result of his face being beaten with only the sidewalk under him to stop his head from following thru.
I cant tell you how many times I’ve sent the back of a guys head slamming into the mat because of me sitting over him with my knees on his shoulders while beating his face. And vice versa.
Its basic physics and energy transfer..
While Zimmerman more than likely did freak out Trayvon, theres no doubt who the physical aggressor was.
Trayvon sustained no injury other than the gunshot wound.
Zimmerman may be at fault for being over zealous, Trayvon confronting him, asking him to screw off can also be understood.
But once you lay hands on someone you've lost any hope of being seen as innocent.
Also, if this first witness “Rachel Jeantel” is any indication of Trayvons inner circle its pretty plain to that this circle has some hostility issues towards whites.

Anonymous said...

That witness was a fuckin' nigger bitch and a moron. Let's call a spade a spade and quit all this PC crap. Not all black people are niggers, but a lot of them really are. Nigger just means someone that's no damn good. There are plenty of white niggers too, but we call them rednecks.

Who cares what happens to fat George anyway? He's just a stupid spic who made trouble for himself pretending to be a white man.


Jack Camwell said...

I appreciate your visit Dramaturge, but I'll kindly ask that you refrain from using racial slurs.

Jersey McJones said...


You should really scrub that, Jack.

Anyways... This all seems pretty cut and dry. Teenaged Martin was walking down one of the few better off streets in Sanford at night. Grown man Zimmerman was performing a community watch and targeted Martin for surveillance. The surveillance went on for a little bit. Martin confronted Zimmerman regarding this surveillance. Martin and Zimmerman got into a fight. Zimmerman shot Martin.

All the rest is opinion, speculation. In my opinion, Zimmerman should never have been doing what he was doing. He obviously does not possesses the physical stature and cool-headedness required. He may have ignored instructions to cease surveillance. He was not in a uniform, or presenting any official capacity. Martin was a teenaged boy. Teenaged boys will often make rash decisions based on fear and/or anger. Martin may have been just as offended by Zimmerman's targeting as he was afraid of Zimmerman's intentions. If I had been in Martin's shoes, at his age, I may have done something similar.

I've been to Sanford many times. There's an Orlando airport hub that takes up the southeast of the town. It's is a poor old abandoned WWII town with tough streets. Martin may have reflexively reacted. I walked a few tough streets when I was young, and I know you have to be ready to defend yourself if you feel you have to - possibly preemptively.

All said, a sad confluence of culture and stupidity led to a child's death, and Zimmerman, playing cop, getting into a fight because he was playing cop, killed Martin. If you think he has no culpability whatsoever, then I don't know what the fuck you're thinking. I do not think Zimmerman committed murder. But I do think his amateur hour night-cop routine killed a kid, and for that he should face some punishment.


Anonymous said...

First off, there is plenty of blame to go around here.

Jersey, are you of the opinion that Trayvon was powerless to prevent the encounter? No matter what he did he was going to get killed, is that what you think?

What if Trayvon walked up to Zimmerman and instead of throwing a haymaker, or saying whatever he said to him he acted like a decent human being and said "Hey man, I am just on my way home" and fucking walked away... ON THE SIDEWALK... NOT IN PEOPLES BACKYARDS, SIDEYARDS, PEERING AROUND THEIR GARAGE.

How many people call the police before they shoot someone. Oh HAYO police peoples, Imma gonna shoot someone now mmkay? What a shitty start to a crime.

Here is my fundamental problem with everyone calling for this guy's head on a stick- You are looking at the results and the circumstances and not the reason why he shot him.

WHY he shot him is the critical question. Not "he was playing cop"... I can easily flip that script and say "Why was Trayvon playing Burglar?"

The issue is not what the fuck Zimmerman was doing following him around, or why the fuck Trayvon was skulking around peoples houses dressed as a fucking night prowler... the issue is why did he shoot him.

If you believe Zimmerman, he shot him because Trayvon was beating him senseless, and grabbing for his gun and was threatening to kill him with it.

If you believe the media, it was because he was black and Zimmerman is a racist piece of shit.

"Justice for Trayvon"... what the hell? So if Zimmerman walks, what then? Do we go after the dispatcher for not using a really firm tone of voice telling Zimmerman to get back into his car?

Do we go after the mildly illiterate girl Trayvon was on the phone with for not telling him to break the fuck out and run home?

I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. I do know a young man was shot and killed, and I know who did it. I can follow half a dozen motherfucking people around in my truck... right now... and not kill any of them.

Anything that draws away from the why is doing a disservice to everyone involved.

Jersey McJones said...

Zimmerman was not beaten senseless. You ever seen anyone beaten senseless? They don't look like he did. Should Martin have to run home? Does he have a choice? Can't Martin stand his ground? Would you want some dude following your teenaged kid around at night?

Yes, things should have played out very differently, from everyone involved, but Zimmerman was the grown up with the gun. He has culpability.


Anonymous said...

You ever see someone pinned about to be shot with their own gun? "You gonna die tonight, Motherfucker!"

To humor you, I have witnessed exactly 2 people damn near beat to death in front of me, both times it was the same guy doing the beating.

Should Martin *have* to run home, I suppose not? Does he have a choice... yes, about 7 minutes worth of choices if the timeline can be believed. Martin can stand his ground if he didn't start the actual fight, yes.

What is more important than *why* he shot him? The color of his skin, if you believe the media.

I would hope that my theoretical teenage son isn't sneaking around houses at night in a black hoodie and starting fights with random people, if he was I would attempt to straighten his ass out before he got it shot off. You and the Martin's are absolving Trayvon of being a contributing factor in his own demise, which is more dangerous thinking than what Zimmerman did. That's the type of thinking that allows a burglar to sue the homeowner for injuries sustained during the burglary.

"They don't look like he did" How badly does one have to be getting their ass kicked to qualify as self-defense in your world.

Defend your hopeless position of guilty before innocent all you want. We were not there. We cannot deem him criminally negligent, only the jury can now.

Micky said...

Jersy, the rest is not just "opinion"

Its "racial speculation" on the part of liberals who have decided ahead of time that there was a creepy cracker following Trayvon.
Those are Trayvons words, before he even knew what was following him.

And you've already made it abundantly clear that Zimmerman is guilty.

Really, you need to get some new material, start thinking for yourself instead of always towing leftist mantra.

Jack pointed out what I've been pointing out to you for almost 6 years now:

"if you're going to make assertions in this discussion, either bring proof or don't bother."

Thats been your MO in almost every debate.
We simply should take your word for it.

"Let's call a spade a spade and quit all this PC crap. Not all black people are niggers, but a lot of them really are. Nigger just means someone that's no damn good. There are plenty of white niggers too, but we call them rednecks."

You obviously do not know what meaning the word carries.

Slaves subjected to less than human treatment, and downright brutality were not people that were "no damn good"
Wise up asshole

Anonymous said...

I know what meaning it carries and what it is derived from.

I have only had rare occasion to use "nigger" in a hateful context directed at another person, and notice I didn't say the N-word, just say/type the fucking word. I have more than a few black acquaintances that use "nigga" profusely, so what am I to make of that? Black people can say whatever they want about each other (and coincidentally, white people) but somehow get offended when Paula Deen or I say it?

Africans sold other Africans into bondage and slavery, did everyone forget that?

If the PC crowd wants to minimize the use of a certain word, then stop fucking drawing attention to it. It's just like people who make it their life's mission to bitch about Kim Kardashian or Snooki, they are attention whores, and you keep feeding them attention!

As it is now, the word nigger is a lightning rod. Even insinuating it as "The N-Word" makes you mentally substitute "nigger" in for it. So what the fuck?

I want a ritz commercial where a black man is in bed with a white woman and he rolls over and gets a sleeve of Ritz out and asks the woman "You know what you and Ritz have in common? (looks right at the camera) You both are good fuckin' crackers."

I want to see WHAT WILL HAPPEN. If the ad gets pulled, if there is outrage, if there is a fucking Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton march of "Justice for Ritz"... what the fuck will happen.

There are plenty more hurtful ways I can disparage black people in general, I wonder why Paula Deen wasn't given the whole skewering by "How many more slurs have you used? Jungle bunny? Jiggaboo? Spook? Let's not forget the hispanics you could have possibly offended by saying 'spic' or 'wetback', cmon fess up paula."

God dammit it pisses me off so bad.

The word "Nigger" is powerless without context and intent. I wonder if my cracker honky redneck self has offended anyone by simply telling the truth.

Micky said...

@ Anonymous


You used the word in description of people you called "no damn good".

Just because others use the word in whatever context doesnt allow you to insult our intelligence with your bullshit.

I'm not going to argue a bunch of silly semantics with you.
You're full of shit.
Any fucking idiot can read your post and know you were not using the word simply in reference.
You were actually calling black people that you dont care for " niggers".

Quit while you're a "head".

Anonymous said...

What the hell...

Two anons here micky. This anon never said "No Damn Good" that was dramaturge.

Micky said...

Your justifications and lame resoning is still bullshit.

PC was derived in order to instruct a demographic to be sensitive to certain words for political gain/wrestling.

The N word is intentionally used to draw attention to a color as somehow making someone inferior.
You could just say they're black assholes, white assholes etc...

Nigger is spawned of derogatory slang from the word negro.

It has nothing to do with PC.

I am am quite possibly the least PC person on the planet and know exactly the intent behind its creation.
"Control the vocabulary, and you control the conversation and message"

Seriously, if you think were all stupid enough to believe your shit then you're simply not that bright yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am lame?

Yes, it comes from various non-english words for black, like spanish negro, or latin niger.

So, I am not a bright person because... I don't think that a word by itself is hateful, and by that merit alone I am still bullshit and stupid.

You totally slipped past my point of why black people can get away saying "nigga" all day long, and even to me? My neighbor is a 73 year old black man and he calls me "nigga" when I am just casually talking to him (I am white btw)... what can I make of that? I personally don't give a shit, but perhaps I should?

What about the word Niggardly? Does that offend? The origin of that word is in the 16th century.

What about War? Torture? Famine? Cancer? Apocalypse?

It has everything to do with being PC, as Paula Deen found out.

I am going to tell you what I told your pal JMJ a long time ago. Quit combating my character, start combating my logic.

My logic is, if you don't make a big fucking stink about it and turn it into a thing, then it won't be a thing anymore. It is entirely in YOUR POWER to determine what sway a word has over you. Exploding on everyone who says it just winds up the resentment on both sides and drives the wedge in more. Someone thinking as you do, that it is an ultimate word with immense power and vast far reaching influence is just adding fuel to the fire, because the negative use of it will just continue to gain momentum.

Under my way, the word is defanged until it is spoken out of genuine hatred.

It pisses me off Paula Deen is crucified, while Rachel Jeantel gets a pass, for essentially the same shit- uttering a racial slur.

There is a huge difference between me saying Nigger out of malice towards another person, and me saying Nigger to communicate the word itself. I am not advocating malicious use of the word, I am advocating that we as a culture not make a big deal about it and lambast people over it.

Still lame and bullshit?

Micky said...

Yeah, because even though theres two Anons its hard to tell you apart while one defends the other.
One autographs with Dramaturge but sign in as anonymous.

Pick a fucking name.
Its easy.

"I am going to tell you what I told your pal JMJ a long time ago. Quit combating my character, start combating my logic."

Your logic shows your character, and your character definitely molds your logic.

"Under my way, the word is defanged until it is spoken out of genuine hatred."

Fuck your way.
It hurts people and creates the shit you say you want eradicated.

Its real simple moron.

maybe we should just start calling bitches cunts because under "your way" its something we should all just get over because its up to everyone else to decide how malicious you're being.
Yeah, you're lame.
Because you tried to justify it as being a PC product.

It has nothing to do with your contrived parameters.
It has everything to do with the consensus in "ALL" of our society that when you say nigger you're clearly out to hurt someone and not just drumming another word for less than pleasurable blacks.
Paula Dean apologized, the idot bitch on the stand did not. You might want to pay attention to that and read into it a little deeper before you use it as some example.

You're an asshole.
You walked into it, and no one here is buying your bullshit.

Just so you know I'm some hypersensitive weenie

Jack Camwell said...

Mickey, fucking take it easy.

Your condescension is no different than Jersey's.

Calling him a moron doesn't make you more right.

Anonymous said...

Again you miss the entire point.

Your way is better? Getting all bent out of shape when offensive language is used in any context?

I never said to start calling black people niggers... you totally fabricated that analogy with your bitches and cunts scenario. To clarify, I don't think people should be publicly derided unless they use the word "nigger" out of hatred or bigotry, and you are trying to convince me that the word itself can only be used one way and one way only.

For the third time- It is society at large who gives this tyrannical power to the word.

Also for the second time... what about my black neighbor who calls me "nigga" what the hell is with that? Is he out to hurt me, or is that how he talks? Should I be offended? Confused? Amused? Indifferent? Tolerant?

I know this comes as a shock, but slavery and public segregation is abolished in America, therefore the only arenas the word has any public relevance in is in agendas. I want the Agenda part of it removed.

I am not sure what can be done about the offensive use of the word as a racial slur.

Paula Deen got raked over the coals, apology or not. What in the hell are you going on about me not paying attention to that little detail? That sort of public backlash and reaction is a major factor to making the problem worse! I don't think she should be burned at the stake unless she genuinely deserves it.

If the word cannot be used in any other way, why does Chris Rock say it? Dave Chappelle? Every rapper since 1995? Why does my neighbor say it to me?

I am not asking for social license so people can use the word nigger offensively. I am simply trying to point out that "Tolerance" is a two-way street.

It's like the Don Imus thing way back when, he got canned from TV for saying "Nappy headed ho's" in a negative manner, but not in an overtly offensive manner. Do you want to go after all the news outlets who repeated his words on TV? Do you want to go after me for repeating it now?

Micky said...

Jersy, its not about me being more right.

Its about an asshole who wants to change the fact that throwing gas on a fire is stupid.

This moron offers up all kinds of examples, Imus etc, as some justification for a word that carries a lot of hurt.

You know me very well Jersey, and know that I can get in the grammatical gutter and slam it out with the most potty mouth drunk sailor there is.
But theres just some words I dont use because they offer up nothing more than an attack on someone with intent to hurt.

If I call you or a black man an asshole, creep, jerk, piece of shit, that will suffice because any human can be any of those things.
If we are going to stop this ridiculous infusion of race into every debate that isnt going our way we then need to stop carelessly using racial terms that go only to creating pain.
I dont call people Hitler, Niggers or any other noun that describes the ugliest man has had to offer.


" and you are trying to convince me that the word itself can only be used one way and one way only."

You're an idiot.

Calling black people you see as inferior "niggers" will get you a bigger world of hurt than I've given you.

Those of us who are not fans of ideologies left of center are fucking tired of being called racists for no fucking reason and you're not helping asshole !
Get it !

Then of course if you cant understand that why the fuck would anyone expect you to understand the pain in creates for an entire demographic every time you so flippantly and irresponsibly use it because you think its just vibrations cast into the atmosphere off your vocal cords ?
My mother in law is a devout Christian, I donr use profanity around her because it hurts her.
Although the word fuck simply means "for unlawful carnal knowledge' it doesnt matter.
Its use creates pain for her, so I dont use it around her.

Can you grasp that simple fucking concept ?

Obviously not.

Oh, and pick a name so you wont get confused with the other millions of anons who are too gutless to be identified

Micky said...

Sorry, the first line in that post above was for Jack, not Jersey.

Jack, I wont converse with anon anymore after this and apologize for polluting the thread my lack of containment and decorum.

Theres a difference between saying things outside of PC that you know will piss off a lot of people and calling one person or group a name that infers them as less than human.
I disagree with liberals and many others on many issues, but they're still humans..

If it pisses someone off that I call terrorists "terrorists" instead of "freedom fighters" then screw them.
If it pisses off a black man when I call him nigger then I asked for it because of the blood shed to end that episode in history there are no more niggers, and theres no use for the word.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely no where did Jersey chime in. You are rambling to yourself. About entirely inaccurate statements I might add.

I cant get you to properly recognize my argument, so I will use yours.

"Calling black people you see as inferior "niggers" will get you a bigger world of hurt than I've given you."

Tell me where I gave that line of thought any traction whatsoever.

"Those of us who are not fans of ideologies left of center are fucking tired of being called racists for no fucking reason and you're not helping asshole !
Get it !"

I am trying to get politics and agenda's out of the situation.

"Then of course if you cant understand that why the fuck would anyone expect you to understand the pain in creates for an entire demographic every time you so flippantly and irresponsibly use it because you think its just vibrations cast into the atmosphere off your vocal cords ?"

Again, why do black people say it all the time, to each other, to me, about white people, as part of comedy, as part of speeches, etc.

If "Nigger" is so bad, then why do they use it?

Furthermore, for the fourth time, I am not advocating anyone use the word offensively?

"My mother in law is a devout Christian, I donr use profanity around her because it hurts her."

Exactly, but the difference is your mother-in-law isn't calling you a fucking shit for brains cocksucker who can't tell the difference between when someone says "Tits" and "Cunt."

She isn't only upset when *you* say profanity and not her husband... or the guy on TV, or whatever.

"Can you grasp that simple fucking concept ?

Obviously not."

straw man

a weak or imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted

Can you grasp that?

"Oh, and pick a name so you wont get confused with the other millions of anons who are too gutless to be identified."

Pretty well established I am AHB, but I will take it under advisement.

Micky said...

"Absolutely no where did Jersey chime in. You are rambling to yourself. About entirely inaccurate statements I might add."

Scroll up, I apologized for that.

Learn to read.

I can, and all your bullshit wont change the fact that you're trying to justify a word you used in an ignorant context.

"Exactly, but the difference is your mother-in-law isn't calling you a fucking shit for brains cocksucker "

Yeah genius, know why ?

Because I respect her feelings and have never given her opportunity to react in such a way.
I doubt you will be subjected to the same treatment by the 99% of the population that think its alright to call blacks niggers.

You're as bad as Jeantel insisting Trayvons words were not racial slurs.

From here on in I have to keep my word to dosassociate with you.
Were done

Anonymous said...

"Were done"

You never even got truly started, you have grossly misrepresented my stance and have totally fabricated most of the issues you have with it, while ignoring the questions I have posed to you.

"Scroll up, I apologized for that.

Learn to read."

You posted that "apology" while I was typing a response to you.

"Because I respect her feelings and have never given her opportunity to react in such a way.
I doubt you will be subjected to the same treatment by the 99% of the population that think its alright to call blacks niggers."

For the last...


"You're as bad as Jeantel insisting Trayvons words were not racial slurs."

I never said "nigger" wasn't a racial slur. Again more fabrication.

We really are going around in circles here. You dodged my questions, while creating a false version of my stance and attacking a phantom argument that was never presented.

Here is my ultimate theory: You want to stop racism, stop being racist. Everyone has had different experiences, everyone has some form of prejudice, everyone has something they don't like or they fear. To give black people a pass to use the word casually and without penalty is only reinforcing the problem. To give white people carte blanche to use the word is likewise not the answer. The answer is treat the people who use the word nigger to offend people as racists, and treat people who use the word cracker to offend people as racists.

You can't eliminate the problem by making the problem more complex. This isn't a wildfire you can use opposing fire to starve it out with.

Racism should altogether be vanquished, not just "some" racism.

Which is precisely the problem. Only one type of racism is on the menu of the mass media, the public, and in the minds of our culture.. and that in the direction
of white towards everyone else.

Nothing else is considered racism, or if it is, it is considered harmless or victimless.

Why do black people get a pass to be racist towards EACH OTHER if the word can only be used one way?

Someone else please explain these posts so I am not repeating myself over and over.

Jack Camwell said...


Stop name-calling. It's childish and pointless.

What he's trying to say is that there's a double standard in society, and it only widens whenever these words are given credence.

Take the term "cracker" for example. It's considered a racial slur, I guess, but most white people don't really care. If I get called a cracker or a honkey, my immediate reaction is "umm, okay?" Why? Because the word does not upset me. So if a black person were to call me a honkey or a cracker, I'd laugh in their faces.


Because their attempt to speak to me with contempt is futile. They can throw whatever words at me they like, but it makes no difference to me. And guess what? If after a while they get the hint that I truly could not give two shits about being called a cracker, they'll stop using the word.

We, as a nation, can't move forward on all of the racial tension until we start taking the bite out of the tools that are used to keep us all at odds.

I asked Dramaturge, or whatever the fuck his name is, to refrain from racial slurs because I don't want this blog to be deemed as a haven for racist weirdoes. Anon was simply expanding the discussion. At no point was he advocating for the use of racial slurs.

He completely understands that there are people that are offended by it. What he is advocating is that people move on from it and stop being offended by it. Why? Because then it loses its power. Black people can basically say cracker and honkey whenever they want, and it makes no difference. It's a disparraging term, often used hatefully, but white people tend to not give a shit.

So you don't really hear it all that often.

Anyhow, please refrain from insulting the intelligence of my readers/posters--even Jersey. Now, if someone comes off and lets loose on you, then by all means. But anon did not condescend at all.

I enjoy your presence here, but name-calling is beneath all of us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie, the summary was a bit off the mark, but close enough.

Now I am going to go into Back to the Future mode.

Mick, since you are new here I am going to cut you a break, today.

If you bother to read through this like I have a dozen times to try and see where the signals got crossed, I am fairly certain you have confused my postings with dramaturge, who made some fairly inflammatory comments which represent His/Her opinion, but not my own.

That's where we skewed into this tangent, where you believe I was responding to you as Dramaturge with the post starting:

"I know what meaning it carries and what it is derived from."

Which was an opening statement to let you know where I was coming from before I went into my piece.

In the future, realize the most frequent anon poster is me... AHB or the Anonymous Howard Beale... who is now out of energy to post in the other articles or finish up my gender rant.

The reason I don't add a name is because it is typically only me who responds anonymously without signing it.

Identifiers include the words "Jackie", words in "quotes" often, and a fairly well-rounded lexicon, but fairly shitty grammar.