Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why George Zimmerman is Not-Guilty Part II

Now, let's talk about some obvious facts that pretty much shut down the idea that Trayvon Martin didn't beat the shit out of George Zimmerman.  The first obvious clue is the fact that Zimmerman was reported to have had a broken nose and lacerations on the back of his head.  Some people have questioned whether Trayvon faught at all.

Wow.  So are we to believe that in a hurry to cover his tracks, Zimmerman broke his OWN nose?  That is not the face of a guy who came out of a fight unscathed.  And some are claiming that Zimmerman lied about his head being smashed onto the ground by Trayvon.

Hmm, that's odd.  Now, I can concede to the notion that perhaps the lacerations could be from his head initially hitting the ground, but the fact remains that he did hit the back of his head.  If Zimmerman was on top, how in the hell did he sustain those injuries?  Another likely scenario is that Martin wasn't actually smashing his head onto the ground, but the punches he was throwing could have been knocking Zimmerman's head to the ground. 

With this evidence, the case can be made that Martin hit Zimmerman at least once, and whatever Martin did next caused those injuries to the back of Zimmerman's head.  This is consistent with Zimmerman's statement that Martin was the agressor, hitting Zimmerman first and straddling him when Zimmerman hit the ground.  Zimmerman was likely not expecting the first blow, or he was not fast enough to dodge or deflect it, and probably sustained the punch to the nose, fracturing the nose.

And further injury to the front of his face was likely avoided because Zimmerman most likely covered his face with his arms at first to shield himself from the blows.  But we have even more evidence that supports the notion that Zimmerman sustained more blows to the face.  Zimmerman's medical report lists "two black eyes" as part of his injuries.

Also potentially damning to the prosecution is the fact that the autopsy reported abraisions on Trayvon's knuckles that may suggest Trayvon did actually punch Zimmerman.  What's more, if Zimmerman was the only person on top and Martin did not throw the initial punch that broke Zimmerman's nose, then it is incredibly unlikely that Martin would have been able to put enough force behind his punches in order to blacken Zimmerman's eyes and break his nose while being pinned to the ground by a man that outweighed him by 40 pounds.

Despite all of this evidence that has been public knowledge for quite some time, there are still some people who contest that George Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because he is black, chased him down, initiated the violence, pinned Martin to the ground, and then out in plain, open view, shot Trayvon in cold blood: and it was all because Zimmerman is racist.

That's what we're supposed to believe, and in part three, I will expose the myriad of logical leaps we are meant to take in order to believe the crock of shit that the media has helped to foment.


Anonymous said...

Jackie, you forgot that before he wanted to purposefully search out and kill a black kid, he called the police first.

Because you know, that's how it's done. You call the police and tell them who you are, where you are, and provide them with a description of the guy who you are about to kill.

Also, Zimmerman beat himself up, it's obvious Jackie, I mean he just straight up shot that kid...

Trayvon was simply a peaceful neighborhood hoodlum trying to ask Zimmerman for a crowbar, Trayvon saw some jewelry and a laptop in that last house he cased but was without a suitable implement to break the window.

This young man is so racially blind, he just walked up to the first guy he saw to ask for help, he never called this person a "Nigger" or a "Creepy ass Cracker" no no... Trayvon was a good peaceful druggie hoodlum.

In fact, Trayvon Martin was a modern day Robin Hood... that is a model fucking citizen. If everyone just burglarized everyone else we would be a lot better off.

Lee Kushner said...

You can leave all the jive, smart-ass, racist propaganda you want, but those are NOT, and have been judged not to be, wounds consistent with someone's head being slammed against the ground. They are punctures, clearly. Plus, he told the police he couldn't stand "these niggers, messing up my neighborhood," and defied the order from an AUTHORIZED POLICE REPRESENTATIVE to stay in his car. Then, because he is the cowardly, self-appointed, neighborhood watchdog, despite having been arrested for domestic violence and a gun offense or two, he pulls out his gun and kills an opponent in a fight. I got my ass beaten in a fight, and I even never pulled out my canister of pepper spray. It's something that happens to a real man, who learns from his experiences, including about how to fight effectively, and not some useless piece of malicious shit, like George Zimmerman. There was not a single shred of evidence recovered that implicated Martin in a crime of any kind, that night, which means that that pussy killed him, for no reason.

Jack Camwell said...

"You can leave all the jive, smart-ass, racist propaganda you want,"

starting off a response like that sort of defies any notion of objectivity, does it not?

"but those are NOT, and have been judged not to be, wounds consistent with someone's head being slammed against the ground."

Really? Show me your evidence, because last I heard in the trial, they were judged to be wounds consistent with what he claimed happened.

"Plus, he told the police he couldn't stand "these niggers, messing up my neighborhood"

Did he say that in a police statement? Or are you claiming that he said that in the 911 call? I've listened to the 911 call. He never said that.

"and defied the order from an AUTHORIZED POLICE REPRESENTATIVE to stay in his car."

You obviously haven't listened to the 911 call, have you? He was never--not once--explicitly ordered to stay in his car.

I get the sense that you are mistaking all of the theory and conjecture surrounding the media hooplah as actual hard evidence.

And lastly, why do you carry around pepper spray if you don't intend to use it? I don't know too many "real men," who carry pepper spray with them . . .