Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Gary Busey Parable

Gary Busey walks into a bar and sits down to have a drink.  The bar tender comes up to him and asks,
"what'll you have, sir?"

With a wry smile, Gary replies "actually, I'm going to give you something, fine sir."

The bar tender gives Gary a quizzical look, unsure whether to be afraid or intrigued.  Giving in to the mystery of the moment, the bar tender works up the courage to say "what do you have for me?"

"A question," Gary answers, "one, simple question.  Today I went to Krogers and I spent $15.00.  What did I buy?"

The bar tender, puzzled, can only think to ask Gary questions in the hopes that Gary will give him some sort of hint.  "Well," he says after a brief pause, "was there a sale that day?"

Gary smiles and replies, "that's irrelevant, friend.  Just answer the question.  I spent $15.00 at Kroger . . . what did I buy?"

The bar tender was a little annoyed.  "Well Gary, it's a little unfair to ask me such a random question and then expect me to just pull out an answer without having any further information.  Couldn't you give me some sort of hint?"

"No," Gary replies, his grin widening.  "I don't understand why you can't just give me an answer.  Why do you have to ask so many questions?  Just go with your gut."

Aggitated, the bar tender replies, "okay, smart guy, I have a question for you.  Yesterday, at 12:00 noon exactly, I had something very specific to drink.  What was it?"

Almost immediately, Gary replies, "a coca-cola."

The bar tender laughed, sensing that he had cornered his patron.  "Wrong, I had a glass of milk."

"That's where you're wrong, my friend," said Gary.  "You clearly had a coca-cola."

The bar tender's jaw dropped in disbelief.  "How the hell would you know, Gary?  You weren't even there!"

"Well, I can't possibly think of a reason why you would have a glass of milk instead of a coca-cola.  Only a moron would drink anything other than an ice cold coke for lunch.  Are you telling me that you're an idiot?"  Gary mockingly lowered his head, staring somewhat upwardly at the fuming bar tender.

The bar tender sensed that Gary must have been playing a trick on him to get a rise, so the bar tender decided to take the high ground.  "Gary," he said in a collected tone, "since you're so convinced that I had a soda, then prove it."  Knowing that Gary had no evidence to prove him wrong, the bar tender was sure he had Gary cornered.  He wasn't even there, he thought to himself, so how can he make such an assumption?

Gary stood up slowly, still smiling, and slightly leaned forward over the bar, his hands planted firmly.  He gazed directly into the bar tender's eyes and said, "That's just the way it is, friend."  At that, Gary gave a single, short nod, turned, and slowly walked out of the bar.

The bar tender's incredulity quickly turned into sadness as he realized Gary was not playing a trick.  Gary was being serious.


So, readers, what does the parable mean to you?


Anonymous said...

It means that people trust their instincts and their own hype without any damn good reason to believe in such things.

This isn't a cheating spouse scenario where you can just tell the person is acting different, this isn't a missing family member where you just know they would try to call you if they were alive.

People hold irrational beliefs and they pose immaterial questions whilst under their own delusion.

They pervert reality and expect you to be along for the ride "Just Because" and without any logical or rational reason.

Silverfiddle said...

This parable is unfair to Gary Busey. He suffers from brain damage due to a motorcyle accident.

The left's brain damage is self-inflicted and purposeful. And they make much less sense than Mr. Busey.

He did a great job as Buddy Holly, btw.

Jersey McJones said...

I got it! Gary Busey is really Ted Poe!


The Smoking Man said...

Since Silver automatically went anti-left and Jersey automatically anti-right, I'd like to take a moment and remind you all that Democrats and Republicans are both equally full of it. They are Pepsi vs Coke, if Pepsi and Coke both tasted like shit.


Jersey McJones said...

I was just joking about how Ted Poe always says, "That's just the way it is."


Harrison said...

He's never been right since he got into that motorcycle accident and wasn't wearing a helmet.

He was great as Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon.

Silverfiddle said...

TSM: Democrat and Republican have nothing to do with left and right.

They are two wings of the same statist bird that craps on us all daily.

Micky said...

I think Gary proved the bartender to be an idiot.

The bartender could of answered;
"a case of Depends".
And if Gary denied it, or said the bartender guessed wrong the bartender simply could of told him its not the first time hes been full of shit.

This kind of reminds me of imagining your dates tits are bigger than they really are just you can cop a nut ?

Micky said...

"TSM: Democrat and Republican have nothing to do with left and right.

They are two wings of the same statist bird that craps on us all daily."


I'll agree that as a whole government is a dysfunctional clusterfuck, way bloated and economically inefficient on both ends.
But I still like to believe that theres still some elements in the GOP that adhere to free market principles, individualism, private property, and traditional values.
If we cant at least have that much hope were seriously screwed.
You have to admit (not really, but you should) the Democrats do harbor the majority of lunatic idealists.

Jack Camwell said...

Well, the bartender started off with asking a question. Gary, however, did not ask any clarifying questions when the tables were turned.

Part of the idea is that there are some people who, when presented with a situation they know little about, will first ask questions before giving an answer. Others will simply give an answer from their heart or gut without caring about discovering the truth.

Micky said...

Yeah, much like convincing yourself that your date is not what it really is just so one can remain in their comfort zone.
Then theres the pride factor that wont allow people to admit they're wrong.
I grew up with a mother who actually said at one time "I'm always right".
Decades later I confronted her with that statement and she said "well, noy always, but at least 99% of the time".
I know these people well and had a hard time giving up the same mentality myself in order to stop drinking and using.
Which I believe is one of Buseys problems.

Micky said...

Oh, and I forgot.

No matter what Gary bought, everyone right of center is racist.
Cuz thats just the way it is.
Or as Jersey would say "because I said so".

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