Sunday, July 21, 2013

Movie News: Brawl of the Century

It was announced at Comicon the other day that there will, indeed, be a sequel to this Summer's Man of Steel, but there is a twist . . .

The Last Son of Krypton will not be battling Doomsday, Darkseid, or even his old arch nemesis Lex Luthor.  He'll be squaring off against Batman.

Yes!  You've heard correctly!  The Man of Steel will be going toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight himself in the next movie installment.  I don't really know how the rest of you might feel about this, but I am thoroughly psyched about this.

The easy thing to do would have been to have Lex Luthor be the featured villain in the next film, so this seems like an excellent turn of events.  To have the greatest heroes of comic legend actually fight each other in their first movie match-up is unexpected and exhiliarating.  It's a genius move because now DC will be able to milk the whole rivalry thing:  Team Superman or Team Batman.

Personally, I think Batman would have this match-up on lockdown.  I know, Superman is essentially a god amongst men, but he doesn't have something that Batman has: tactical genius.

You can bet your ass that although kryptonite wasn't featured in the first film, the second film will see that Bruce Wayne--with his near limitless resources--will have discovered the existence of kryptonite and will use that to bring down Kal-El.  Near kyrptonite, Superman is just as frail as any normal human and unfortunately for Kal, Batman is no ordinary human.

So what say you?  Superman vs. Batman: who wins?  Cast your votes in the upper right hand corner!


Ducky's here said...

I was more interested that Criterion finally decided to release a new print of Antonioni's La Notte, the last of the alienation trilogy to be restored.

It happened when I decided to beat the heat and duck in to watch Pacific Rim. Not a terrible movie but certainly one ht had nothing memorable. I was waiting for him to actually compose a shot.
It's hard to get excited about the current action film when camera movement, composition and acting have become optional.
If Zack "We Are Sparta" Snyder is doing the sequel there isn't any reason to get excited.

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Micky said...

If Superman holds Catwoman hostage (hopefully Halle Berry) then Batman will fold.

The Smoking Man said...

Superman picks Batman up and flies him into outer space where he then suffocates. Bruce Wayne's icy bloated corps then orbits the planet for the rest of time.

The End.


Harrison said...

i saw the Superman re-boot several years ago and skipped this re-boot of the re-boot. Superman will fight Batman?

That sounds really dumb.

I'll be sure to miss it.

Nothing beats Superman like the 1979 film.

Micky said...

79 was dorky

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