Tuesday, July 9, 2013

War on Women?

Uncle Sam fucking COMMANDS you to read
the article!
A good friend of mine is pursuing a nursing degree (at least I think it's nursing) and right now she's
going through the gen. ed. courses.  She has to write a reasearch paper, and she chose the topic of spousal abuse.

I've decided to bump her article because she came to a surprising conclusion in the research she has done, and I think that many of my readers would appreciate the very refreshing approach she is taking.  She, herself, is a victim of spousal abuse, so the subject hits very close to home for her.

I would invite all of you to read, because she says some things that truly need to be said.



Kyrston said...

Thanks for the bump, darling. :)

Jack Camwell said...

Anytime, my dear =)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, something that crossed my mind many times watching my mom attempt to beat the crap out of my dad many times during my childhood.
Every now and then she'd get a shot in and he's wear shades for couple days.
This went on til my 21st. birthday where a hundered people were invited.
I came home to find them fighting over custody of my 12 year old sister, playing tug of war with her.
I threw my sis in the bedroom and as I got back to the living room mom had hurled a 5 lb. glass ashtray at dad. He dodged it, I jumped in its path to keep it from hitting the 2000.00 Marantz amplifier.
There were no party preps, no food, no booze, no nothing but these two assholes still going at it after 21 years on my 21st birthday.
I informed them right then and there that if they did not divorce and quit this shit they'd never see me again and I myself would file for custody of my sis after telling the court what just happened and happened all my life.
Thats the only thing in those twenty years that stopped the madness.
Back in the day there were evem less resources for abused women and even just as few for men as there are today.
I cant imagine where he'd go for help, even if his pride would of allowed him.
Maybe theres not, or never has been,as many forms of shelter and support for guys because its just too embarrassing for them to open up without fearing they'll look like pussies ?
I know, its a societal stigma thing that a man should never let a woman get the best of him physically.
I've had the shiner given to me by my ex only to have my buddies tease me the next day.
All I could really do was let her hit me because previously in similar events,even raising my hands in defense would give her arms bruises.

Heh, on a lighter note, Adam Carolla would probably pay you good money for your papers.

Micky said...

Hmm.. I screwed up.
Anonymous was me, Micky

Anonymous said...

Like I commented on somekindofclever, there is a huge problem with trying to achieve equality by focusing on the issues and problems of only one group of people.

I find some of the really big social issues all have a common theme, that they are derived from the idea that "certain kinds" of people need additional support from society in order to function.

As an example, we recently touched on cultural tensions in this country. These are made worse by such things as affirmative action and yes even welfare. The media does us no favors by injecting their spindoctor agenda.

Does racial discrimination exist in America? Absolutely. I have witnessed it countless times.

However the important thing to keep in mind that the opposite of discrimination is NOT privilege. Privilege is preferential treatment, not fair treatment. So women in family court, domestic abuse and what not have actual true privilege, while a white man getting pulled over for speeding and not being searched for drugs is simply "fair." Privilege would be if the white guy's speeding ticket turned into a search for drugs, they found drugs, and the police do absolutely nothing about it... important difference.

The same sort of mentality trickles down amongst women and minorities that somehow they are "owed" certain things in our society. Women feel they have been oppressed for centuries (lol) and now it's their turn to get over on men for any reason, and the system is helping them do it.

Likewise, you hear Al Sharpton talk about the George Zimmerman case in the absolute most biased bullshit way possible with ZERO objectivity... if a white guy with a news show did the same thing for George Zimmerman, there would be an outrage.

Al Sharpton: "So how can the police call it self-defense and let GZ go free when he didn't listen to the dispatcher"

Rational person: "because he obviously was A: on the phone with the police beforehand, B: was getting beat up C: your question is excluding the possibility that he did in fact stop following him and that it was Trayvon who started the fight"

Al Sharpton: "what evidence is there to let him go free"

Rational Person: "I just told you, he got his ass kicked, you can't say for certain he started the shit, the evidence strongly suggests he wasn't tracking TM to murder him"

Al Sharpton:"George Zimmerman had a gun and he shot an unarmed Trayvon, how is that self-defense?""


Rational Person: "I hate my species"

Silverfiddle said...

You've got one smart friend there, jack.

As I posted at her site, America is probably the best place in the world to be a woman, and thank God for that!

Here is a politically-incorrect take on American feminism from a funny and gifted curmudgeon:


Your friend should watch herself, though. Academia will not take kindly to her radical departures from accepted orthodoxy.