Monday, July 15, 2013

What did the Zimmerman trial teach us? - by AHB‏

The Anonymous Howard Beale
First and foremost, I would like to extend my sympathies to the Martin's for the loss of their son under these circumstances. I would also like to extend my sympathies to the Zimmerman's for being in the crosshairs of a witch hunt spearheaded by the media. There are so many factors in this that from the start things were never going to turn out "OK."  So I am going to touch on each and where I think the whole system failed both Martin and Zimmerman. Then I am going to launch into my retaliation against the media for all the SHIT that they stirred.

The Martins- Honestly... I believe the best approach they could have asked for is "the truth."  "Justice for Trayvon" seemed to me a thinly veiled euphemism for "Vengeance for Trayvon." From the start of this, they were dealt one of the absolute shittiest hands you could fathom: a loss of a child. I believe with the way the media ignited this up, that they have portrayed the Martin family as never being satisfied until Zimmerman was stuck with the needle. I feel that is unfair to them, and that their loss was transformed into an opportunity to beat the fucking war drums of the race war. They were portrayed as hellbent on revenge... never once in the hours upon hours I listened to their comments did they say anything along the lines of "Well, Zimmerman could be telling the truth."  I am sorry, but there is just something way fucking off about that.  It shows a lack of open-mindedness that is going to keep us divided forever. I would like some sort of acknowledgement on their behalf that this is not about revenge. What they are essentially advocating is Trayvon had every right to go up and start shit with Zimmerman, even if he was "up to no good." Trayvon's record is not spotless, nor is Zimmerman's . . . but even if you think the worst about Trayvon, the penalty for burglary shouldn't be *death*. I don't give a fuck if Trayvon Martin had a bag of diamonds with him. What ultimately sealed his fate was picking a fight he had little hope of actually winning. If you don't believe Trayvon started the actual shit that led to his death, then you quite frankly are a blind racist. Yes, it's possible to be racist against "whiteness," too.

The Zimmermans- Drug through the fucking mud and the muck, shot at and missed then shit at and hit.  Then they were slung back and forth through the Shawshank shitter pipe like Andy Dufresne. Everyone just knew this guy was guilty way before any evidence.  Way before any actual examination, it was a countrywide shotgun verdict of "hang the prick", "Child Killer", "Liar." Not for one fucking moment did the hive-mind give credence to the fact that this guy could have been telling the truth. This is almost as grave an injury as to what the Martin's went through, because in a very real sense, George Zimmerman's life is over. He will never be truly free to do as he likes without watching his back. I don't think enough attention has been given to Zimmerman in terms of "well fuck, this dude's story jives."  I guarantee you that George Zimmerman, if he could re-live that day over again with the knowledge he has now, would have just curled up in the fetal position and lay in bed all day--even knowing the verdict is not-guilty. That says a lot about shit right there. It says a lot about how our modern society, with its news and it's agendas, could destroy anybody.

The State Attorney/Prosecutors- SHODDY. The actual courtroom skill of the prosecution attorneys isn't in question, it was clearly obvious that at times they were making an impact even with dick all for proof. That being said, why the fuck even risk a Brady violation let alone several? Why PUSH this to gain political clout? WHY WHY WHY did you listen to the fucking unwashed masses and go forward with murder 2? You fucked this up hardcore when you withheld evidence from the grand jury. You just wanted to be the big shot heroes, but like so many fucking people who find themselves lacking and want a shortcut to the top, you just roped the biggest pity party in town and said "Evidence be damned, we gotta win this" (I am looking at you Angela Corey) you got one of the most biased judges ever to help you out, you got one of the most bogus fucking arrest warrants possible. You assholes. Murder 2? What the fucking hell. Any fair judge would throw that bullshit out immediately. The only saving grace the prosecuting team had was John Guy. Without John Guy you have fucking nothing. Without John Guy, even the biased ass fucking judge who was torpedoing the defense at every turn would be forced to dismiss the case. John Guy was your Barry Sanders... worst fucking assisting O-line in the universe, best dude with the football. A case wholly built around manslaughter would have been SO MUCH easier to seal up. But no, you had to drag racial shit into it, outright fucking wild conjecture swinging for the fences and trying to transmute a Yugo into a McLaren F1. You had no evidence to support murder. You let George Zimmerman's voice be heard without him taking the stand. Oh btw judge, add manslaughter to this . . . oh btw judge, add 3rd degree murder. Your job was to attempt to put Zimmerman in prison, and I think all you ended up doing was helping Zimmerman get exonerated by your buffoonery. Zimmerman could easily turn the tables on you fucking vampires and put all your asses in the hot seat. If they truly thought about it for even a moment, their whole god damn approach should have been involuntary manslaughter from jump street. Forget Murder 2 or 3--not possible. Their arguments should have been limited to manslaughter, shaped around that charge, and hinting toward that charge. Instead they fucking gave in to the racebaiting fools and tried to convince us that Zimmerman came out of the shadows, shot Martin, then bashed his own self in.

Zimmerman Defense- Jesus, compared to most of the prosecutors, you guys get an A+ for rational thinking. Not only did the defense outright prove George Zimmerman was innocent, but I feel that toward the end of it, they were actually just on cruise control, by the time Robert Zimmerman took the stand they had to have known this was practically over. Even if by some praise-be-miracle that their *evidence* based defense fell through, they still had the so called "stand your ground" in their back pocket which instantly exonerates Zimmerman, and then on top of that, they could have appealed and been granted it pointing out the Judge's bias at nearly every turn. I would hope that if this goes to federal that you keep all the same people in place. All the defense had to really do is muddy up the waters, but they actually did more proving and more fact-checking than the actual prosecution did! The fuck? Don West deserved to eat his ice cream. O'mara was a stud and he didn't even have to be. The defense had a few major pitfalls they fell into, but by the end of it, there wasn't really much wrong with their presentation of the facts.

People- The reaction of people in general was completely shitty. From the racebaiters to the fucking president. Even people like Jersey and the people on Kooks and Criers who think Obama is an infallible political deity had to be appalled at that one.  Bill Clinton "If I had another daughter, she would look like Nicole Brown Simpson." The fuck? GWB "If I had another daughter, she would be Channon Christian" show me that fucking shit, somewhere, anywhere, please.

THE MEDIA... my biggest bitch of them all. George Zimmerman's first move should be sue the pants off all these fucking news outlets for slander and libel, and when he wins those slam dunk cases he should take his millions and then file for wrongful prosecution and bury Angela Corey in her own bile, then take his now unfathomable millions and move his whole family to Grand Cayman. The entire narrative, EVEN NOW after innocence, has been "race race race race race race race race". Watching CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and even FOX was nothing but one unfounded fabrication of racebaiting after another, day after day after day. "Black kids shouldn't be hunted."  No . . . they shouldn't.  But there is zero, I repeat, ZERO actual tangible proof to that line of thought and overwhelming proof to the opposite. The proof and evidence shows Trayvon waited around, didn't run away, and then he started the fight. So the unsaid message really is "White people, even people who have a bit of whiteness, should just let black people beat the shit out of them, because resisting them is racist." The media was quick to show Zimmerman's mugshot, and Trayvon 6 years ago. From the start this has been a fucking witch hunt, and even today after watching the "reactions" they had a "jury" and "expert panel" that is overwhelmingly black people screaming the race card. The white pundits on TV have one hand tied behind their back, and every black person from Don Lemon to Sunny Hostin was dodging the facts and saying absolute biased opinions and calling him murderer. Just now "He got away with murder" what the fucking hell?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? They overtly tried to suggest to Zimmerman's brother that George's story was laced with inaccuracies. Trayvon Martin was POSSIBLY a victim of unlawful death, George Zimmerman and his family have been victimized countless times, yet not one, not ONE fucking media mouthpiece would ever acknowledge that other than to say "well maybe he will be a target now." He has been a target for a year and a half thanks to your god damn unconscionable and unapologetic self-appointed crusadership in the name of "equality" but secretly in the name of "inequality and ratings"

George Zimmerman: 0 Trayvon Martin: 0 Racebaiters: -124,720,690,481 Media: incalculable negative score, possible heat death of the universe or vacuum metastability event pending.


Silverfiddle said...

"So the unsaid message really is "White people, even people who have a bit of whiteness, should just let black people beat the shit out of them, because resisting them is racist."

That is the logical conclusion from all of this illogic, isn't it?

Going through all the transcrips of George Zimmerman's interviews and statements, his story never varied. He was the only eye witness.

To me, his initial statements added to his credibility. Had he lawyered up first, one could posit that he cynically concocted a legally airtight story, but no one has proven that.

That investigating detective who testified that Zimerman was relieved when he told him the confrontation had been filmed, in order to try to trick him into changing his story, almost sealed it for me.

Look at his story, look at the evidence, and it points to Zimmerman telling the truth.

The question separating the pros and antis is whether you believe Martin jumped Zimmerman as he was returning to his vehicle, as Zimmerman stated in official statements,

or whether you believe Zimmerman hunted him down and killed him, or perhaps merely confronted him.

If Zimmerman merely confronted Martin, and Martin felt threatened, he had a right to self-defense. Who do the Martin fans believe threw the first punch?

All evidence, regardless of who started it, show Zimmerman was on the ground, being pounded (Wounds to the back of the head, broken nose).

No such evidence show up on Martin.

So, does a man being sat upon and pounded on have recourse to firepower?

The law says yes, if he feels his life is in danger, or he is in danger of great bodily harm.

So, the worse we can say of Zimmerman is that he should have stayed in his vehicle, Martin was just walking along.

It's an unfortunate situation.

And AHB, I agree with you about how Zimmerman should proceed legally. I'd love to see him hire Alan Dershowitz and rip through the prosecutors and their propagandists in the press like crap through a goose.

Anonymous said...

It gets better than that Silver.

Imagine for a moment there was no gun like so many of the racebaiters and the myopic gun control crowd fail to think through.

George Zimmerman would be either dead or critically injured. So in essence they are actually saying that a black teenager's life is worth more than a 20 something hispanic man's life, and therefore was justified to beat the shit out of him. Anyone whenever they are alone is justified in attacking someone with that line of thought.

If TM knocked George Zimmerman down on the sidewalk with his first punch and simply just ran away, what then?

No one is even addressing the reality that TM had choices too. He clearly chose to fight. He clearly chose not to go home. He clearly chose not to call the cops. He clearly chose to tickle the tail of the dragon and attack a perfect stranger.

Trayvon's own words suggest he knew he was being followed by a "Nigger" and a "Creepy-ass Cracker", yet he made the wrong choice. If I was the defense attorney I would actually have timed how fast GZ could run, full bore, and see if he can get farther than 120 feet in 4 fucking minutes. That alone proves that Zimmerman would have caught up to Martin well within the timespan of the phone call with the dispatcher if he chased TM down and lunged at him or whatever bullshit fantasy you racebaiting fucking non-thinking pod people believe.

Trayvon Martin had a right to life, but George Zimmerman doesn't...? Can I get an AMEN ? Praise Obama? Anything?

Jersey McJones said...

What a pile of bullshit.

Zimmerman is a moron. A pudgy little insecure man with a gun playing cop at night, spots a black kid walking down the road, tells the cops he thinks it's an asshole who always gets away with God knows what, winds up getting his fat ass kicked by the kid, so he shoots him, and gets away Scott Free (though civil litigation may change that).

And you cons bitch and moan. "He's proven innocent," you blather, your ignorance of criminal law on full peacock.

Bla bla bla. I hope you're happy a black kid is dead and so far no one is the least bit accountable. But that's what you guys want, right? The right to utterly unaccountable rights. Millions of armed morons running around out there. Idiots.


Jack Camwell said...

The civil rights thing will never, ever go through because there is actually ***NO EVIDENCE*** that proves or suggests that Zimmerman committed a hate crime, other than the purely circumstantial fact that a white hispanic killed a black person.

Trayvon Martin ATTACKED George Zimmerman. Period. Considering Trayvon Martin didn't have ANY wounds on him suggesting that George Zimmerman actually punched him, we can only assume that Martin jumped him and quickly took control of the situation. THAT is based on actual EVIDENCE, Jersey, something that I know you're not accustomed to.

And GZ wasn't a "fat ass" at the time of the attack. He put on close to 100 pounds since the incident.

He wasn't "playing cop." He was a designated neighborhood watchperson.

Martin wasn't walking down the road, he was walking in between houses, backyards and what not, in a fucking GATED COMMUNITY to which he didn't belong. And when he saw GZ roll up on him, he bolted almost immediately.

And as far as your asinine assertion about us wanting "unaccountable rights," do you believe that everyone who uses deadly force when attacked should do jail time for defending themselves?

As has been stated countless times--which you have no doubt ignored countless times--following someone IS NOT A CRIME. Tresspassing on private property IS A CRIME. Assaulting someone IS A CRIME.

Now, which one of us doesn't know jack shit about criminal law?

Justice for Trayvon? Trayvon already got justice. He attacked an armed man, and he was shot because of it.

Unless you have any actual proof to the contrary--evidence that a fucking prosecution team didn't even have--then you have no ground to stand on . . . as per usual.

Silverfiddle said...

Jersey McJones, blubbering, boobish spokesmouth for the perpetually agitated and unquestioningly orthodox politically correct left, spouts more ignorant nonsense.

"The right to utterly unaccountable rights."

George Zimmerman was held to account by a court of law and found not guilty by a jury of his peers, so your statement, like the majority of your blusterings, is absurd.

Anonymous said...


" I hope you're happy a black kid is dead"

Hey Jersey, since you're so worried about "black kids" why dont you start a campaign to stop black on black shootings that outnumber white on black shootings ten to one ?

I'm tired of this argument, debate, all the faux facts and bullshit people are pulling out of their asses, and have boiled it down to this.

Two idiots bumped into each other at the wrong time and place

Micky said...

Sorry, anonymous would be me.

Jersey McJones said...

Okay guys...

Silver, I agree that a jury looked at this and I understand why they decided the way they did. Zimmerman was overcharged. What this idiot did was a product of the culture and legal landscape.

Micky, I completely agree that it all comes down to this: Two idiots bumped into each other at the wrong time and place. Yes. Exactly. But one was an adult surveilling a kid. If Zimmerman had turned out to be a criminal, stalking Martin, and Martin kicked his ass, Martin would be a hero in the neighborhood. The point is that this was avoidable. Idiots carrying guns playing cops on the streets is dangerous and potentially illegal.

Just as your comment points out, like whenever two idiots assault each other, Zimmerman should have been charged with an assault. Not much of a crime, but then we are going to have to expect this kind of idiocy while stupid laws like "stand your ground" and "conceal and carry for any moron" are on the books.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of bullshit.
I know anyone who disagrees with the hive mind seems radical to the rank and file thinking of so called "Free Citizens" like yourself.

Zimmerman is a moron.

Zimmerman is a moron... for what reason exactly? According to you he got away with murder, not too many morons can claim that Jersey. Looking out for his community and trying to protect his neighbors and their property? I would think a democrat like yourself would be all about letting outside influences lord over the well-being of your own property.

I will grant you this much because I, unlike you, am objective, logical, and rational. GZ was moronical in the sense that he hung the phone up and asked the police to call him back when they arrived.

A pudgy little insecure man with a gun playing cop at night

Correct me if I am wrong, but how many times do the cops call themselves to explain to other cops exactly what they are observing and have an ask and answer dialog with a turn by turn update.

You also don't believe the 2nd amendment applies to George Zimmerman, who was carrying his weapon lawfully.

In your world Jersey, you can stop any situation with harsh language. "Stop or I will say Stop again" is clearly your mantra.

I have a gun with me almost always, does that make me insecure?

At least I have an option to resort to if I need it, and so did George Zimmerman. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that the firearm was used in self-defense, so you clearly think that George Zimmerman deserved to get his ass kicked by a teen, as you so brilliantly go on to say, but fail to make the connection that is the reason he shot him.

He was hoping that the police would show up and handle the situation, otherwise why call the police.

Your reasoning is flawed beyond logic. In your opinion, a concerned citizen should just turn the other cheek in the face of crime. I will keep that in mind for the future Jersey, that is really going to help me dismantle your ideology at some point in time.

Don't you think if this guy was a habitual "wolf crier" that the police would be on to him. He called a non-emergency number of the nearest sub-station. Not 911. Not the National Guard. Not Barack Hussein Obama or Mister Joe Biden.

spots a black kid walking down the road, tells the cops he thinks it's an asshole who always gets away with God knows what

Because when you have a couple home invasions and burglaries in the area and have descriptions of the people involved, you don't bat an eye when you see someone fitting the known description moving shiftlessly around the sideyards and weaving in and out between houses.

Trayvon Martin fit the description of two people who were actually seen busting down a woman's door, and someone who George Zimmerman reached out to try and help... because people helping each other is improper and only the government is anointed with the task of the preservation of peace. Because this is like Brave New World where the government is infallible, and private citizens are just flawed human beings who don't have the proper policies in place to run their lives.

I am glad you acknowledge that he was talking to the cops at this point though, and not actually taking the law in his own hands like an actual cop is authorized to do.

Selective reasoning is a hell of a logical handicap Jersey, and I suggest you drop that habit unless you wish to stagnate into an intellectual cripple.

Anonymous said...

winds up getting his fat ass kicked by the kid, so he shoots him, and gets away Scott Free (though civil litigation may change that).

Yes, because he has shot a thousand people in his lifetime. George Zimmerman is the new Iceman for the hispanic mafia... oh wait you said he got his ass kicked?

You mean there was an actual reason he shot? Which one is it.

Beyond that, you and I both know he is going to pay the price for the rest of his life. People like you will make sure of that for all of us and keep this cold blooded pistol sniper away from our black youth.

And you cons bitch and moan. "He's proven innocent," you blather, your ignorance of criminal law on full peacock.

And you dems bitch and moan "He is guilty" you blather, your ignorance of the actual law full on illiterate.

I don't think he is guilty of murder, sorry.

Involuntary Manslaughter, you could make a case for, but we never heard the case framed that way, did we?

Bla bla bla. I hope you're happy a black kid is dead and so far no one is the least bit accountable.

You hope I am happy a black kid is dead huh? I feel that is more telling about what you want to think than what I actually think. Anyone who doesn't want George Zimmerman's head on a pike is happy TM is dead. That is a hell of a feat of cognitive gymnastics you are performing when you decry from the mountainside that no one so far is held accountable, while simultaneously claiming that George Zimmerman is solely to blame. Who exactly do we go after now then?

BTW, I suggest you go to your local police station and ask to see some cold case homicide files, then randomly pick some names out of the phone book and hold them accountable for that murder. Someone has to be accountable for every unnatural death after all.

But that's what you guys want, right? The right to utterly unaccountable rights. Millions of armed morons running around out there. Idiots.

holy double-back.

Do we want the freedom to take others rights away, or do we want the freedom to take our own rights away... which is it exactly, you were a little confusing.

Millions of armed morons running around out there, to combat criminals who are also armed. Ie: and even match up.

Which is opposed to your world where the common man would be relegated to fight crime with daffodils and rainbows while the criminals would still be armed. Ie: Absolute criminal dominion

No wonder dems are pushing for gun control, they just want to live in constant fear to prove the government is the only viable option to protect people after we disarm only the people who abide the law.

Sooner or later you are going to have to accept the fact that man is flawed. No system or policy can change that. There are no solutions, only tradeoffs. Outlawing guns from the lawful would only guarantee that the unlawful would have guns.

I am curious, if you think GZ is guilty of murder, how exactly did he get exonerated? Is he some sort of incompetent Batman who as a vigilante just stumbled into the perfect crime? Is he some secret super villian like Magneto who pulled off the oceans eleven of murder?

You are falling into the increasingly popular "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy, wherein any evidence that proves Zimmmerman acted in self-defense isn't evidence.

I suppose in your utopia, people wouldn't have the option of defending themselves. I hope there aren't any shitheads hanging around to fuck up your perfect world.

Last quote I promise.


Jersey's Mainstream Jive

Wherein anything the media advocates, Jersey advocates. Except for Fox, they are biased of course.

Anonymous said...

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent takedown.

Jersey gets his ass handed to him so often, you'd think he'd have learned a few things by now...

Anonymous said...

Silver, don't use that language here!!!!!!!111111one.

It might seem like I am using an MMA maneuver against him, and that just makes me feel my assault is going to be cut short and I am going to be hit in the face with magical fairy dust from Mister Joe Biden at any moment and wake up in a jail cell.

Anonymous said...

"Micky, I completely agree that it all comes down to this: Two idiots bumped into each other at the wrong time and place. Yes. Exactly. But one was an adult surveilling a kid."

Yeah well, its not like he checked his I.D.
Adult, child, is irrelevant when you're duking it out and wrestling on the ground hammering someone or getting hammered.
The reason I think George is an idiot ?
Because, in my own mind, if you're going to do neighborhood watch/McGruff thing, you should at least be trained in some hand to hand defense, and be sufficient at it.
Since it was testified by his coac/gym owner that George was basically a putz marshmallow I can understand Georges physical insecurities prompting him to cocealed carry.
Actually, I thing a taser or can of mace might of got the job done.
Still, aside from everything, George was within his rights and Trayvon while being 17 was still formidable enough to...
Join the military.
Rome a neighborhood after his bedtime.
Be taller and in better shape than Zimmerman.
Had Trayvon shot George you can betcher ass he'd be tried as an adult.

So, the child vs adult thing doesnt fly because leading up to and during the fight no one neither how old either was.

"The point is that this was avoidable. Idiots carrying guns playing cops on the streets is dangerous and potentially illegal."

Yeah well, sorry to break this to you, but theres more and bigger assholes roaming the streets carrying guns.

Regardless of the watch supervisor/chiefs request for volunteers to be unarmed, George was withing his right to carry anyway.
The supervisor/organizer/chief is an idiot for not requiring them to at least carry a can of bug spray.

The jury was told by the judge that they could apply manslaughter. They may of wanted to.
But in Fla. manslaughter carries 30 years and besides, they couldnt, or didnt even want to pursue assault.
Had they found him guilty of assault he more than likely would of done time served, or none at all because of no violent history.

Two idiots bumped into each other at the wrong time and place.
Cant hold the two them quite as accountable as we should the media, the lunatic fringe left and other fucking idiots who have no idea what they're saying.

Kirstie Ally forgot that Zimmerman was not white, until the NYTs coined "White Hispanic"

Does that mean he lost his minority status ?
If he shot on the border would liberals give a shit ?
I'm a "Well Tanned Dane", so, can I get section 18 to pay my mortgage ?

Micky said...

Sorry, keep forgetting to put my name in the little box

Anonymous said...

I will play defense attorney for a moment, since Zimmerman is mostly believable in my estimation.

Someone go after me on these points, please. I want to hear some rational explanation supported by evidence other than "Racism", "Profiling", or "Moron".

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kangaroo Court of opinion... How do you account for the extreme lack of injuries on Trayvon Martin other than the Gunshot Wound. We know from the 911 callers that the actual struggle lasted at a minimum 38 seconds, and potentially closer to a minute?

How do you explain where the actual fight took place if you want us to believe GZ was in actual pursuit of TM? GZ would have caught up with TM well within the time frame of GZ's own call with the police, and in fact was only 120 feet away from his car? How do you account for that other than to say TM came back to where GZ was?

A word about Rachel's testimony, How could she have possibly heard the confrontation on the phone when Zimmerman's call overlaps and goes further in time beyond Martin's? If TM encountered GZ on her call, wouldn't there be some recording of it happening on GZ's call? There is close to a 2 minute gap in time where TM's call ends and GZ's call ends.

If it is Trayvon's Voice on the various 911 witness calls, and we know he is on top due to the nature of the gunshot wound and Martin also had no injuries prior to the shot, what exactly is he yelling help for? Is it your contention that Zimmerman had the gun trained on him the whole time? If that is the case then why don't we hear Martin screaming about a gun in his face? Surely that would have gotten some help from someone nearby? Also, is it your contention that GZ is on painkillers or something and wasn't screaming out in pain/fear?

Last question for the Kangaroo Court of public opinion at this time: What was Trayvon Martin actually doing for nearly 45 minutes after he left the 7-11, his house being a mere mile and change away? If he in fact was just "going home" he would have been home long long LONG before then correct, even at a geriatric pace he would have been there within 30 minutes, surely... considering he made up over 3/8ths of that mile within 2 minutes that Zimmerman observed him. I will even be generous and give you 30 minutes, why did it take him half an hour to only get around a half-mile closer toward home?

Micky said...


Spare yourself.

Believe it or not, there is truth to the DHS issuing Zombie alerts and preparedness seminars.

Trayvon beat the shit out of George because he was not shot in the head as you're supposed to do in the case with Zombies