Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Perspective on Syria

It seems that Yahoo! contributor network likes hitting me up for writing assignments.  They recently
asked me to express how I feel about the situation in Syria since I was a part of the Iraq campaign (in a boat, not on the ground, mind you).

There have been quite a few responses to my article.  Join in and spread the word!

We Have to Sit this One Out


Harrison said...

I do not think the case has been made... I do not think we know what is going on, and I do not believe Obama knows what he's doing.

Jersey McJones said...

It's a really bad situation. No one really knows what to do. The Middle East has been hitting an internal boil lately and it's hard to tell what if anything we can do to cool things off.


Micky said...

People who say we/they dont know whats going on are operating on a3 day news cycle.
People who say "no one knows what to do" have no business speaking for more educated others.

I'm Obamas biggest critic, but I dont care who gives any middle eastern dictator a hard time.
Its time, and always has been.
Everyone needs to start looking at bigger pictures and the dynamics and motivations that could be going on and do in fact exist.
Is this slap to Assad just a way to draw out Iran ?
If Iran bombs and gasses Israel does that give us justification to take out their nuke developments and installations ?
Is this bait of some sort ?
Does Obama want Israel to come under attack ?
Does Israel want a reason to shoot at Iran ?

These questions can raise suspicions of pro or anti Israel sentiments.
Is it just about holding Assad to international law and punishing him for killing 560+ kids and thousands of non combatants ?

I myself have been watching this dysfunctional house full of junkies, enablers, and dealers create hell on earth for the whole world for more than 50 years now.
And I say we start dismantling the whole bunch and blow up their houses. And every time they return to the same behavior, we do it again.
This ideology, the theocracies, the dictatorships in all these Muslim nations has caused more death and unrest to the planet than anything else but disease.
So it should be treated like one.

Enough already.

Anonymous said...

Jack, you would attract many more readers and generate better quality conversation, if you would adopt a more inquiring, less didactic, lecturing, condescending tone, act less defensively in response to criticism, and take "i","me", "my", "mine" out of your articles and responses as much as possible.

Let people discover for themselves how bright you are. When you make it seem obvious that think you are the ultimate arbiter of wisdom and truth, and give the impression you believe you have nothing to learn from anyone else, it really does get people's back up and puts them off.

This criticism may sound harsh, but it is kindly meant.

A. Wellwisher

Jack Camwell said...

I generally welcome all points of view. Some people present their dissenting voices to me in less--shall we say--cordial ways, and I respond appropriately.

If you are referring to my article for Yahoo news, well, I was asked to write a sort of first-person perspective. Often times I find that when I use the first person, it makes my writing LESS condescending because it lets the reader know that I understand I am merely expressing my opinion.

The Hardcore Conservative said...

If Obama had a son, he might be Alejandro Rodriguez, 33, arrested 152 times and costing the taxpayers more than $400,000!