Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winbus: Apparently People Like What I Said about Syria

So I was asked to be a part of Huffington Post's live news stream.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that's what the email was all about, so I didn't respond to it until it was too late.

After that, I did a web search, and I discovered that I have been quoted in a few different places accross the web.  Here's some links.



Apparently the line "it seems like 2003 all over again," caught on somewhat.  I don't know how people feel about the Huffington Post, but I'm going to keep up with this and see how it pans out.  Could be that they just want my perspective because I'm a veteran, but who knows.

At the very least, it felt pretty great to have been asked.


Jersey McJones said...

I do not understand why you say this seems like Iraq and Afghanistan all over again. The Obama administration has shown no predilection for the same kind of sleazy idiocy in war policy of the last administration.


Silverfiddle said...

More buffoonish comments from Jersey...

Except for the stepped up operation killing brown people with drones, and attacking Libya without congressional approval...

The only reason Obama has not bombed yet is because Americans are overwhelmingly against it.

Bush, on the other hand, got congressional approval and had allies on his side.

Silverfiddle said...


Congrats! you got a legit link in an Atlantic article. Nice job.

I hope you end up getting the HuffPo gig. That was my goal back when I was blogging. Just don't go native.


Anonymous said...


Is there ANYTHING Obama can do/say/not do/not say that would earn your derision? If in a drunken blackout he burned down the humane society and the local pound in Washington DC I could almost expect the words out of your mouth being "He was containing Rabies and Mange, those animals wouldn't have found a home anyways, a mercy killing... something that Mitt Romney would never have the balls for."

I really want to know what magical spell this man and his disciples has casted upon you and every other sheeple who thinks he is Jesus of Honolulu and is leading his flock on a infallible and timeless political Vision Quest.

Reading between the lines, you are actually condoning war simply because the puppet master is the one you voted for and for no other reason.

I will say this much, Iraq 2.0 went on far too long, it should have been a 2 to 3 year affair maximum. Do I blame Bush and his cronies? To a degree, sure.

To say this isn't like Iraq version 2.0 and Afghanistan is absolute myopia. It is the same script, the same formula, very nearly the same stage, only the players have changed.

The next presidential nominee for the democratic party should just hold a boombox over his head blaring "In your Eyes" with a trenchcoat on and a sign around his/her neck written out "Even if it is Wrong."

If that was too cryptic, the mantra is "Say Anything: Even if it is Wrong"

Obama could go on TV and say "It is my intent to make the middle east the slampiece of our military industrial complex... Hitler took a weary Germany and turned it into an economic superpower by fanning the flames of his war machine... If Hitler can do it with a shitwater burg like post war Germany, we should follow that stellar example and do likewise, you want to get out of this economic crisis, I give you the path to war and riches... let's go Yankees... good day."

Obama could say that and get a standing ovation, and still the news the next day would be "Miley Shakes Ass."


Jack Camwell said...


micky said...

This is funny.
You're all being taken for a ride by one of the biggest propagandist distractions and chunk of bullshit weve ever seen since the devil convinced us he didnt exist.

I dont care what or who the catalyst is that finally shows these middle eastern dysfunctionals their place.

micky said...

" I do not understand why you say this seems like Iraq and Afghanistan all over again. The Obama administration has shown no predilection for the same kind of sleazy idiocy in war policy of the last administration."

I agree.
The only problem is neither Bush nor Obama finished the job.
No thanks to Obama.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog and I am curious to know who Jack Camwell really is since there was no CT aboard with that name. Woody perhaps? In any case keep up the good work shipmate.

San Jac CTT2(SW)

Jack Camwell said...

Yes, this is Woody. Jack Camwell is my pen name.

And just to confirm to you that it's me and that I'm not BSing you:

My chief made senior while he was there, and he was my section chief. We had quarters on the 03 level every day, and on my last day, the SSES guys presented me with a personalized coffee mug which I still have to this day.

I can think of only one CTT2 who would visit a site like this, and am I right in thinking that you liked telling dead baby jokes?

Anywho, thanks for visiting =)

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not double posting, my previous reply must have been lost in the ether or maybe stuck in a moderation queue.

You are correct, this is Tony C. Congrats on your publishing success, I look forward to reading more.