Thursday, October 31, 2013

Liberal Hypocrisy: Claiming Ignorance

Most people can remember how much flak George W. Bush took while in office.  Only time will tell the true impact of everything he did while in office, but it should suffice to say that there were some mistakes made while he was at the helm.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind, however, is how many liberals called GWB a "war criminal," especially when word got out about Abu Ghraib.  When the photos of American soldiers mistreating prisoners of war surfaced, there was a goodly number of liberals who called for the President's head.  To me, the notion that GWB should have to answer for the actions of some dumbass soldiers always seemed ridiculous.

"It's not like he knew about it," I always said.  "We both know that GWB didn't authorize torture in Abu Ghraib.  So how is it his fault that some asshole soldiers went rogue and broke the law?"  The response to my question--which in my mind was of the rhetorical nature given the simplicity of the concept--was almost always this:

"Ignorance is no excuse."

I get the sentiment, that the captain always goes down with his ship.  It's supposed to be a matter of honorable leadership.  But I know that the fools calling for GWB's head weren't looking at it that way, no matter how hard they insisted that to be the case.  Here's how I know.

Should the captain go down with his ship when, say, some idiot sailor thinks it's a good idea to crack open the jet fuel pipes in the JP5 pump room and light a match?  Should the captain willingly allow himself to die--sinking with his ship, as that scenario would no doubt scuttle even the sturdiest of warship--because someone was too stupid to follow the rules?  No rational person would ever suggest that the captain should sacrifice his life on the account of some asshole who made a ridiculous mistake.

And no, the captain would not be tried for destruction of government property.  So why did so many people insist that GWB be tried for something that A) He didn't do, and B) Had no knowledge of?  Why was pleading ignorance not a viable enough excuse for him?  It's because for liberals, honor and responsibility was never the true motivation.  They had a vendetta against GWB, and they wanted to punish him for everything, regardless of whether or not it was his fault.

That's all well and good.  I can relate to a good vendetta.  But for the love of God:  don't be such blatant, hypocritical assholes about it.  I am referencing the big NSA debacle that has been unfolding, particularly the details surrounding America's purported spying of Angela Merkel and other allied world leaders.  When the first headlines hit the newsmedias, what was the immediate response from the White House?

"The President didn't know."

Well I'm sorry Mr. President, but according to the very people who no-doubt voted for you and continue to support you to this day, the captain always goes down with his ship.  So if GWB deserves to stand trial for what happened at Abu Ghraib, then President Obama should be held responsible for spying on our allies.  More importantly, the President deserves to stand trial for the NSA's illicit intelligence collection against US citizens.

Democrats are no more pragmatic and logical than the Republicans.  They care more about vendettas and ideological cheer leading than they care about silly things like honor, integrity, and accountability.  Just like the most ardently die-hard conservative Republican, the Democrats only care about accountability when the opposition screws up.  When they screw up, it's all okay because, you know, they were only trying to help people.

So to all of you foaming-at-the-mouth Democrats, please take this advice.  Stop idolizing your political heroes, and come back to the realm of reality.  We, as a nation, can accomplish so much more if you would only take an objective look at the world around you, and if you would stop pretending that your illogical ideas will solve any of our problems.


Silverfiddle said...

It is quite plausible that Obama did not know all the specifics of what the NSA was doing, just as Bush had no idea some criminally-minded soldiers were running rampant in Abu Graib (and Lord only knows how many other times and places we know nothing about).

The most disturbing aspect of this is the specter of what Peggy Noonan calls The Deep State

Our government new motto should be: "Because we Can"

As in, because we fucking can, that's why!

Technology and overwhelming power has made us stupid and evil, not only unable to do the right thing, but incapable of even seeing what the right thing is.

There was always some resentment of Uncle Sam around the world, and despite what the Howard Zinn's of the world wanted us to believe, most of it was born of jealousy.

Now, there is a visceral hatred. What have we done good or right in the world since World War II?

Not a whole hell of a lot. The United States is a gigantic monster ship adrift, guns and missiles firing indiscriminately and seemingly with no one in control.

"Because we say so" may have been our motto during the Cold War, but even critics conceded we knew what we were doing, and we had a vision of peace and global cooperation standing against communist tyrants that other free nations shared.

"Because We Fucking Can" just doesn't have the same ring to it, and it's not very effective in getting other nations to rally to our cause (what is our cause?)

Anonymous said...

Good article Jackie, I have to expand upon what silver said however, I have been bottling it up for a while and now seems a good time to unleash the rant.

Ron Paul, whom I believe to be one of the last honest politicians, had the right idea in regards to foreign policy. I do not agree with him on everything, obviously, however considering the quality of the other people on capital hill he might as well be considered the last champion of liberty.

Be a beacon and an example to the world, and they will follow. They will follow because "they want to go to there" They want freedom, they want peace, they want prosperity, they want to feel the higher purpose.

The reason Japan was so successful after WWII is because they were utterly and completely defeated, the old ways were exposed for what they were in the modern world, fruitless.

Stable Democratic Republics DO NOT attack each other. There is no need. Why on earth would we want to invade canada? Canada freely trades with us, and we freely trade with them. Canadians enjoy the benefits of being at the dance with the biggest meanest, toughest motherfucker in town, you think they want to fuck that arrangement up?

You think Great Britian wants to fuck this arrangement up? Australia? We leave them to run their affairs, as only they can truly manage their own affairs, we both benefit.

The problem with the middle east is their cultures and practices go back millenia, just as China's does, and getting your arms around that sort of history is just impossible. If the middle east is to change, they are going to have to go the way of the UAE, and just make the choice as a nation to embrace a better way.

Africa is an absoluely huge continent with plenty of natural resources, possibly more than even russia. Also it is widely documented that some place in Africa is where homo sapiens originated. Why is the oldest known human area the most slapdick?

India suffers from the same malady, they are barely functional as a nation... and with Pakistan right next door... that region is the most likely to have an all out for real nuclear war.

Don't you find it odd that our nation, which is just a pup age wise is far and away the most powerful on the planet? Somehow, even while being the melting pot, we have kept the "ship" afloat.

our "ship" is now threatened not from a cancer in the middle east, but from a cancer within. Our politics and empire has fogged the true vision and purpose of what this great country can and should be. The best possible representation humanity has to offer.

For now, this remains the case, but gallivanting around like rome, the red coats or spain did will ultimately doom our country into some sort of twisted dystopian future.

The constitution is not perfect from a liberty standpoint, it clearly was based on a form of government rule, but a government rule that could be influenced and even altered directly by the people.

Our government has formed a habit of treating average citizens like criminals since the late 70s, with the cold war well in hand, they turned their sights on the truly greatest threat to their reign and their empire, and that is the american people themselves.

They purposefully implement social programs that drive wedges between people, and they have purposefully tanked our educational system to promote a drone and hive mind mentality. Talk to anyone who was of school age in the 40s or 50s and they will tell you what sort of power and respect the teachers commanded, and how they were pushed in school.

when it is the politicians who scam, embezzle, lie, cheat, steal, and murder, who holds them accountable? We have to. They personally suffer no consequences for their actions and that is what makes them reckless and bold enough to keep their thumb on us.

Democrats, Republicans... they are the same party, the Empire Party.

Wake up and do something before it is too late.

Jersey McJones said...

You need to talk to more people on the Left, Jack. There has long been the opinion, and I have it myself, that the current and past President may well have committed war crimes as historically understood. Abu Ghraib, interestingly enough, is not thought of as a war crime at that level by any serious liberal I know of.

That all said, realistically speaking, there's no way we're going to do anything about it, regardless of the just as serious implications if we did. In order to maintain our primary global position, we will never admit wrongdoing.

To give you an idea just how seriously our government takes this - the GOP has been hounding this President with unprecedented zeal in every imaginable way, and yet no serious GOP pol dares ever speak of war crimes. In fact, the Presidents best friends on the Hill on this issue are establishment Republicans.

Yes, there's hypocrisy, but it's America's to bear.


Anonymous said...

Again... with the exception of a handful of representatives, and perhaps as few as 2 senators...

There is no true GOP, who would bust their ass to get our country solvent once again.

There is no true Democratic party, who seeks social liberty.

A real conservative should be deeply offended by the practices of current government spending. Where wasteful spending is REWARDED by more funding, and a "cut" is merely a reduction of future spending, not a cut at all.

A real liberal should be going apeshit fucking insane over the complete failure of our juggernaut entitlement system, which is designed to keep people down.

As I said, the mass majority of all politicians are for the Empire Party.

Jersey McJones said...

Our entitlement system is mostly for the elderly, and no liberal want's to dismantle it. What problems it has can be easily fixed. So, really, I don't think you know the first thing about what a "real liberal" should think about anything.


Silverfiddle said...

God forbid any of should understand a modern-day liberal's thinking process. I would be a form of insanity, since today's 'liberals' are not liberal at all, but rather doctrinaire group-think progressives, scolding all who deviate from the party line.

As AHB says above, Jersey and his ilk suffer from a "drone and hive mind mentality," that is slowing leaching into larger society.

I also agree that demoncats and repubicans are two wings of the same 'Empire Party' that has turned us all into potential felons, prisoners on parole always mindful of our P's and Q's, lest we be clapped in the dungeon.

Is is disgusting what the bat-winged politicians have done to this beautiful nation.

Anonymous said...


You cannot see the forest from the trees on this and you have been snowed.

Think for a moment why someone who put in their 35 or 40 years as a working class citizen needs the fucking hand outs in the first place.

In case that is too cryptic- unless you specifically set about buying up commodities or tax havens, you cannot save or maintain money. Period. Bonds are a loser where they weren't 25 years ago. Wall street has become a game of lose a fortune, make a fortune. Don't even get me started on how CD's and our banking system is screwed.

A true social liberal should and would be shocked that the entitlements go to those who should NOT need them!

You do realize our 17+ trillion national debt is but a real time representation yes?

The true liabilities of the country and their commitments are now approaching 96 TRILLION dollars. That is 96 Trillion. Trillion. with a T.

That is almost 2,000 bill gates worth of funds.

Jersey McJones said...

Bla bla bla. Every civilized state has some kind of universal health care and retirement base for the elderly. The reason we have it is that we desperately needed it, and if anything, we're way behind the rest of the world on a lot of it. And this is not some debt that's going to ever come due all at once. The problem here is that we're BORROWING the money instead of PAYING it, and that is because CONSERVATIVES are too CHEAP and STUPID to pay their bills up front.


Anonymous said...

96 Trillion pending debt and by your standards and own admission, an insufficient entitlement state. Where is your outrage sir? Where is your fury at the squandering of our wealth?

Bla bla bla.

Bahhh baaaah baaaah


Also, please explain how in the 9 hells we can pay anything when we have no money?

Again my tired argument that you have yet to counter in any meaningful way- if we taxed all of corporate america and the citizens 100% of their income and essentially pumped the bulk of the GDP back into the treasury, it would take us now over a decade to rectify what we have to pay AT THIS MOMENT. Even with a completely untenable and unsustainable situation that would surely collapse our currency within 100 days, you cannot win.

You are trying to defeat a Darth Vader legacy debt with a fucking Homer Simpson economy.

That is the definition of broken. We have to borrow money because the dollar is on perpetual life support.

How would JMJ pay the 16 trillion dollar looming debt off, and guarantee the economy would propser?

You have a 2,000 ton locomotive with an exploded boiler with a load full of coal and steel that needs to get from Paramus to Pacific Palisades, and you want the "conservatives" to pull it with a fucking 1981 Yugo.

The Empire Party Jersey... the Empire Party.

Jersey McJones said...

LOL! Boy, you just keep raising that number, huh?

Again, we don't have to pay all that at once, we have plenty of wealth, we live in a civilized society, so if you really hate it that much then just move to Somalia and see how you like it in the governmentless cesspool you demand.


Anonymous said...

You think I hate America?

What you have gleaned from this exchange is I hate America?

Fine, I will move to Somalia, but you have to move to North Korea, and see how you like it in the total government rule you demand.

When is enough enough sir? How far do they have to be shoving a witch's broom up your ass before you feel it? It's already just at the ferrule, maybe the metal will wake you up?

We are both wasting our time. You are convinced of an infallible deity that is the US government, I am convinced of us heading down the path of true tyranny.

Silverfiddle said...

@ Jersey: then just move to Somalia

A childish descent into logical fallacy.

No one here has ever argued for anarchy.

We all love this nation, and we want a smart, efficient government that does no more than necessary.

Jack Camwell said...


I consider you to be someone capable of higher-order intellectual thought. So, I find myself confounded whenever you start saying things like "CONSERVATIVES are too CHEAP and STUPID to pay their bills up front."

Why do you say things that you know will not further the discussion in a meaningful way? That's not to say that you never have anything constructive to say, but more often than not when backed into a corner, you resort to calling us "stupid" or "sleazy."