Saturday, October 26, 2013

Move-Up or Move-On: Stop Complaining about Your McJob Conclusion

Clearly, nothing stops Vladimir
Putin from pursuing his career
I know that a lot of what I have said up to this point may sound like an awful lot of over-generalizing, so
allow me to make some clarifications.

First, I know that not everyone who works at McDonald's is a loser or some product of the welfare lifestyle.  The economy being what it has been in the past 5 years, a job is a job.  I always felt that working in a call center was beneath me, that I was meant for bigger things.  I still believe that, and not because I think the job itself carries some sort of inferior status, but because I know that such a job is way below my skill sets.  With the way the department was set up, I knew that I couldn't move up, so I moved on.

When I worked as a job coach at my previous place of employment, I enjoyed the work and it was challenging.  I felt like I was making a real difference in people's lives, and I knew that I was a huge benefit to the company; it was small, so I had a sense that I was making meaningful contributions to the bottom line.  However, the pay was not enough, and I could not consistently get 40 hours per week due to the nature of how the company is funded.  I also did everything I could to move up, but I was ultimately passed over for the supervisor position.  So I moved on.

The McDonald's employees who are complaining about their wages are not people like me.  People like me--and I would argue that most Americans are like this--either move up or move out.  The complainers are either not marketable because of their lack of experience and/or credentials, or they have given up and consigned themselves to work at fast food.

These are not the types of people who deserve to be paid $15 an hour.

If you know that you have an impressive resume, and you know that you have valuable skill sets, then you need to focus on moving on.  Micky-Dee's is just a transitional phase, and so long as you treat it as such, you will have no problem moving on.  If you really want to stick with fast food, then do your best to move up.  Be the best fry cook you can be.  Show off your leadership skills.  Volunteer for the extra-shit jobs that no one else wants to do.  Eventually, you'll be in a supervisory or management position.

If you're young and still haven't had illegitimate children then please, keep your legs closed and keep it in your pants (or at the very least, just spring for some protection).  If it's too late--if you already have a little mouth to feed--don't panic.  Be the best worker you can be, and continue to look towards moving up or moving on.  If you don't have a high school diploma, then go get your GED.  Although I can't speak for all locales, I know that GED classes in Columbus are free through the Columbus City School district.

If you do have a high school diploma, then consider completing some college-level training to become certified in something.  Healthcare continues to boom, and I can tell you right now that becoming an STNA (State Tested Nursing Aide) is not difficult to obtain.

The people complaining about their shitty McJobs are people who either A) Don't know that there ARE options or B) Are too lazy to pursue a better life on their own.  That's why I have no sympathy, and neither should anyone else.

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Jersey McJones said...

For most people, "options" are limited by their particular circumstances and responsibilities. And though even those burdens may seem to be choices, for most people, family matters, their home, their community, things like that, are not optional.

A Living Wage is important. Working for $7.79 in the year 2013 is disgusting. We should be ashamed as a society about that. Nationally, it should be at least $10.

And the food service industry, in particular, is a joke. If it wasn't for tax policy, a good chunk of that industry would not even exist. It's essentially another corporate welfare sector, and to compound the sleaziness, it pays and treats it's workers horribly. If inflation hit that industry, and it was forced to survive on it's own, there wouldn't be nearly as many of those shitty jobs either, and then we'd see what a mess we've made of this country with the Free Trade and Cheap Labor movements.