Thursday, November 14, 2013

Concert at Yale University this Evening

I am a big supporter of the work of my good friend, James Rubino.  He is a composer, a second year graduate student at Yale.

One of his pieces will be performed tonight at 8:00 PM EST.  I have heard a bit of it already, and in keeping with the tradition of his personal style, it is rather interesting.  His piece, This Brutal Flesh, I believe will be the final piece on the bill for the students.  The second half of the concert features guest composer Donnacha Dennehy.

Here is the link for the livestream:

Isn't technology wonderful!  Please support my friend and his work, and support the arts in general by giving it a listen!


FreeThinke said...

I'm sorry to have missed this, Jack.

I trust the performance was successful and the piece well received?

Composers of serious music have rarely been well-rewarded by the Crowd. Even a among the "cognoscenti," few appreciate the "intrusion" of new music into the concert and operatic repertory.

I was very disappointed last spring when the business manager of our local opera house (an excellent, highly respected, "provincial" opera company) informed me that the splendid performances of contemporary American operas they'd been featuring for the past five years would have to cease, because too many established patrons (i.e. money men) threatened to withdraw the support if they didn't stop performing works "nobody wants to hear."

That isn't true, because audience response has been wildly enthusiastic, but -- as always -- "money talks," and so the Philistines get away with blackmailing the impresarios into submission.

There is only ONE legitimate reason to compose and perform serious music -- for the LOVE and the JOY of doing it for it's OWN sake.

I wish your friend every success.

Jack Camwell said...

Yes I believe it was well received. I personally loved it.

When he obtains the recording, I will definitely post it on here. It is an interesting piece about the passage of time, and how we often "just pass the time."