Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! (NSFJ)

As is my tradition, I have included a pic that both objectifies women and offends Native Americans.  What can I say: I love to be efficient!

Happy Thanksgiving!
How could you not be thankful for this?!


Anonymous said...

Nuzzling a pair of tits
Sure beats dining at the Ritz.
Forget about the lady's face.
Forget about her goddam race.
Sucking on her nipples maybe
Makes you feel you're still a baby
Back in times when you felt sure
Before life made you insecure
That things would always go your way
Before Awareness came to prey
And render confidence unstable
And you increasingly unable.

- Philander Best

Anonymous said...

Joo get smothered in them boobs, Jack?

Where is ya, boy? Don't desert your post.

The Watchbird from Sonova Beach

Micky said...

I know her !