Monday, November 4, 2013

Letters to a Democrat: I'm not the Bad Guy

Albert Camus serves as the inspiration of
the letter format.

It has been some time since I last wrote you, but I can see that there is still much animosity in your heart.  It saddens me that you treat me so derisively simply because we disagree on the direction our country needs to take.

Don't get me wrong: I find many of your solutions to be woefully devoid of logic, and I often make claims that your ideas are based on whim rather than factual evidence.  It can be frustrating, but I try my best to temper my frustration so that we may continue to converse in a civil fashion.  Why can you not afford the same courtesy to me?

Sometimes I call your ideas "ridiculous," but I try not to call you ridiculous.  I am guilty of "attacking" what I perceive to be the bungled logicality of your ideas, but I don't assume that you are unintelligent simply because you disagree with me.  This is because I understand what it is to be mistaken: I've bought into some really bad ideas myself; so I make every effort to avoid a chastising tone in our discourse.

Despite all of that, you constantly subject me to a barrage of personal insults.  When you buy into an idea that I find particularly ridiculous, I think to myself "well, it must be that his passions on the subject are clouding his judgment."  When I buy into an idea that you find particularly ridiculous, you seem to think "well, only an idiot would believe that, so Jack must be an idiot."

This is a problem.

The solution would be attainable if it was as simple as convincing you that opposition to your personal world-view is not the deciding criteria on what constitutes intellectual incompetence.  Surely you must see that it is unrealistic to believe that you possess all of the answers, and everyone who disagrees with you is clearly too stupid to understand anything.  But even if you cannot comprehend that fact, still you would not be a lost cause.  The problem is much more serious than intellectual myopia.

You believe that I am the enemy.  You believe that those who think like me are heartless dimwits, devoid of compassion and a sense of justice.

I am not the enemy.  I am a man who believes that every human being deserves to live a life free in a just society.  I have made a career choice to help society's most vulnerable citizens, and to help my fellow man lift himself up from the depths of despair so that I can help him achieve his highest level of independence.  While most of your cohorts simply talk about poverty and welfare on internet forums--as if solving the problem of American policy is just a matter of spending more money--I actually help people on a daily basis.

While you sit smugly in your tower believing me to be the enemy--childishly calling me names, questioning my integrity, and judging the heart of a man you have never even met--ironically you have been serving the true enemy the whole time.

Who is the real enemy?  The real enemy is whoever convinced you that your ideological opposition seeks to destroy America by turning it into some anarchic wasteland of poverty and broken dreams.  Perhaps the enemy is your party masters.  Perhaps you are your own worst enemy.  Your incessant condemnation limits your ability to think freely, and all I want to do is free your mind.

If I were the enemy, then why would I work so hard to promote your intellectual freedom?  Perhaps it's time you redefine what you think it means to be the enemy.  Be careful though, as you may not like what you discover.


Jersey McJones said...

I don't know what you're talking about here, Jack. The anger and vitriol are mostly coming from the Right these days, not the Left, and not the Dems.


Anonymous said...

What Right?!?

Oh you mean Rand Paul?

Jack Camwell said...

Are you being willfully blind, Jersey, or have you never visited Crooks and Liars?

And how many times have you called my commenters stupid, insecure, idiotic, childish, etc., etc..

Hell, you called me "sleazy" once. So you're just as vitriolic as anyone else around here who engages in such childishness.

Jersey McJones said...

Whatever. As I said, it is MOSTLY coming from the Right.


Anonymous said...


You're trying to have a reasoned debate with a shit-slinging baboon.

Thou shalt not question the progressive orthodoxy!


Got it?

Anonymous said...

"Whatever. As I said, it is MOSTLY coming from the Right."

I'm almost certain 'whatever' is synonymous with "You're correct, however I do not wish to admit it.