Friday, December 13, 2013

The Latest from my Friend James Rubino

The close-minded need not apply.


Micky said...

You got any music we can hear ?

Jack Camwell said...

The recording isn't the best, unfortunately. My friend said that it was much louder in the concert hall, and that the quiet parts were still very audible.

FreeThinke said...

Inaccessible to me, Alas! Would not play. I would have liked to have tested it out at least. I am not averse to new music, unless it's of the "pop" variety, which is all abominable trash..

Jack Camwell said...

He purposely makes the music difficult to play. His first mentor at Yale, Aaron Jay Kernis, often tells him that his music is frequently above the ability of those playing it.

FreeThinke said...

In music the most important consideration may be summed up in this short proverb:


A great many of the most loved and highly respected works in the classical repertoire are extremely difficult to play, but not simply for the sake of being difficult. The technical problems arise, because there is no other way the composer can share the tonal "picture" he hears in his imagination with an audience.

FreeThinke said...

I wish I could hear some of your friend's music! My Flash Player is out of date, and a lot of stuff is becoming unavailable.

There are reasons it can't be fixed easily or quickly besides my being a tech moron. If I told you about them, you'd be bored stiff.

"All in good time ... " has to be my motto these days.

Hey, Jack! I hope Christmas is kind to you this year.

Enjoy The Season for whatever good you may get from it.

I miss seeing you at by blog. It's full of Christmas right now and apt to remain so until The Season is past, but even so many 'visitors" are determined to engage in controversy and the occasional "food fight" breaks out.

How I hate having to "police" the blog, but I won't tolerate vandals, and I never have been able to suffer fools gladly.

You and I may clash now and ten, but I have never thought you the least bit foolish.

It's now old news, I know, but I was very glad to learn you have a job more worthy of your talents and training now. When we first met, you were stuck in some depressing dead end situation out of dire necessity, and wondered why you had bothered to get a good education.

Eventually all things work together for good -- if only we can live long enough. ;-)

Happy Christmas, and best wishes for 2014;

Micky said...

" because there is no other way the composer can share the tonal "picture" he hears in his imagination with an audience."

Not to argue, just to ask.
Whats the point if you can't share your vision ?