Sunday, February 2, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Dead at 46

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman--known for his breakout role in Twister, and later for some of his truly remarkable performances in films such as Doubt and Capote--was found dead this morning in his NY apartment due to an apparent drug overdose.

Insiders say that heroin was found at the scene, and a needle was stuck in his arm.

It is always a tragedy when one so bright and so promising--a soul who truly brings joy and inspiration to so many--falls to the frailty of the flawed human character.  I, for one, will miss his truly stellar performances.

In the words of Pink Floyd, shine on you crazy diamond.


KP said...

So sorry to hear this. One of my all time favorites. Recently in "A Late Quartet", "Pirate Radio" and "Charlie Wilson's War".

Always On Watch said...

I've watched Capote several times. Hoffman gave an outstanding performance in that film.

A great loss -- and he was so young!

Micky said...

I loved Hoffmans talent.
But this issue goes far past just those who entertained us but instead should be focused on those normal Joes out there with the same problem.
Too many victims of the disease are treated like losers, lessors unless they're entertaining us.